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 (RMVX) Eversorrow Online - Open Beta MMO
[Image: bannerfinal.jpg]

A fully functional 2D MMO Created with RMVX

Eversorrow is a vast world of adventure and danger. As the earth slowly becomes consumed with greed and darkness the god of the overworld sends Aerians, a winged race, to cleanse the earth of this evil. But as they set foot on the lands of Eversorrow, they themselves are consumed by the darkness and instead of healing the inhabitant's hearts, they begin to cut them out with their blades.

Choose from four playable races, experience the power of each race's unique skills, weapons, and armor, explore the enormous environments, conquer intense bosses, delve deep into the puzzle-filled dungeons, and don't forget to make friends along the way.

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History: (Names, areas, and even other important information has been changed and is still subject to change. Treat this as a rough outline.)
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Races: (This information has been modified. Some is still incorrect.)
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Character Creation Video:
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Donation Rewards:
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11/30/09 - Version 0.5 is released with patcher.
New Updates posted in the thread.
No more client updates will take place. (From here on out, patches will be released. Patch notes will be posted.)

Download Now!
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Open Beta is here! Download it now!

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*Title Edited for game engine.*

I will also be checking this out.
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Couple of thoughts:

- This looks fun and interesting. I'm always on the lookout for a good MMORPG. Love the customizable character system.
- At first I thought the mapping was bad, but I think that's just VX. Everything looks so square. =P Could use improvement.
- Those Ruined Golems...I think I've seen them somewhere before. Do they come with VX, or did you get them custom made?
- Eversorrow doesn't really stick out as an interesting name. It does scream "MMO" though, if that's what you were going for.
- Really like the back story. Having evil elves is definitely interesting to me. Just a little out of the ordinary, which is nice.

I'll take a look, though. Definitely interesting.

EDIT: New thought! Your forums are really unappealing. That's a bit off-topic, but I just thought I'd mention it. They're really dark and gloomy.
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Eversorrow is really dark and gloomy. lol.

They match the ESO theme.

Also. To be quite frank, my mapping is superb (In the later areas... not so much the starting area or the whispering canyon). lol. It's just VX. There's no way to fix the "squareness" to be honest. It's just something VX players learn to live with. I hope you can look past that.

Eversorrow Online is named that because it is an MMO and the name fits the land perfectly. Ever sorrowful.

I was given a zip file filled with sprites from XP, VX, and everywhere else by a friend. I don't know who made all of them, and I know some are XP RTP. If anyone recognizes something, please let me know who's it is, and I'll credit them.

I will NOT make this project commercial without proper permissions to use these resources. This includes the tilesets. I've used some of Mack's and some others from an unknown source. No worries. I've credited everyone I can, and I will not break any VX rules, codes, or guidelines. : ) I'm playin by the books.

Anyway. Eversorrow just launched yesterday as Open Beta. So please come check out the hype. We've already had 20 new accounts created in the last 24 hours, and most of them left promising reviews and feedback. Some just left, probably expecting more.

We've already updated the client once since the launch and we'll be patching again tomorrow, probably a few times a week until we have all our bugs worked out and have all of Eversorrow created, thus ready for the official launch.

You're welcome to join in!
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Yeah, I figured. =/ God, VX is so ugly. I'll try to overlook that.

Anyway, let me see if I can find where that came from...


Okay, found it. It seems to have been made by Newiceax. The website is here:

But yes, this project sounds exciting. I'm still deterred by the forums, but I'll definitely give it a go. If I find anything worth mentioning I'll let you know.
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I do not have time to check it out now but it looks like some great stuff.
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After you get used to VX tilesets, you learn to appreciate what it takes to make one of the maps look good.

@Valdred: Thanks. I appreciate the effort.

This project has already been updated to version 1.01 due to a lot of Beta errors. Please head to to get the new build under the Status topic.

Patches will be working today, and from now on, we'll have patch fixes bi-weekly or more depending on the size of the patch issue.
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Any reason it's raining indoors in screenshots 8 and 9?

I'd like to test this out but my net doesn't seem to want to cooperate so opinions on the actual game will have to wait. The screenshots make it look interesting enough (I love the idea of a zipline as a form of travel!) and (this is the important part for me, at least) the HUD isn't ugly!

An MMO is an enormous project to be taking on but you seem to be handling it well enough from ehat I can see. Well done and good luck in the future!
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Thanks, aolist!

The raining bug has been fixed. lol. We had a rain issue when logging in due to a random weather bug. As of now, it doesn't rain anywhere in the game. Sad.

The zip line is going to be used a lot more in upcoming maps. I'm excited to start incorporating it. We're also making it a minigame where you jump off onto a target (It's pretty easy... but still.) for the Eversorrow Theme Park which will open in a couple months. Hopefully.

The HUD was much prettier, but it caused some lag issues. We're going to revamp it to make it look more.... legit? And more Eversorrow-esque. Hopefully it won't lag too much, or we'll be back to this one.

And I have to agree. It's a huge task. I haven't spent 10 minutes away from the computer in the last 48 hours due to Beta launching. I'm really hoping that we can start smoothing out the rough edges and get ESO into some top game lists on the web.

Also. Just a note. Vlad, the script maker for the game has offered us a few scripts for cash. Our first priority is server-side mobs and parties. If this isn't possible yet we're moving on to mounts. $30 for mounts. So head to the forums and donate to the new paypal we've set up. 100% OF PROCEEDS GO TO THE GAME. NOTHING GOES IN ANYONE'S POCKET BUT THE SCRIPTER. : )
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I personally like the HUD that's in the screenshots. It does its job, isn't ugly and doesn't distract from the game itself. HUDs don't really need to be pretty, they just need to fit in and not catch attention except when they need to. The one in the screenshots seems to do its job without taking up too much valuable screen real estate.

The ziplines really are a very original idea. I'm not sure I recall seeing them in a game in a long time (unless I've forgotten) so congrats on those and congrats on actually getting the game up and running, even if I can't access it. Actually getting something out is really the big hurdle, imo, it should get easier from here (hopefully!).
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