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 Royalty Free Music
Terms of Use:
  • Credits: DAN
  • Non-Commercial: Yes! :)
  • Commercial: Yes!
  • Repost: Link to this playlist
  • Edits: Not allowed unless format changes and loop adjustments for personal use.
  • Repost of Edits: No!
  • Maker Required: You must own a legal copy of RPG Maker engines to use the RTP Remastered Sounds and use them in RPG Maker only. You can use my original sounds in any game engines.
  • For RPG Maker user: Also credit KADOKAWA for the remastered RM2000 sounds and Enterbrain for the remastered RMXP sounds.
RPG Maker Remastered Sounds
My Original Sounds
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Realtalk I'm really digging the RM2k and XP remixes, and I would really like to see your takes on more of them (especially the RM2k(3) stuff; BTW RM2k3 has a few original tunes its immediate predecessor didn't). The original tracks are cool too.
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