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 Project - Fallen Star
So I was going to make this for RPG Maker XP, then I managed to get RPG Maker VX ACE in a Humble Bundle (The Steam Version). So I decided to say.... Ehh why not. I have many RPG Maker XP projects I already have anyway. This will be a bit slower because my main focus is Memorie, but will be in faster development once Memorie is coming to a close in development and on to a full release.

Project - Fallen Star is an RPG is a game in progress that has two stories. One takes place in a Almost Modern time, and one that takes place in the future, a Sci-Fi ish environment (This part won't be done until the almost modern time is finished). Things that happen in the post modern time will effect the Sci-Fi ish time

I really don't have a personality set for the characters right now. Once I do, I'll bring in a Characters page. Besides, only two characters are already made right now with more to come.

  • 2 Stories. Double the length of the game.... I think. Anything that has been done in the first story will effect the second story. You start with the first story. After the end of that, it's almost like an entirely new game.
  • A very handful of characters. Characters from both the almost modern and sci-fi ish times will be available in the respective stories.
  • Same Battle System, two different battle Mechanics. Though I can't really get into that yet since I am currently using the default Battle System right now.
  • Two different inventories. After you win the first story, you'll have a new inventory to use with the second story, because the future makes things so ancient that the inventory from the first story becomes a relic of the past.
That's all I can post right now, but I forgot one more thing.

These are Early Development screenshots, and I will be removing these as development continues.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=981]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=982]

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
It's a (Not quite) tiny update, and a decision on face graphics.

After folding and purchasing RPG Maker MV on Steam the other day, I thought to myself... Huh. the generator is 10x better than that of VX ACE's, especially the face. so I did this:

Replaced the two generated face images from the currently 2 created characters with RPG Maker MV's character generator in terms of face images. I may use RPG Maker MV's generator for faces from now on, though I will use VX ACE's Generator to get the right size in terms of face sets.
I like the game concept, I'd be curious to see that. Also, could we see a comparison with the new faces and old faces? I'm curious!
When I get the chance, I think I can do 1 face comparison, at least.
I've been pretty busy that I decided to go back to this project for a little one day. However, the Steam Version of the RPG Maker VX ACE would crash not only the RPG Maker program, but also Steam! I've fixed the issue by now, and I added a couple of Yanfly Scripts to the project. Yanfly's RPGVX ACE scripts are only available in GitHub, so far as I know, so it was a bit of a hassle to even find the link to there.
Right now, I decided to take a small break from RPG Maker XP, Mainly the one I've been updating so many times, and continue this project. However, it appears that I lost all the files due to many things.... also life. So I'll have to start over, though I'm debating whether I should start over with RPG Maker VX ACE, as I intended to use to develop, or RPG Maker MV. I'll probably debate a bit later.
Looks like Starting completely over isn't that bad, since I didn't start much in the beginning anyway. Anyway.. I started with Starting Equipment and Skills.

I still got a ways to go though.

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