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 The Team: Getting to know the staff.
This is a thread for staff to tell others a little about themselves. My goal in making this is for newer members to be able to get to know the forum a little faster and to make their welcome a little more pleasant. Also, many of the members around now have not been around since the beginning and this might also benefit you guys too. So without further ado... Take a peek down this thread to learn a few things about your staff!

(Note - to be removed later: All staff are welcome to but not forced to post in this thread. I thought it was a nice idea for the community, 'tis all. Tongue sticking out )
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MetalRenard - Admin.
I joined the forum in 2010 and quickly took a liking to this community. I had recently fled other, less friendly places in search of a safe haven and Save-Point quickly became my home. I was made moderator a couple of years later and then quite quickly after, due to unforseen events, I became administrator along with the almighty DerVVulfman and Kirito (then known as KoreKame). As I don't have many forum-related technical skills, I've mostly settled into a more community centred role here.

At the time of writing I'm in my late 20s, working as a teacher in the UK although I have plans for this to change soon. I have a laid back philosophy to life where I actively work on being happy and sharing a smile with those around me. I have a passion for all things audio and I like to think of myself as a semi-pro composer/producer, making music from heavy metal to symphonic/orchestral.

My experience in game making extends from making my own mini puzzle game to having a couple of games I took part in published on GooglePlay and Steam. My favourite type of game to play tends to be exploration with action and adventure and especially if it is science-fiction. Mass Effect remains one of my favourite series ever.

You'll occasionally catch me editing posts in a supportive or moderation role in orange.

Let me know if you have any ideas for community events, competitions (although those tend to be tough to run thee days!) or suggestions for this post.
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DerVVulfman - Admin.

My history with the forum predates Save-Point itself, back with the original owner and founder PK8.  That was the era when we were known with names from RMXPUniverse through to RMVXP.Com. My joining the forum was back in 2007 after a series of events happened at another site known as RMXP.Org (now known as HBGames). But that is another story.

When I was made an Administrator, PK8 was still the owner. And not too long after, Olivia became an admin. After the forced re-branding to Save-Point in 2010, PK8 and Olivia eventually left and MetalRenard joined the team along with Valdred as our Technical Administrator, later to be replaced by Korekame (or Kirito as he is now known in the forum itself).

Hey, guys! I'm 50!!!!

Yeah, I was around with PONG! And the Atari 2600. Hell, I still have my NES system!

When I started messing with RPG gaming, it began with classic 20d die rolling Dungeons and Dragons. And I got an actual PC during the old DOS era, predating Windows. I began making simple games in Basic, if one can call cheap fighter games simple. Okay, it was dirt simple. But I loved games like Wizardry or old school 'Gold Box' Dungeons and Dragons games. So yeah, I have always had a love of RPG games.

I began messing with the RPGMaker line back when a guy named Don Miguel posted that he had permission from ASCII, Inc to translate RPGMaker 95 and RPGMaker 2000 into English as the company had no intent to expand beyond Japan. At that time, RPG Making sites popped up in many places: Gaming World, Lunatic Gaming, and Creation Asylum. The last being the first RPGMaker forum I joined over 14 years ago, and making my presence as DerVVulfman known.

Initially, I had art skills. Or at least pretty decent putting pen to paper with a decent eye for detail. Now I am a scripter with over a decade in experience with Ruby. However, I do have some experience with older versions of Basic, some Cobol, and I grabbed a copy of an idiot's guide to C++ for dummies extraordinaire.

So now I'm the Resident Werewolf, holding the same username and sporting the same anime character as an avatar for well over a decade. And contrary to a particular penguin fox, I don't have fleas.
Up is down, left is right and sideways is straight ahead. - Cord "Circle of Iron", 1978 (written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn... really...)
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Hello guys. If you've been around awhile, you know me. I followed DerVVulfman and the gang from other forums and decided to stick around because I liked the community here. I don't claim to be an expert in anything but I do a little bit of everything; graphics animation, music / audio, programming, etc. I'm a bit of an introvert as far as the social scene goes but I still have a lot of respect for the interesting and talented people that drop by here.

I've been working like mad on a couple (not so) secret projects over the years but have been swamped with actual IRL work and other responsibilities lately. Matter of fact, I've been exercising and taking care of myself, what a concept. Ten years plus of RPG development doesn't exactly do well to keep a person in peak physical condition, it was time to get back to taking care of the body that animates me. My children are getting older, so I've been spending more time with them too.

My daughter is getting heavily involved with art and animation. For a little girl, she is very dedicated to what she does and challenges herself each day to get just a little bit better. She's not developing a video game, but she does have an interest in maybe one day making YouTube videos or something. I come home from work every day to see what she has worked on and it makes me proud that some of my talents are carrying over to her.

My son is more of a gamer than a kid interested in actual game development but that's okay, he's still got a very creative streak himself. I've been trying to get him out of the house more because he needs exercise, sunshine and some social interaction. I'll keep motivating him, but it's hard to get him off the PlayStation.

I feel horrible for not being around much, I really do, and I think about returning to the forums and my projects daily. The guilt is too much and I miss you all.

Hope everybody is doing well. The humans haven't declared nuclear war on the planet and each other yet, so that's a good sign at least, let's hope everybody stays rational. The news has been feeding us doomsday porn, conspiracy propaganda and depression medication commercials so I've decided to tune out completely.

Take care everybody, I'll try to come on more often. Then again, disconnecting from the internet of things has done much to restore my health and sanity, who woulda thunk it lol.
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