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 (RMVXace) Battle error with Tankentai's battle system, help. x(
Hello everyone! I'm having a problem with an error during battles in my game x((

This errors here:
[Image: HRP10Hq.png]
[Image: iqo2l8b.png]

They pop up everytime a character of mine is poisoned and has low HP (Hp below 5) while I try to use an item (any item). As soon as I enter the item I wish to use, one of those errors pop up x((

Please help, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. x((

The scripts that I am using are as follows (in order):

Yanfly Core Engine -
Yanfly Victory Aftermath -
Yanfly State Animations -
Yanfly Ace Message System -
Tankentai battle system (Wishdream's translation) -
(Sideview - Action setup)
(Sideview - Battler setup)
MOG ATB Skill name -
MOG Battle Hud Ex (Silver Hawk) -
Mog Monogatari (Menu) -
Mog Animated Title A -
Mog Monster book -
MOG Diagonal movement -
Mog Weather Ex -
KilloZapit Word Wrapper -
Galv's Visibility range -
Bug fix patch for Galvs
Recover after level up patch

Here is also my game's script file where you can check if there are any disturbances:

Thank you so much for anyone who can help! X((
Check out my Projects!! :)
[Image: zmBakYl.png][Image: Q26Qq97.png][Image: vUn8jGA.png]
[Image: wgpodgb.png][Image: sZ7WO1A.png][Image: r6lJmMA.png][Image: gVq5Ley.png][Image: AAIgmEh.png][Image: UV5gtHM.png][Image: 8yrOboz.png][Image: KOkwdxu.png][Image: q3WAQZ0.png]
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