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 KPartners VXP
KPartners VXP

by Kyonides Arkanthes


Did you ever wanna add special skills to a hero if he had a partner? Shocked
Or has a hero lost a partner? Cry
Then now they could access those extra skills during battles! Shocked

Just follow the instructions included in my scriptlet! Grinning

The Script for XP & VX
# * KPartners VXP
#   Scripter : Kyonides Arkanthes
#   v 0.1.5 - 2020-07-13

# This scriptlet allows a hero to get access to extra skills if he currently
# has a partner or he has already lost one.
# The chosen hero should have enough mana to perform the skill.
# They should never share the same class.
# If the game developer or the player removes a hero and he had a partner, both
# of them will get their PartnerID's reset to zero.
# Heroes might share the same skill set if you want to.

# PARTNER_SKILLS[ [ActorID, PartnerID] ] = [SkillID1, SkillID2, etc.]
# Examples:
#   PARTNER_SKILLS[[1, 2]] = [1, 4, 5]
#   PARTNER_SKILLS[[2, 1]] = [3, 7, 9] #-> Here they don't share them!
# The same is valid for the LOST_PARTNER_SKILLS.

# * Script Calls * #

# First Step: Pick a specific teammate (Starting from Zero! 0!)
#   actor = $game_party.actors[Actor's Current Position in Your Team]

# To set a partner
#   actor.partner_id = ActorID

# To set a lost partner
#   actor.lost_partner_id = ActorID

# To remove any partner
#   actor.no_partner!

# To remove any lost partner
#   actor.no_lost_partner!

# To check whether or not a hero is a current teammate
#   $game_party.has_actor?(actor)
#   $game_party.has_member?(actor)

module KPartners
  PARTNER_SKILLS.default = [] # Do Not Edit This Line!
  LOST_PARTNER_SKILLS.default = [] # Do Not Edit This Line!
  # Add as many Partner and Lost Partner Skills below as you see fit
  # End of Setup
  def has_partner_skill?(partner_key, skill_id)

  def has_lost_partner_skill?(lost_key, skill_id)

class Game_Actor
  alias kyon_bond_gm_actor_init initialize
  alias kyon_bond_gm_actor_scu? skill_can_use?
  def initialize
    @partner_id = 0
    @lost_partner_id = 0

  def skills
    xskills = []
    if $game_temp.in_battle
      if @partner_id > 0
        xskills = KPartners::PARTNER_SKILLS[partner_key]
      elsif @lost_partner_id > 0
        xskills = KPartners::LOST_PARTNER_SKILLS[lost_partner_key]
    @skills + xskills

  def skill_can_use?(skill)
    result = kyon_bond_gm_actor_scu?(skill)
    if $game_temp.in_battle
      skill = if skill.is_a?(RPG::Skill)
      if @partner_id > 0 and $game_actors[@partner_id].hp > 0
        return KPartners.has_partner_skill?(partner_key, skill)
      elsif @lost_partner_id > 0
        return false if $game_party.has_actor?($game_actors[@lost_partner_id])
        return KPartners.has_lost_partner_skill?(lost_partner_key, skill)

  def partner_id=(actor_id)
    return @partner_id if actor_id < 1
    actor = $game_actors[actor_id]
    return @partner_id unless $game_party.has_actor?(actor)
    return @partner_id if actor.class_id == @class_id
    @partner_id = actor_id

  def lost_partner_id=(actor_id)
    return @lost_partner_id if actor_id < 1
    actor = $game_actors[actor_id]
    return @lost_partner_id if $game_party.has_actor?(actor)
    return @lost_partner_id if actor.class_id == @class_id
    @lost_partner_id = actor_id
  def partner_key() [@actor_id, @partner_id] end
  def lost_partner_key() [@actor_id, @lost_partner_id] end
  def no_partner!() @partner_id = 0 end
  def no_lost_partner!() @lost_partner_id = 0 end
  attr_reader :partner_id, :lost_partner_id

class Game_Party
  alias kyon_bond_gm_party_aa add_actor
  alias kyon_bond_gm_party_ra remove_actor
  def add_actor(actord_id)
    @actors.each{|a| a.no_lost_partner! if a.lost_partner_id == actor_id }

  def remove_actor(actor_id)
    actor = $game_actors[actor_id]
    had_actor = @actors.include?(actor)
    return unless had_actor
    @actors.each{|a| a.no_partner! if a.partner_id == actor_id }
  def has_actor?(actor) @actors.include?(actor) end
  alias :has_member? :has_actor?


I know it should run on RM XP and VX!
Sad Sadly I can't say the same about VX Ace because some wolf full of fleas let me know it has no skill_can_use? method at all.

Terms & Conditions

Free for use in non commercial games. Grinning
Be honest and include me in your game credits. Winking
Give me a free copy of your completed game if you include at least 2 of my scripts! Laughing + Tongue sticking out
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