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Remi-chan's Neato Arty thread thing!
Just a quickie of me being embarrassed as heck this time!

[Image: CLHsdXu.png]
That is all, thank you!
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I decided the time had at last come to draw Nanianne in an epic high definition render.

Six hours later, I'd finished the piece.

The Court Magician
[Image: FeR4N9CVEAAcgnF?format=jpg&name=large]
Everything just... went super smoothly, honestly!

Oh, and I have a speed draw vid here as well! In case anyone was interested in my process.
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So... I watched all I could of Spy x Family, decided Yor was best girl, and then realized Kyon would probably do the same thing to Putin since she is a Demoness now, but ascended from an assassin who worked for the Ukraine.

The moment this thought hit me of a Soulcatcher like kyon assassinating Putin Yor-style i couldn't let it go as this most terrific image, background and all, coalesced in my imagination.

And so, I clearly had no choice but to draw it!

The Poison Pixie
[Image: dPo9mYs.jpg]

And here's a speed draw!
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