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Remi-chan's Neato Arty thread thing!
Another one! This one for a monthly prompt similar to Picnic of a Sort.

Madness at Midnight
[Image: 6ZF5XXI.png]

And like usual, here's a speed draw.
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New piece, new end~

You'll see what I did there if you watch the speed draw video!

Eldritch Tranquility
[Image: NaxTMUj.png]
This is Xaela. She knows how to command fear and respect with apathy and words, and frankly? I'm fucking jealous. Like she may be cute for an evil god, but she is also the mother of the outer gods, including Cthulu who... she regards as her 'pet'.

This woman is a fucking psycho. She wants to watch the world burn. Only replace 'world' with 'the entire cosmos' and replace watch with 'MAKE'.

She sees Entitlement as the worst sin, and hope kinda goes hand in hand. So her goal is to torment all mortals, immortals and even gods to such a torturous degree that their hope fucking dies.

It's ambitious, but... she has time. In fact, she has been alive for 3.4 quadrillion years (at least) and has probably been planning this Grand Conflagration for a majority of those years.

You don't fight her in Fantasia, either... She fights you, and you have to not die. The task is... difficult!

She is not a boss you can defeat, she is a boss that you can only impress with enough SWEAT. If that sounds fucked to you, then congrats... you are correct.

Every one of the Children of Calamity are like this. They are superbosses, who can't be defeated. Their time hasn't come yet. It may never come. All you know for now is that you must survive, because if you don't, you will become confetti.

Xaela is also the most powerful among the children, she can stop time for all objects that are not herself with a snap of her fingers. She can also read multiple minds with full clarity while having no issue keeping focus in the physical plane. These powers are owed to her heritage as the Aspect of Time from Eden and a Seer of Eld respectively.

What this means is that she's more or less toying with you. There is no way to beat her because if she was taking this fight seriously, you wouldn't be able to.

Anyway, this is an artwork that shows her captivating grace and calm despite being a creature who has quadrillions of years of hatred and rage up her sleeve. In her own words, "I am not a victim of my anger, my grief or my hatred. I am a conqueror of them... and by extension: You."

God damn she's sick. Anyway...

Here's a speed draw!

I kinda went hard on this one. Felt fitting that I give some dialogue lines amidst sick organ banging and piano. It helps that most of Xaela's (voiced) dialogue is... pretty fire. It also helps that the music slaps harder than your mum's asscheeks. Gottem`!
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Shinigami: The Aspect of Death
[Image: H2M7dVb.png][Image: pJMcuzF.png]
Lilac Grave becomes the Shinigami sometime before or into Seraphim, this is the new appearance she gets. Had the image appear in my head while doing some chores and I'm like 'oooh! I better draw that!'

And so now I have!

Speed Draw Video!
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