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Remi-chan's Neato Arty thread thing!
Or I could put that aside, and think of an entirely other OC I wanted to start drawing!

Thewi ~Due of the Morrow
[Image: xcpgouX.jpg]
I wanted to do a panda-girl OC. While this adorable bean appears very cute, to a disarming agree if i may say! The eyes being the window to the soul-- show that she is a bit more than her appearance would have you believe.

I have a Speed Draw as well, wherein a lot of unnerving but epic music plays. Further cementing this character as a bit of an enigma.
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New week, new art... somehow!?

Mysterious White
[Image: RMdk2kF.png]
Very mysterious character.

Simian Speed Draw

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Brand new piece, hot off the Paint Tool SAI!

Between Reality and Fiction
[Image: 5DnCosd.png]
You can click the image to see it in its full 3000x3000 pixels resolution.

It is yes, a render of my Remi-Chan internet personage.

I also have a speed draw showing the process from start to finish!

Simian Speed Draw #147 ~Between Reality and Fiction
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I did actually get this done in late may, I just forgot to post it.

Whole Once More
[Image: UfBpB8f.jpg]
Unfortunately due to my own herping and derping, this is no speed draw this time. I've only as a result got a recording of the drafting process.
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I will likely turn this into a full blown digital render before too long. But for now, here's a gorgeous sketch of Porrum: The Lost Lamb of Eden
[Image: OgvsgkK.png]
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'Tis done.

The Lost Lamb of Eden
[Image: UosjH44.png]
Quote:"To never know dislocation is a feeling of being lost in itself. If one is never lost, are they ever found? Am I lost because I was not able to know that feeling of being fallen... or am I lost because no one came to try and find me? Order is never lost, but chaos never reaches out to find it. A careless chaotic void of apathy has become this cosmos' status quo... I am too late to do much more, than provide Sanctuary to those who aren't bereft of virtue."

Speed Draw Video
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Nothing super crazy this time, but I have begun my second DND campaign, and so of course i have drawn my new OC which I made for it.

Vivinikki Vohnné
[Image: l7M9blo.png]
Also did a goofy MSpaint render of her while in the midst of our first session.

Grumpy Gremlin!
[Image: hCA4LoY.png]
It kinda goes without saying, but I didn't record these ones, so no speed draw, sorreh! D;
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