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Hi, i'm not sure this is the right place to demand this. If i'm at the wrong place, feel free to deplace this post.
I post this thread not for a problem about a script, but rather for a question of copyright.
I use 'UMS' script made by Ccoa, but she doesn't give permisson for commercial use without bying a license from her. I try to contact her, but no sign of life for almost a years.
So i decide to serach a new message script and i found this one on this forum:
Unfortunately, there is no indication of the right of use in the script. So, i was wondering if anyone can help me to know it. 

I also tried to contact Dubealex by email too, but no response yet.

Maybe if anyone has another commercial message script that meets my needs, i'll be glad.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.
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Oh, dinna worry about that script. I'm a moderator of Creation Asylum and have known Dube for years. In fact, it was my diligence that had him ask me to mod. Since then, not a spam bot has lasted any more than a day. Tongue sticking out

Dube has no problem with usage of his scripts, so feel free to use it. It was very likely the first of the major Message system overhauls.

Regarding Sasha (ccoa), other scripts she had created have no such copyright issues. So if you like her Tileset Swap script (a return of a feature from RPGMaker 2000 and 2003 which I do recommend), go for it. And then there's her popular Advanced Weather Script.
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