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 Hi! I'm Pigeon
Hello everyone!

I go by Pigeon and or Melkepakken.

I've got years of experience with the RPG Maker and decided that I know enough about it to spend some time helping others.
So I signed up here.

Also, I needed to download a .txt file here, but I needed to be a registered member to do that. Very happy + Tongue sticking out

Anyways, I've never released a full game yet. Maybe I'll get to that point someday.
But I've had tons of projects. Projects that still live in my ancient Dropbox folder. I'm sure many here are in the same boat, lol!

My current project is... in RPG Maker XP, using FPLE. I won't say exactly what kind of game it is yet, but I will share more in the future.
It's a rather spooky game. Spooky spook.

I know a bit about scripting in Ruby RGSS, but I'm strongest with eventing. Can do basic pixel art and make simple textures.
However, I'm a musician at heart, and I really love good stories.

I work as a Product Manager in the software industry, but my main passion is video games.

Also, I'm Norwegian!
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*HOWUUUU!!!!*   (Translation from Lycan:  Greetings!)

Ah, someone with a broad-range of talents suitable for game development.  For is it not that events and triggers what allows a story to develop?  And is not art that catches the eye of those who may be lured to play?

Now that you submitted your introduction, not only can you access attachments, but you now have access to your User Control Panel and the Private Messages system. Though we do have custom Security Questions, this additional request helps to avoid spammers.  Oh, yeah... we get them.

I can see how the FPLE would do well in reality horror... first person shock value while trying to avoid something that may be chasing you down.  Sounds... FUN!
Up is down, left is right and sideways is straight ahead. - Cord "Circle of Iron", 1978 (written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn... really...)
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Hi! Welcome!
Every Norwegian I know is multi-talented. It's crazy.
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