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 AI art
I had not voiced any opinion within this thread. However, it appears that I must.

First and foremost... A.I art cannot be copyrighted:

The judgement, in keeping with a previous ruling over the famous (or infamous) 'Monkey Selfie' states that non-human work cannot be copyrighted.  What was the monkey selfie?  Comically, it was a case from a 2011 incident whereby a monkey got a hold of a camera and took a photograph, the human photographer who owned the camera attempted to claim copyright a photo that he/himself did not take.  The courts ruled in 2015 on behalf of PETA that he had no legal claim... and ruled on behalf of the monkey!

Oh, the monkey was apparently identified as Naruto!  BELIEVE IT!

Second, the use of A.I. can be considered harmful towards those whom it was based upon, whether visually or vocally.  Actor Tom Hanks (Saving Private Ryan, Apollo 13, Splash) found his likeness used without permission to sell Dental Insurance, the commercial quickly taken down, Stephen Fry (V for Ventetta, The Hobbit, Chariots of Fire) fount his voice illicitly cloned for documentaries.  However, it need not be celebrities alone harmed.  There is also the case whereby A.I was used to clone a Teenage Girl's voice for a $1 Million Kidnapping Ransom scam reported April this year (click here or here).

Call it what you will, A.I. generated work or Deep Fake, the above can easily show harm by improper use.

Also do realize that A.I. generated work is based upon another's.  Ergo, it could be classified as a form of plagiarism. In this case the plagiarism of another person's style, voice and/or likeness. And our rules against plagiarism requires an immediate ban as we favor those individuals that work hard on their craft.  In the instance of A.I. art, it would be those original creators which the A.I. systems are drawing from, and not those utilizing the technology.

As of five days ago, Youtube had now put forth that any A.I. created content be tagged as such.  TikTok put forth such requirements as far back as August.  And I am quite sure that other media-based sites will require the same.  This is obviously something that users need perform, the A.I. software not likely coming forward after all.  And from what I have seen, some sites will even remove A.I. generated content posted 'after' such requirements were made if not so tagged.

Ergo, changes to the board and board rules will now be made. 

All content within the Creativity Section that is generated by way of A.I. will now require it to be suitably tagged.  If part of a multiple content thread (a thread containing both human/A.I.), a separate tag will be due, and requirements that the actual A.I. art in the multiple content thread be identified as such.  As the Resources board already has its own tags dictating if the resources are tileset, portraits, sprites or the like, it will be required that any 'individual' pieces within are A.I Generated.

This too for software/scripts.  Yesterday, I personally saw someone use GPT-4 to generate Java code for a twitch application.

We already have rules in place regarding Plagiarism, stating that material created by another person would require an immediate ban. And A.I. driven content is indeed based upon other's works, others whom may feel their hard work either compromised or downgraded by such technology.
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