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by Kyonides Arkanthes


Would Alex or Ralph or Eric love to lose n amount of HP or MP every time he moves in any direction?
Well, now he gotta live with it if he does and it happens to have the "wrong" note tag or are included in some sort of Killer blacklist. Laughing + Tongue sticking out
Plus, he could also die if his MP goes kaboom. Confused
And there is the Perma-Death as well! Skull 

In all versions, it can only be "cured" if you make certain script calls mentioned in my comments. Winking

For XP & VX: Configure the CONSTANTS found in the KPermaDmg module.
For VX Ace: Read the notes on which note tags are required for Actors.


Question: Isn't that redundant or unnecessary?
Answer: Who cares? Laughing + Tongue sticking out

Terms & Conditions

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Just some scripts I've already published on the board...
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