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Creating and Answering Requests
For those who wish to ask for support, there are things that must be done.

Browse the forums:

We have a tutorial board that has a variety of threads going from tileset spriting and coding through to inspirational articles on avoiding burnout and game development lore.  Simultaneously, check the current board in which you search, and possibly the 'Forum Script Listings' topic which is an index of all scripts available within our forum if it is a script for which you are searching.

Relay what engine you are using:

In a number of boards, you may supply a Prefix Icon denoting what game development engine you are using, be it Unity, RPGMaker VXAce, Gosu, or the like.  However, it is recommended that you likewise make mention within your request what engine is in use.

Supply a simple and clear topic title:

Nothing says irritation more than a request thread entitled "Help Me Now".  Rather than that, a brief explanation is much better, key words and subject matter within being key. And unless you are clearing up the title to make it more relatable to your request, please do not change the title. Others searching for a similar solution would be grateful.

Be as descriptive as possible:

You should open with a brief explanation of what you are trying to achieve. However, complex requests may have need of you to supply screenshots and mock-ups for what you are trying to achieve.  If what you wish is meant to be used with something else, please include that information. And if possible, do include current links to any related material.

If asked, please respond with updates:

You who ask for support may not be aware of what is fully needed to complete your request. So those working to fulfill your request may ask for additional information, how the requested content may function, how it may clash with other works, or the like.  They work in their fields, and may have some ideas what you wish to accomplish. But at times, they may want more clarity.

Patience is a virtue:

You are asking for help, and those who are answering are offering it freely.  They are donating their time, energy and expertise in their field to assist you.  However, they may not have all the answers.  General decorum suggests that you should only bump your thread after a 72 hour delay if there have been no responses. And please, do not place complaints that you are being ignored.

When you're done, it is done:

Please let anyone reading the thread if you are satisfied with the solution given, or if you had found a solution to the problem yourself.  Thank those that have given you assistance. And feel free to call upon a moderator with the Report button to have the thread closed.

For those who wish to 'answer' support threads, there are things that must be done.

Read the whole thread:

Glancing at a request or skimming through the initial post may result in misunderstanding the original poster's request. Get as much information and understanding as possible. Meanwhile, I suggest the whole thread be read and not just the initial post as you may overlook that someone may have already supplied a working solution which had been accepted.

Be patient:

The author of the request may not be entirely clear when putting forth their request. They may use different terminology, I myself recognizing 30 years of terminology changes. Or they may not be experienced enough with the engine to know how to describe what they wish.  For this, you may merely need to ask them to elaborate what they wish, attempt to rephrase the request, supply screenshots if necessary or the like.

Is that a stupid question?  No.

Remember that some users are not all that experienced with the engine they are using. Something you may see as elementary, they see as a challenge.  Never actively challenge the one asking for support.  You may offer a work-around if clearly explained.  Still, it may not be what they are looking for, so realize that the request they made may still exist.

Try to keep things simple:

There will be members that are new to an engine and entirely unfamiliar with its design.  And then there will be those inexperienced with a particular field in game development.  A programmer may not be well versed with the map event system.  A pixel artist not well versed in Python.  You may feel that you need to put in a lot of extra information.  Perhaps that is true. But too much technical information may overwhelm the person.

Simpler still:

Rather than pasting a quote from a previous topic or re-attaching resources or scripts, a link alone to a tutorial, article or resource post would suffice.

Be polite:

Certainly do not be demanding that you should be heard.  Your statement(s) may be correct, however sarcasm and condescending attitudes garner animosity rather than respect. Off-hand remarks within a support topic are never appreciated. And please, do not attempt to continue a topic with commentary after a solution provided by another was reached.

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