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 RECOVERED! The Early PK8 Self-Scripts Found!
The Early PK8 Self-Scripts Found!

It was in 2012 that PK8 released the Self Data Suite, a collection of scripts that allowed game developers to add new switches and variables to most any object, be it actors, weapons or even maps. However, disaster fell all of the dl.dropbox links became extinct. Only recently, the suite for the RPGMaker VXAce engine was found floating about the internet between community members in a .rar file format.

But what of other engines?

Before the Self Data Suite, PK8 worked on creating individual scripts that added variable and switch content to different RPG objects for RPGMaker XP, and VX in some cases. Once the Self Data Suite was crafted and released, PK8 archived his earlier works, and removed them to promote the single package.

Sadly, this meant that the loss of the Self Data suite meant that all RPGMaker XP/VX self scripts had vanished.  That is, until now.

The Self-Data scripts by PK8 have now been re-discovered. Nearly a dozen of these, Self Parameters v1.1, AutoSelfSwitcher, Common Event Self Variables XP, and more, are now back within the Scripts Database board.  Their original Topic IDs remain untouched, and their 2009 timestamps self evident and left alone. 

These scripts are currently not within the 'Forum Script Listings', the index thread of all scripts in the board, nor do most have thread prefixes attached.  In some time, they will.  But currently, not all as yet.  This would assist those wishing to identify most of the PK8 scripts that were recovered.

Happy Gaming!
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