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 Problems with counteraatack addon of Atoa Custom Battle System
So... it's still this script you tried to post:
# Atoa's Active Time Battle Version
# By Atoa
# This script adds an CTB System (FFX like)
# The configurations are explained below
# For obvious reasons, you can't use together with the "Atoa CTB"

module Atoa  
  # Do not remove or change these lines
  Cast_Time = {}
Yeah, it comes with Atoa's system. No biggie.

So what you're saying is:
FRED is casting a fireball skill.
While FRED is casting, he gets hit.
FRED'S fireball gets cast prematurely when it should have been cancelled.
FRED'S counter-attack skill is cast too?????
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RE: Problems with counteraatack addon of Atoa Custom Battle System - by DerVVulfman - 12-01-2016, 05:35 AM

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