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 Text Scroll Script - Enhanced
Text Scroll Script - Enhanced
Version 3.0

Based on version: R3 by dubealex
(Edit by DerVVulfman)

Based on the Text Scroll Script by dubealex, this

  • Takes text from a text file in the Text directory of your projects.
  • Can show the scrolling anywhere, on the map or in another scene.
  • Live Scroll options > Allow to use player/event while scrolling. (New in release 3)
  • Can control the scrolling UP/DOWN like Windows window.
  • Can create Books using RIGHT/LEFT arrow to swap pages, 100% script (New in release 3)
  • Can change line colors from within the text file.
  • Can change the main text color from within the text file (new in release 2)
  • Info on how to fix foreign characters (as french and german) added to manual.
  • Can change the font and fontsize in-game through a map event.
  • Can scroll the text even slower than previous versions.
  • Easy to use, fast, and small.
  • Completely removed $global variables (not including the $game_system object)
  • New command calls added, allowing font changing, closing of scrolling text and line positioning
  • Instructions on removing UTF-8 Illegal Characters included in demo.

The Demo - link
Based on Dubealex's original demo

DEFINITELY in the demo.

Credits and Thanks
Mainly by dubealex.  I modified it to slow the scrolling feature further and add a font changing call.   I also used a system by Yeyinde to remove most of the $global variables to reduce the number of memory resources needed. Thanks to MageOne and Ace who requested an option for player cancelling or closing of scrolling windows, and to skye_sken who requested an accurate vertical placement system.

Author's Notes
I got permission to post it.   :)  Wouldn't do so otherwise.

[Image: Tg6oX0x.png]
Image has link to Enterbrain's Download Page
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Anybody still has this somewhere? Preferably in txt rather than doc...

The text import feature seems sweet.
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The word document and demo open just fine. All you need to have is a CA account or Microsoft Word. Anyway, I added a text document attachment so you should be able to open it. Check the format when pasting it in game!Laughing + Tongue sticking out

DerVVulfman: feel free to add the txt document to your original post if you'd like Laughing

Attached Files
.txt   Script.txt (Size: 16.07 KB / Downloads: 2)
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Afraid my FileDen file sharing service screws up files with the .txt extension.

HOWEVER!!! .... all you have to do is change the file extension from .doc to .txt and you get the script just fine. :cheery:
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For whatever reason FileDen gives me "We are sorry, but Fileden cannot currently respond to your request. Please try again later." for every script. :\ Oh well.

Thanks for the support, guys!
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Why do I keep getting "undefined local variable or method `FILENAME GOES HERE' for # etc" when I call it? What I'm trying:

Call Script command:
$, 2, 1, 255, 100)

Anything wrong there?
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You forgot the quotes.

$"missing.txt", 2, 1, 255, 100)

Oh, and you can use single or double quotes, like this:

$'missing.txt', 2, 1, 255, 100)

I hear that single quotes (for some reason) use less resources. Dunno if that is true or not. But *heh* whatever works, right?
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Weird... now I get this on a blank project: NoMethodError (...) undefined method `new' for nil:NilClass.
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My bad.

I did a straight copy of what you previously posted and just added the quotes to the filename as needed. The call doesn't have a '$' dollar sign so it should read as:'missing.txt', 2, 1, 255, 100)

It is looking for a new method called $Book_Scroll where one does not exist. But if you get rid of the '$', everything should be fine.
Reply }
Thank you for the support!

But... sigh... now it's "Unable to find file Section113:337:in `readlines'Text/missing.txt/2.rxdata".

What the hell... I clearly have become boring by now, so maybe I should just let go and try something else.
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