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 H-Mode7 Caterpillar
Chaotech H-Mode7 Caterpillar
Version: 1.0


No caterpillar scripts work thusfar in HM7. One does now.

  • Unlimited Party Members can be displayed
  • Works with Chaotech HM7 Visual Equipment
  • More customizable than any other


[Image: HM7%20Caterpillar%20Equipment.png?height=122&width=292] [Image: HM7%20Caterpillar.png?height=122&width=292]


You really don't need one


Download it. Text file.

.txt   H-Mode7 Caterpillar.txt (Size: 14.64 KB / Downloads: 74)


The instructions are in the script. Be sure you read and follow them exactly


As any questions that can be answered simply arise, I will post them here.


Must have HM7. Doesn't work without it. If HM7 isn't compatible with something, neither will this.

Credits and Thanks

MCG, and Me.

Author's Notes

This does NOT work without HM7. You need it!

Terms and Conditions

Ask MGC about using HM7 before asking me about using this in a commercial game.Once you have his permission to use HM7, I'll talk to you about it.
Keep this on Save-Point. Please don't post it anywhere without my permission.

Attached Files
.txt   H-Mode7 Visual Equipment.txt (Size: 17.93 KB / Downloads: 22)
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Hi, I've tried it, (thanks, i really was in need of it) but it have a problem in the line nÂș 74. a Syntaxerror...
p.s. i'm using the H-mode7 V1.4.2
Reply }
Okay. I had to fight with the site for almost an hour to get it to display with the template originally, and it looks like it still didn't work right.
I do believe it should work. There wasn't any scripting error. The code just wasn't kept when posted.

Edit: Okay, it still isn't taking my code. I'll just post a Text Doccument instead.
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hi chaotech i don't know how to use the caterpillar script how can i make a chara is behind me thx
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Wow. It's been a long time since I've been on.

Guigui28241, did you read the instructions in the script? They're self-explanitory. This should work automatically.
Do you have CATERPILLAR = true in the instruction area?
Does hm7_caterpillar_limit return the number of characters in your party max? (Usually 4. If you have less than 1, it won't work.)

If they don't show up, you're using something else that overrrides this, and that's not really possible since it uses all aliases.

Is this script below HM-7? It shouldn't work unless it is.
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Hi Chaotech Games

Rmxp will show me a error when i did changed:

this is the syntax:

Script 'H-mode7 Caterpillar Blizz-ABS style'line 182: NameError

uninitialized consant HM7::Surface::Map_Party_Member
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I am very, very sorry that I haven't replied in a while. I have been very busy for the past few months. Please pardon my lateness.

You are trying to use both the Caterpillar and the Visual Equipment, right? Did you try it only on nil? I might have made a mistake and reversed the flag needed. Unfortunately, I can't look at it right now, as I am writing this on my other computer that doesn't have RMXP installed.

Because it can't find the Map Party Members, that means you're missing the Caterpillar.
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Hi Chaotech i'm really sorry but I need a little tutorial because I want to know how I make a following character. Can you help me?
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Thanks for this!
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