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 Hartacon Tactics - RELEASED ON STEAM/XBOX 360
Hartacon Tactics released on XBOX 360 Marketplace.
October 29, 2015
Hartacon Tactics has finally been released on XBOX 360 Marketplace, in the indie games section. Link:

[Image: th_Game%20Box_zpswpbhrhc2.png]

The Game
Hartacon Tactics is a turn-based tactical RPG, featuring highly deterministic mechanics, beautiful hand-painted 2D art and deep gameplay.
Hire characters of unique classes, and wisely use their strengths, skills and weapons to defeat tough enemies as you travel through the continent of Kaus in the single-player campaign, or challenge your friends in co-op local multiplayer battles.

The game features a single-player campaign counting over fifty maps. You take control of a party on a quest to conquer all the dungeons in the continent of Kaus. As you reach cities, you'll be able to access shops to enhance your equipment, and the academy to hire new warriors for your quest. With three difficulty levels, the hardest featuring permanent-deaths, procedurally generated recruits, and plenty of character customization options, the game offers a good replay value and will keep you engaged for hours.

Classes differentiate themselves in terms of a variety of battle stats: from strength to magic power and defense, movement capability such as walkable distance and jump height, as well as frequency of action. Moreover, fighters of a given class specialize in the use of one weapon and its related techniques. The knight is your all-round balanced warrior, the dwarf a martial artist with great defense, the lionman an unstoppable force of nature, and the list goes on with six carefully diversified unit types, each with their own strategic role in battle.

There are many different weapon types: swords, bows, axes, and all have their characteristic attack patterns and allow the execution of specific techniques. Hammers can be used to break your opponents armors while hand combat is good to move targets and open paths through your enemy's defense line.

All magic skills belong to some element and different elements include skills that are quite different among themselves especially in terms of range and area of effect.
To give you some examples, Water skills are able to hit multiple targets in wide patterns, and they can target only positions lower than the caster; Earth skills always affect the positions around the caster; Lightning skills can only strike single targets and have no height limitation; Wind skills target multiple positions and have the highest range. 
On top of that, different characters have higher or lower affinity with each element, making them more or less vulnerable and able to deal more or less damage.

Character customization
You can develop your characters by learning new skills and balancing their battle stats to suit your strategy.

Game customization
Build your own maps with the in-game map editor.

Charlie Fleed - author, developer

Carl Zeno Manalo - UI artist
Lane Brown - 2D environment artist
Carolina Garcia - 2D environment artist
Julia Levadik - 2D environment artist
Douglas Draco - character concept artist
Abdallah Nabil - 3D modeler
Nick Resa - 3D animator
Agnes Swart - 3D animator

Matthew Weekes - level designer


[Image: th_Hartacon%20Tactics_2015-08-29_20-31-5...5irdd0.png]

[Image: th_Hartacon%20Tactics_2015-08-29_20-33-3...gvfcmc.png]

[Image: th_Hartacon%20Tactics_2015-08-29_20-48-2...ff3rlj.png]
[Image: th_Hartacon%20Tactics_2015-08-29_20-44-1...kk42vj.png]


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Hey guys, I was chatting with DerVV a few days ago and updating him on how the game is doing, and we thought I could share the information with you all, as the game was born in this community, the same way as I grew here as a game developer.
Hartacon Tactics has done quite good on XBOX360, selling around 1700 copies since October 2015 (which means that more or less I was able to cover my expenses, time aside of course). More impressively, it is ranked 12th in the US right now based on users rating, over more than 3k games!
The game is right now on sale for 400 MS Points (=5 USD), if you happen to like strategy RPGs and you still own a XBOX 360, give the demo a try. :)
[Image: f7d70f7d-d21f-470a-b93d-fa23cfcfaeb5_zpsfe7368c0.png] [Image: facebook_icon.png] [Image: youtube_128x128-120x120.png] [Image: deviant.png] [Image: save-point.png]
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Congratulations, Charlie-Sensei!  Grinning Grinning Grinning
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Wow, that's really impressive.

Congratulations :)
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Sup guys, I'm here with a little end of Summer treat for you. :)
Codes giveaway!!

Use one of the following 5 redemption codes to get a copy of Hartacon Tactics on your XBOX 360.
First come first served!


And if you like the game, please share it with your friends, they may like it too!
[Image: f7d70f7d-d21f-470a-b93d-fa23cfcfaeb5_zpsfe7368c0.png] [Image: facebook_icon.png] [Image: youtube_128x128-120x120.png] [Image: deviant.png] [Image: save-point.png]
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Nor do I have a xbox one or xbox 360 or a xbox in general but I congratulate to you for your achievement because I liked the battlesystem that you made for RPG XP :))))) You are a talented scripter.
and you helped me once when I asked a question in this forum.
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I would really love to have a STEAM version of the game.
My friend keeps asking when you'll have it for Steam too, since they're a Playstation and PC person and don't have an XBox 360. 
Do you have any plans to do so? Because I'd totally get it immediately  Confused 
[Image: SP1-ResourceHunter.png]
[Image: SP1-Writer.png]
[Image: SP1-Director.png]

Destiny of End Thread:
Destiny of End Twitter:
Destiny of End Youtube: (Coming soon)
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I have been thinking about it for a while. I have the greenlight page ready. I only need a new video.
Also, I need to decide whether it's going to be a pure porting with minor enhancements or an improved version with some new features (more characters, online gameplay and leaderboards, original music, higher resolutions, mouse support...). I don't have much time and/or money to spend on it, so it's probably going to be the first.
[Image: f7d70f7d-d21f-470a-b93d-fa23cfcfaeb5_zpsfe7368c0.png] [Image: facebook_icon.png] [Image: youtube_128x128-120x120.png] [Image: deviant.png] [Image: save-point.png]
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You asked for it, and there it is!
Help Hartacon Tactics get on Steam!

Vote on GreenLight
[Image: f7d70f7d-d21f-470a-b93d-fa23cfcfaeb5_zpsfe7368c0.png] [Image: facebook_icon.png] [Image: youtube_128x128-120x120.png] [Image: deviant.png] [Image: save-point.png]
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