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 Hartacon Tactics - RELEASED ON STEAM/XBOX 360
(10-23-2016, 09:31 AM)Charlie Fleed Wrote: You asked for it, and there it is!
Help Hartacon Tactics get on Steam!

Vote on GreenLight

Btw. who made the graphics in the game?
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somebody *kindly* (ahem...) suggested I should bump this with the news that...

Hartacon Tactics is on Steam!!!

Yes, it's in Early Access right now, as I am adding some stuff compared to the XBOX release, mainly online multiplayer and two extra characters. All the details here: Hartacon Tactics on Steam

Unfortunately I got some bad reviews complaining about the absence of mouse support... and even though it's there now, these reviews are still there to bring the overall rating down. Also, very few people play online either even though it was the most requested feature during greenlight.

Btw, if you can spare the time, like/share the fb page HartaconTactics on facebook, post a review, a video on youtube, play, share some maps online, it's all very appreciated. I am not doing much advertising and I don't think many people actually know the game exists!

I would like to do a give away of a few keys just for Save-Point members. Who's interested? :)
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I and a friend of mine both bought Hartacon Tactics on Steam!
It's wonderful!

I'll give a review sometime today or tomorrow with a few minor critiques, but it'll be a positive one, that's for sure  Happy 

I'll also see about making a video on my Youtube channel, maybe play with my friend. We'll see!  Blushing + Cheery 
Good luck!  Grinning
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Isometrics and Mouse control. I tell you, that is one hella problem, one I had headache with of my own. Pity it is a different language. With Hartacon, I bet it might be even harder.

Why is it that people are more likely to post complaints than applause? Well It does need to be handled I guess. I'll wait for Lani's critique.
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Charlie Fleed Wrote:I am not doing much advertising and I don't think many people actually know the game exists!
Then I wouldn't be surprised very few players dare to play it online, plus it's hard to attract people with so many games and apps marauding the internet nowadays, attracting their attention might become an important step to make the project grow even more. Let the players know that mouse support was included AS they have requested, make them feel important as if they were highly influencing your game's development. (Nope, just posting the Announcement on steam wouldn't be enough.)

Keep doing a good job! Don't ever dismay.
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Wow, congrat!, but, this also means "Hartacon 1.5" for RMXP now is not legal to use anymore ?
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Awesome Bounty Hunter Lani!

DerVV, I tried a couple solutions for using mouse in isometric maps. The tricky part is that you have different elevations and occlusion but you can find decent compromises.
The real problem for me is that at least in the map editor the interface was designed to use different buttons at any given time, and that is a completely different approach than point and click.
I am still working on finding the best compromise.

thanks for the advice kyonides, I'll keep that in mind

and no, finalholylight, Hartacon for RMXP remains free to play, I doubt the server is still on though...
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Yes! I got myself a copy (it was on sale on Steam). I will get it downloaded so that I can try it out as soon as I can.
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Hey everyone!! Charlie here. :)

About 12 months after Steam Early Access started it is time for an update! Also when DerVV tells you to post an update, you do that. XD

I will start with the (rather massive) changes log.

Change Log Wrote:7.6

fixed a bug that prevented downloaded maps from being usable
TAB added to emulate LT/RT
increased movement speed
changed the way characters move
fixed a bug that made the game crash when a character has 0 speed
fixed a passability issue in Merak River map
added default character in font to solve crash

fixed a bug on turn timeout
fixed a bug on online maps ids
removed turn timeout in campaign mode
implemented mouse support

added Semi-All option in See Through settings
added description for SPEED stat
updated Advance skills to match movement speed option
added command to rename teams
Elo rating implemented for online matches
players avatars displayed in map editor

added configurable key bindings
fixed a bug affecting movement in rotated maps
fixed a bug that made non targeted characters flash
improved mouse support with on-map selection of movement and attack/skill target 
added option to disable mouse

restructured the Help section
rebalanced classes, skills and equipment
removed three-tiers online mode 
campaign candidate units increased to 48 and high ranked unit made less common
fixed a bug on damage calculation including adjacent characters that can't attack the target 
increased dead characters timeout
assassin character added
fixed a bug on HP/MP when comparing equipment
updated gold won
added help page on status ailments
added credits for assassin character
tavern added in campaign locations
Sorceress character added using Staves
Martial Artist class becomes Warrior and uses Hammers
Healer uses Knuckles
Support and Counterattack available as passive skills
Assassin's Execution skill deals extra damage from behind

Archer's skill Bird Killer deals extra damage to Hawkmen.
Sorting added to campaign setup recruiting screen.
Updated spawn positions on most large maps.
Added status ailment effects to some skills.
Updated height reach of all weapons and skills.
Advance and Jump cannot be used if walk range is reduced to zero.
Class specific skills introduced.
More popular online maps displayed first in map editor by default.
On screen directional arrows for skill target selection removed.

Depth of dungeons depends on difficulty.
Fixed a bug affecting elemental alignment.
Window border glitch fixed.
More on-screen clickable buttons added.
New fire magic animation.
Changed how turns are counted for dead units timeout.
Atom skill damage decreases with distance.
Improved battle command selection with analog stick.
Changed action delay calculation to include distance moved.
Only active locations shown on map during campaign.
Updated a few maps.
New Skills page.

So, what's new in a few words?
  • The final two characters are in the game, Assassin and Sorceress.
  • Improved mouse support and onfigurable keys.
  • Steam Achievements.
  • An Elo rating system for online multiplayer.
  • Passive Skills.

What am I working on right now?
  • I am trying to add a few props to the dungeon tileset, working with the artist that created the world map graphics for this.
  • I hired a musician to write an original game soundtrack. I got the first track. It's epic!
  • I would like to improve the magic efects but finding a good artist or stock animations is proving harder than anticipated.
Hartacon has received mixed reviews, with the most common criticism being around the controls. However most negative reiews are from before the improvements I made. 
Multiplayer never really took off so I am going to introduce the option to play online with your single player campaign party. We'll see if that shakes things a bit.
In terms of sales it has sold above 1300 copies. It kind of repaid itself, considering just what I paid the artists, and not the insane amount of hours I personally spent on it. I haven't included this in bundles, even though I have been approached for that and it may mean a lot more players, but I like the idea that those 1300 gamers hand-picked the game.

If you would like to play Hartacon, I have some free keys that I happy to send you as a treat for my fellow Save-Point members. Send me a PM if you're interested.
If you can contribute with a review or a like on the facebook page (click on Hartacon Tactics in my signature), it's all very appreciated.
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