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 Game Performance
Even then, the lights from Near Fantastica don't look the same as the ones from TimeKeeper's script.

The TimeKeeper lights are looking exactly like lights created with lightmaps. That's makes them so special for me and it's one of the reasons why I chose that script in the past.
But I didn't know it would causes that much trouble for the game's performance.
Really complicated situation.
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Did you try Dynamic Light by Fabien :, config for event have light effect by using this script is more harder, but more optimize for performance depending on how you config for each event, ex: many flicker light events are more lag than normal light events, you can config how many frames to refresh the flicker for each specific event.
Or you may want an improved version this script by Heretic, but he put the script in the whole demo, just find it in demo by yourself :
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