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 Dynamic Maps Expanded
At first glance, that would be a traditional means.  But I have a means that is much more elegant. And in that...

To Version 1.5

No longer does this script need to alter-alias the Scene_Title or Scene_Load class.  The actual Dynamic Maps class is now created and stored within Game_System.  So when you start a new game, Game_System creates the Dynamics Map class.  When you save or load data,  the Dynamics Maps class is saved or loaded within it. And all references to the maps now points to the Game_System class.

I find it better to try and store data within already existing classes that get stored within the save files other than making new marshals.  Certain things could happen if more than one custom system does the same and files loaded don't get retrieved in the same proper order.
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Alright, I updated the script to your more elegant version now and I think now everything works as it should be.
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