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 Caterpillar Script Error
nope, sorry, thought of that before, it's a brand new savegame with all scripts already in....
if i set the starting point of the game at the map,and start a new game, i can play and fight
but if i start at that starting point, save the game, load it again, fight 2-3 battles, the error pops up..

Edit: i've succesfully transferred a save from the full game to the demo and now the error happens also in the demo:
check it out:
just put the folder in the game directory and fight with the enemy to the left (green one)

it's really strange, the error is now displayed in the battlecry script...
i guess it's not something with a particular script, just some incompatibility of methods..

EDIT no2:

I think i was able to narrow the origin down now pretty good.
after being able to reproduce the error in the demo and wondering why it would now point to the "battlecry" script, it occured to me, that i had forgotten to put the sound files for the battlecries into the demo. after putting them in now, the error shiftet back to main.
My Conclusion: The error must have something to to with some files missing and instead of telling me which ones, the game comes up with a random error.
Zarox wasn't wrong after all but somehow, enabling the outcommented lines didn't suffice.
What now? How can i find out which files are missing?
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Confused Actually, if it is my battlecry script, it performs a check to see if an audio clip is missing and defaults the audio played to >none<. An error check system as it were to prevent crashing.

But... whatever it is, the error you gave at the beginning... the line itself... shows that the @character array isn't being saved or successfully loaded, so the error has to do with the save/load feature.

Methinks a script you are using 'overwrites' the save or load feature rather than attaching extra code to it.

Mycode-script #1 (overwrites save/load and adds 'game_fragglerock value')
Mycode-script #2 (only edits save/load adds 'game_gravel value')
Mycode-script #3 (overwrites save/load and adds 'muppets value')

The scripts combine in a top-down manner in your Scripts Editor, so the last one which 'overwrites' the save/load feature prevents the first two scripts from saving any data.

Check which of your scripts edit the save load or game_title sections. These are key as they can load and 'create' the data your game works with.
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Whohoo! THANK YOU SO MUCH DerVVulfman!
Thank you so much for pointing that out.
I put the "asm = advanced save menu" script directly above main since it was the most obvious one having to do something with saving and voilà, i was able to clear out the whole dungeon without any errors. i saved and loaded the game multiple times and it never happened again.

only time will show if any important data from other scripts is now saved or not but at least my game is now playable again.
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