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 KBattlePause XP
KBattlePause XP

by Kyonides Arkanthes


I've been fiddling with a new scriptlet. This one would let you fight some monsters as usual.
Boring Yeah, I know it sounds boring indeed.
But I can guarantee you there's a catch! Happy with a sweat 
What is it? Confused  Err, well, the whole thing is that even if you flee like real chicken wussies...

Your enemies Ghost Skull Zombie Snake might still face you again.
Yes, the very same foes with the same stats as they had when you left them biting the dust! Shocked
Unless you take too long to fight them letting them get fully healed. Incredible

I seriously suspect this kind of script would work best if used in boss and sub boss battles. Thinking

My script only has a single script call but you might know that using it is completely optional.

Besides I have not define a way to activate this new feature after N turns. Laughing + Tongue sticking out

The Script

# * KBattlePause XP
#   Scripter : Kyonides Arkanthes
#   2020-08-17 - v0.8.0

# Are you planning to make your heroes running away? You better think it twice!
# This script might not deter them from chickening out but it surely does keep
# them trapped. How is that possible!?

# Well, next time you could notice that your next normal or random encounter
# might lead you to facing the very same foes you fought against a while ago!

# Keep in mind that clock is ticking so you better face it before your foes get
# a chance to be fully healed automatically.

# This is not really a plug and play script, you do need to setup the KBPause
# module first to let it run smoothly.

# * Optional Script Call * #

# KBPause.boss_heal_timer = Time in Minutes

module KBPause
  SWITCH = 1
  TURNS_VARIABLE = 3 # Not Implemented Yet
  @boss_heal_timer = 1 # In minutes
  def self.boss_heal_timer() @boss_heal_timer end
  def self.boss_heal_timer=(time) @boss_heal_timer = time end

class Game_Troop
  alias :kyon_btl_pause_gm_troop_setup :setup
  def setup(troop_id)
    enemies_var = $game_variables[KBPause::ENEMIES_VARIABLE]
    $game_variables[KBPause::ENEMIES_VARIABLE] = 0
    if $game_switches[KBPause::SWITCH]
      if @battle_pause_timer == 0
        $game_switches[KBPause::SWITCH] = false
        troop_id = $game_variables[KBPause::TROOP_ID_VARIABLE]
        $game_variables[KBPause::TROOP_ID_VARIABLE] = 0
      elsif enemies_var.is_a?(Array)#and enemies_var[0].is_a?(Game_Enemy)
        @enemies = enemies_var
        $game_variables[KBPause::TROOP_ID_VARIABLE] = 0
        $game_switches[KBPause::SWITCH] = false
        return $game_temp.battle_troop_id = nil

class Game_System
  alias :kyon_btl_pause_gm_sys_init :initialize
  alias :kyon_btl_pause_gm_sys_up :update
  def initialize
    @battle_pause_timer = 0

  def update
    return if @battle_pause_timer == 0
    @battle_pause_timer -= 1

  def reset_battle_pause_timer
    @battle_pause_timer = Graphics.frame_rate * KBPause.boss_heal_timer * 60
    @battle_pause_timer = @battle_pause_timer.abs

class Scene_Battle
  alias :kyon_btl_pause_scn_btl_blt_end :battle_end
  def battle_end(result)
    if $game_switches[KBPause::SWITCH] and result == 1
      $game_variables[KBPause::TROOP_ID_VARIABLE] = $game_temp.battle_troop_id
      $game_variables[KBPause::ENEMIES_VARIABLE] = $game_troop.enemies

Terms & Conditions & Oddities

Free for use in any game.
Include me in your game credits.
Mention this forum as well.
Send me a free copy of your finished game if you include 2 or more of my scripts in your project.
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