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Remi-chan's Neato Arty thread thing!
Had good fun with this one!

Holy Nekomata: Grace
[Image: dXtoziw.png]
A nekomata that like her kin, is based on one of the eight primary elements.

Blood, Arcane, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Water, Holy and Shadow. As the title gives away, she is Holy's seat of power- likewise, Amberina holds the seat of Fire, while Patricia sits atop the seat of Shadow, leaving five concepts to remain.

Unlike the Kitsune who can be multi-elemented, the Nekomata seem to possess but only one affiliation, while they can easily learn to use others, their mainstay is decided at birth.

Worry not, it would be remiss of me to not include a speed draw, and so include one I most certainly shall.

Now, with all that cleared up, perhaps i should list the intricacies of my elemental and magic systems, perhaps as food for thought?

Most of the base elements are pretty self explanatory, but blood and arcane leave room for alienation- allow me then to make their existence relative to know humanity knows.

Blood is anything physical, anything that can bring about the act of drawing blood. In most cases, this is substituted with "physical damage", the meaning bears no different a meaning. However, certain soulcatchers and all bloodwitches use magic that draws blood unwittingly from the victim, or manipulates blood on its own, this is all under the same elemental bounds.

Arcane is somewhat more difficult to explain, but it is the basis of all other elemental magics. It is creation magic, and in its purest form, it appears a pink or purple color, this is why the pink and purple sun, both known as stars with an arcane makeup- are the color they are.

This raw potential can then be transformed into magic like fire, ice water, and so on- for most this happens without a visible transitory phase. Such is the power of invocation and focus.

The other six are all pretty elementary and i doubt they need much explanation, fire, ice, lightning, water, holy and shadow already have basic relative substance to what we know already... the error lies in thinking some of these elements are similar.

Truly, one could establish water is but congealed ice, and that fire is but a pale imitation of lightning, or that holy is but lightning in a less transitory manner.

In physicality, this may be so, but magic is about feeling, and in this- everything stands on its own.

Fire is the font of passion, fueled by animosity and love both. While one may cast down an inferno to scar flesh, another might use fire to be reborn alike a phoenix.

Ice is the font of independence, in ones will to believe they alone can take charge. Esperia is so potent with it for this very reason.

Lightning is the font of energy, a transitory flash of power that could fell trees or reprise the fallen.

Water is the font of fluidity, to remain calm and graceful while amassing large waves to quash, or gentle tides to restore.

Holy is the font of faith, be it to oneself or to others- ever can it be used as a hammer of righteousness to the wicked, or as a shield immovable for those in need of salvation.

Shadow is the font of ambition, when one has designs, one dwells ever closer to shadow, be that to engulf in wretching darkness, or to fill with likewise motive.

What determines how these elements manifest has naught to do with the base elements themselves, but upon the invocation of those who use them, for this- we have the five schools of magic.

Alteration, Restoration, Conjuration, Illusion and Destruction.

To alter is to manipulate the space around you and the beings within, to restore is to heal the target or area of choice, to conjure is to summon forth elemental energies to act as tools or even familiars, illusion magic is in using elements to obfuscate reality, and destruction to use elements to harm and destroy.

So what of elements that are not of the main three? such as wind, universal, poison and earth?

Wind is but a mixture of water and physical, universal is not elemental, but rather alteration taking form. Poison is not built of emotions, but of nature, as is earth.

Then... you have the esoteric "elements". but it may be better to say the utter lack of emotion is what creates the most horrifying of magics.


An "element" so unquantifiable, the SP field, or soul protection field, is utterly unable to account for it- thus does it damage the soul directly.

Abyssal magic, while rare in its applications, is not so uncommon in the hands of the ascended. Energy drain and Soulbeam, well known attacks of the heldathian soulcatchers and the Necropolitan Lich, are well known examples.

The soul embodies a beings ambition. Without it, they might as well be husks, and in fact, that is precisely what they become.

While for most mortals, it is when the SP field finally deteriorates fully that their soul is released and ascends to the afterlives beyond... those preyed on by a soulcatcher must wait until their soul returns from their imprisonment, which it is destined to, given time. Should they be left alive after a soulcatcher has drained only their soul, they will die eventually, as husks who cannot be made to eat, even if food enters their body, they will not be able to process it- for their body has no will to process it.

So, their death will hasten as a lack of ambition quickly disperses the Soul Protection field, for with no soul to protect, no ambitions to shelter, it too loses its will to exist.

Then will their mind await in a null tribunal until their wayward soul returns to them so their mind may have meaning.

Abyss magic, is scary.

To make it scarier, all which lives, including celestial bodies, even entire universes, has a soul and an SP field.

The Blue Sun, is a universe's SOUL.

In once instance long ago, an entire universe was destroyed by Abyss magick, employed by Xaela- from what was once a normal universe, suddenly, all was black.

It was called the Great Tragedy- and it was one of the few things to terrify terror itself.

As magic is but a means of expression, alike art is my own- it stands to reason that the Nekomata, while singular in elemental composition, can experience no less than beings born of blood and flesh. Because while an element is sustained by an emotion, its fuel is varied.

Hopefully that was a fun little bit of exposition.
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Just a rough draft at present, when I wake tomorrow I may go and do the proper linework, flatcolor and then the shading and effex.
The Rising Hellstar
[Image: Mischevia_SFW.png]
I look forward to finishing it.
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Mischevia: The Rising Hellstar
[Image: Z1AtE92.png]
I unfortunately do not have a speed draw thanks to OBS's patented "fuck you -it really emulates early 2000's streamer technology- external browser parsing no fuck you really" technology corrupting the recording less than halfway through.
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No motivation lately, starting much but finishing squat.
[Image: 9PeiKO5.png]
Here's Ashe the Enma, very rough draft.
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[Image: 31JC4aS.png]
Xaramitsi: The Atomic Biowulf.

There's a speed draw for this one!
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Trash Apple
[Image: pDP65fN.png]
Me being the Goddess of Chaos and Garbage!

There's a Speed draw, too!
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I decided to enhance my most recent piece with upscaled eyes, dramatis shading and an actual background.

Pandemonic Goddess of Dregs and Disorder
[Image: Si5jHrj.png]
No speed draw as it was about an hour of edits and updates to an already created file.
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No speed draw for this one due to some varying factors, but it's a piece worth just looking at anyway!

Lucifrael: The Black Swan
[Image: FWdIJ0yakAAI8Ze?format=jpg&name=large]
Over 2 days and three different sessions due to personal obligations, it was still only about 7 hours, and man... I am in love. It turned out so well!
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