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RPGMaker Cutscenes
for RPGMaker (2K3 & XP)

A cutscene or event scene (sometimes in-game cinematic or in-game movie) is a sequence in a video game that is not interactive, breaking up the gameplay.Such scenes could be used to show conversations between characters, set the mood, reward the player, introduce new gameplay elements, show the effects of a player's actions, create emotional connections, improve pacing or foreshadow future events.

Here, you are able to see demos of how to implement a cutscene that the player may actually skip through and bypass. This is advised for games that have extensive monologues that some players may consider boring and wish to get to the actual gameplay. Said lengthy scenes have been considered events that have reduced enjoyment and killed such games.

RPGMaker 2003 ->  
.zip   RM2K3 (Size: 989.74 KB / Downloads: 2)
RPGMaker XP    ->  
.zip   RMXP (Size: 286.32 KB / Downloads: 5)

The demo consists of four simple maps:
  • The intro screen before the cutscene examples are shown
  • *CUTSCENE: A simple opening monologue that may seem familiar
  • *CUTSCENE: A cheap bit of dialog between to NPCs
  • The end
Of the two Cutscenes in the demo, each has only two events.  One event controls the actions that are occurring between NPCs, music, sound, and so forth.  But the other performs a test to see if the player pressed any key to skip the action.  An example of the player-skipping event code is shown below:

Engine dependent on command names
@>Key Input Processing: [0001]
@>Conditional Branch: Variable [0001] != 0
      @>Play SE: (OFF), 100, 100,  50
      @>Erase Picture: 1
      @> Control Variables: [0001] = 0
      @> Transfer Player: [0003:CUTSCENE TWO] (007,090), Retain
  :    Branch End

The first event in this list is the Key Processing command that checks to see if the player pressed any key. Any result is thrown into an RPGMaker Game Variable, in this case it is 0001 or Game Variable #1.

And following that a second event...  a Conditional Branch that reads the value of Game Variable #1. The Conditional Branch does have some content within, but it only executes if Game Variable #1 is not equal to 0.   And all of the content within are events that turn off music, erase pictures, resets variables and move the player to another map.  Simple.

It is actually, very simple to employ.

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