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 ACBS - Atoa Custom Battle System and TP System
Hello? It's mid-October, winter is coming soon.:Shocked
I know the site has been hacked and very busy, but I'm here to ask for help with a question.
(English is not my native language, so I used a translator. I'm studying English now, but well... I don't trust my English yet...:Sweat :Sweat)

Do you know the TP system?
Yes, I would love to use the Atoa Custom Battle System and MOG's TP together!

ACBS - Atoa Custom Battle System (
MOG's TP (

Also, I wish all my member friends good health.
In the cold weather, please keep yourself warm so as not to catch a cold.
:Grinning :Grinning
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Well, it's not a TRUE TP system. I guess Mog is using the name.

The TRUE tactical points system originating in the Final Fantasy series garnered you TP points from being hurt/hit by an opponent, much like some Limit Break scripts. However, you didn't need the so-called bar filled. Only that the TP points you have are enough for a skill that uses TP.

"Here endeth the lesson" - John Malone (Sean Connery - The Untouchables)

HOWEVER, you want THIS script, which IMHO allows separation of the old SP (skill points) into MP (for magic) and ... TP (for physical skills).

This... Well, Mog was never the CLEANEST scripter. But I have enough knowledge of both Moggy and Victor to know what I'm doing.... or just to be dangerous.

FIRST, paste the MOGHUNTER's script below his system as you would any other.
Then paste the ATOA/MOGGY PATCH within the spoiler below Mog's script. It replaces methods used within both scripts.

Now THAT... actually performs your absolute minimum requirements.

I know you will say "Hey, what about the ACBS battle screen. Yep, the MOG system returns the Battlestatus window back to a basic default system, so.... I did a little more work.

At the very top of his system, you will see « Additional Scripts », and the scripts in question are the Add | Battle Windows and Add | HP SP Meters scripts. They define your HP and SP bars and the stats positioning within the battlesystem display. ERASE THEM AND REPLACE THEM WITH THESE!!!! AND YES, ABOVE THE REST OF THE BATTLESYSTEM JUST THE SAME!!!


You're NOT DONE YET THOUGH. The Moghunter script will still override the ACBS code unless you remove the Window_Base code in Moggy's script (lines roughly 266-308). They would overwrite the above replacement changes.

Oh, and I used the same HPBar for the TP bar... You can change that in the config.

As to any adjustments to make to basic windows like the Main Menu and Status window... just a case of fiddling around with the Y positions... you should be able to take it from there.
Up is down, left is right and sideways is straight ahead. - Cord "Circle of Iron", 1978 (written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn... really...)
[Image: QrnbKlx.jpg]
[Image: sGz1ErF.png] [Image: liM4ikn.png] [Image: fdzKgZA.png] [Image: sj0H81z.png]
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Above are clickable links

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I've never done the Final Fantasy series. LOL
I've seen it on the Final Fantasy Series Steam. I should try that famous game someday.
Come to think of it, the site seems to have been restored, thank you for your hard work. Bad hackers.

Moving on, I was thinking of slowly modifying the ACBS screen myself, but thank you for your help.
Yes, as a result of just checking, it seems to work well without conflict.
I received so much help from DerVulfman. Thank you for always responding kindly and helping me.  Blushing + Cheery Blushing + Cheery Very cheery Blushing + Cheery Very cheery
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