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 A Disney Troll
Trust me guys, I didn't come up with this.
I got this from a youtube video recounting pen-n-paper RPG stories.
Unfortunately, no names were attributed.

A Disney Troll

My first DM, a year after ending our campaign due to getting married and moving away, invited us to come do a campaign he was running to get his wife into the game.

We had to make characters inspired by Disney stuff because she loved Disney. I really DO NO LIKE paying spell-heavy characters (too much stuff to keep track of) but he basically strong-armed me into playing a Merfolk Wizard, a la Ariel.

I was really miffed about it, so I decided to troll him.

Session 1, my character is introduced. She comes falling out of a barrel with her familiar... a parrot. They ask her name. And in real life, I pull an actual parrot 'finger puppet' out of my pocket, wave it in front of him and go "RAWK! THIS IS (ARIEL)! SHE CAN'T SPEAK. RAWK!!"


I intentionally made my character mute. I would have to talk through the parrot to communicate. A loud, obnoxious, RAWKing parrot. He huffed about needing speech to cast magic. So, I silently slid my character sheet over, pointing to my special Feat. It was Silent Spell.

All the color drained from his face.

He rewrote the first session on the spot to the party finding a way to cure my muteness (much like Ariel, it was the result of a shell-based curse).

The real lesson here is, don't make your players play things they don't want to, or risk getting trolled.
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