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 SkopeMenu XP
SkopeMenu XP
Version 0.10.0

by Kyonides


Did you ever want to be able to change a skill's scope on the fly? Thinking
Now you can easily do that! Grinning
Well, it is not that straightforward as you might have thought. Laughing

Once you get a new Skill Scope Recipe, it will show up as just another item in the Item Menu.
If you pick that item, it will automatically open the Party's Recipes Menu.
Happy with a sweat Just take a look at the DB I have provided you in my demo to get an idea of how that works in game.


This is how you can create a brand new Skill Scope Recipe.

# - Add New Skill Scope Recipe! - It will be unique.
#  You can create several Recipes for the Same Skill as well.
  # List of Parameters:
  #  - SkillID
  #  - Price
  #  - SP Cost
# skill = Skope.skill(SkillID, Price, SP Cost)

# - Add a List of Scopes - Please keep them sorted!
# skill.set_scopes(Scope1, etc.)

# - Send it to a specific Container: :party or :system
#  Party's Container  - Active Recipes
#  System's Container - Purchasable Recipes
# skill.send2(Container)

Script Settings

Keep in mind that it includes the SKILL_ITEM_ID Constant because you need to tell the script which item will be added to your party's item bag automatically. This happens every single time you get a new recipe by sending it to your Party's Recipe Container, i.e.


If you need to read a full fledged example of the creation of a Skill Scope Recipe, take a look at the elvish girl Slarvianna, the recipe expert's event where you can find 3 script calls dealing with it.

The Constants

module Skope
  BACKDROP = "bluesmoke640"
  HEADING = "Skill Scope Recipes"

  module SkillText
    SCOPES = [] # <-- Leave it alone!
    SCOPES[0] = "None"
    SCOPES[1] = "One Enemy"
    SCOPES[2] = "All Enemies"
    SCOPES[3] = "One Ally"
    SCOPES[4] = "All Allies"
    SCOPES[5] = "One Dead Ally"
    SCOPES[6] = "All Dead Allies"
    SCOPES[7] = "User"
# Many lines of code here

To Do List

Creating a custom Skope::ShopMenu. Happy with a sweat
Improving the Skope::Menu GUI. Tongue sticking out

Terms & Conditions

Free for Use in Any Game.
Include my Nickname in your Game Credits.
Don't adopt any stray cats or sleeping Melanas. Tongue sticking out
That's it!
"For God has not destined us for wrath, but for obtaining salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ," 1 Thessalonians 5:9


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Just some scripts I've already published on the board...
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