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BLACKJACK (XP and VX editions)
RPGMaker XP and VX editions
[Image: 1024px-BlackJack6.jpg]

A simple card game... you try to have a better hand than the other players, especially the dealer, without the cards in your hand totaling more than 21.

An evented system that only displays card values, there are no custom graphics applied.  No actual cards to see, but only reading what the values of the cards add to.  You will not see card suits, nor deal with effects like 'naturals' nor being able to 'push' the game were you and the dealer tie.

But the very basics is evented and sound.

AND.. available for RPGMaker XP and VX

For RPGMaker XP: 
.zip   Blackjack (Size: 922.31 KB / Downloads: 3)
For RPGMaker VX:  
.zip   Blackjack (Size: 242.63 KB / Downloads: 0)
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