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 Skill Leveling
Skill Leveling
Version: 1.2

You tired of having to go and learn a new spell/skill after your old skill just got too small and weak to use on your new enemies? Well, you have always been able to level up. Now, your skills can too.

This system is a decently remastered version of Claihm's Skill Update system that allows each character's skills to gain in experience from use... essentially, becoming more powerful as you and the skills go on.

  • Individual levels per each skill available
  • Can show a level stat for each skill
  • Can have 'custom skill names' for each skill level
  • Can have 'custom skill icons' for each skill level
  • Lower SP cost per skill level
  • Increased Power and To Hit chance per level
  • Level-Up Popup window option
  • Script calls to read spell data
  • Script calls to increase and/or decrease skill level


Skill Leveling
*The script is a .txt file with a .doc extension.

The instructions are in the script above, and I wrote a heckuva lot in there.

Designed for RGSS/RPGMaker XP.

Credits and Thanks
Basic credit goes to Claihm for the very basics, but was easy to learn afterwards. So damn easy. Made a few adjustments and shortcuts thereafter.

Terms and Conditions
Free for personal and commercial use. Only caveat is due credit.
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Ah, awesome script DerVVulfman. I've been looking for something like this for a long time.

I have a simple question to ask, though. (I hope) How do I check the level of an actor's skill in branch conditioning or in another script?
ie. if Aluxes' Cross Cut is level 8, then... blahblahblah

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Ah... Well there are some things I want to add and fix. Cheery

:cheery: I bet ya liked being able to have custom names for each level.
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DerVVulfman Wrote:Ah... Well there are some things I want to add and fix. Cheery

:cheery: I bet ya liked being able to have custom names for each level.

Ouch, not a feature then, yet? Hah, well lookin' forward to the forthcoming updates!

And yes, that custom names feature really sets it apart from the others. It's ... beautiful! Très beaux!

As for features... hmm... maybe an option to change the skill's icon as it levels up?
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Icons were part of the plan. :)

Which now requires...
To version 1.2

Besides the icons I planned, I fixed a feature to 'decrease' a skill's level. Oh, and the script (now a .doc file as a download link) sports instructions for 'script calls' so you can read skill info.
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Nice script DerVVulfman! The best part is that about everything is customizable.
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How come I haven't noticed this thread befor? It sound's verry much like what I've been looking for ^^
I'll definitly try this out as soon as I have some time. (And I'm looking forward to what Helel suggested, since I'd also like that feature.)
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Oh, ah... like I said: "sports instructions for 'script calls' so you can read skill info."

Or at least, I think I put it in there already...
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Not that one, I was talking abot the Conditonal branch Thing.
If Skill X reaches Level Y then...
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Oh, well. That's a map event call. You need to access the skill level by making a script call like this:
p $game_actors[1].skill_level[57]

What you will do first is set an RMXP variable (like variable 0001) to the skill level like this:
$game_variables[1] =

After that, you can then use your conditional branch. :cheery:
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