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 Elena Silverbane - The untitled game returns! (some mature contest)
I was going to upload this two days ago, but then things came up. This is the completed version of my "game in a week" project. It now also goes under the title "Elena Silverbane"... until I can come up with a more creative title... if I ever do. Oh well, enough about that.

[Image: title2c.png]

About the game:

This game is a kind of Visual Novel inspired RPG with a fantasy/norse mythology setting. A lot of ripped material is used and the story is obviously pretty short since it's a two-week project (save the extras that were added later on). The game has mild suggestive themes and blood, and it takes about two hours to play through the story. The bonus dungeon and secret bonus scene adds at least another hour or so to the game's length.


Because of a ritual performed by her father, Elena Silverbane's sister has been sent to Helheim - the dark and cold world where the souls of sinners suffer eternally. After being banished from her homeland, Elena makes a deal with Hel - the ruler of Helheim - in order to save her sister's soul. She is to face three difficult trials in order to set her sister free.


[Image: elenav.png]

Name: Elena

The daughter of a powerhungry duke who revolted against the king. After her father was defeated by the king's men, Elena was banished from the country. She is a tough and steady fighter.

[Image: ralphy.png]

Name: Ralph

A pretty easygoing guy who decided to tag along after Elena saved both him and his hometown from the feared black knight. His strength in battle lies in exploiting enemy weaknesses and the use of support magic.

[Image: lisak.png]

Name: Lisa

A temple maiden from the "order of the valkyrie". Has a generally positive attitude. Is the master of magic in battle, with both offensive and defensive spells.


Content Hidden

Battle system:

The game uses Charlie Fleed's FFX CBS. The numbers (damage/HP) are a lot lower than in your average game, and the game puts pretty much focus on elemental weaknesses. You also do not use any items in battle. In order to heal, you have to rely completely on the character skills. As for restoring SP, you can do so by defending ( 50% will be restored ).

The weapon and armour for each character will be the same trough the whole game, but you can equip up to 3 charms with various effects in order to power up/customize your characters. Elemental and status resistance that certain charms can grant you can play a big role later in the game. For those who seek a challenge, there is a bonus dungeon that can be accessed after getting the game's good ending.


Download link:

Download Game

Requires RTP:

Download RTP



Charlie Fleed

Skye Fortress

Mr. Bubble


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Update; I fixed a few more grammatical errors that I found, plus a bit more balancing... and added the possibility to level up before the final battle, plus added a few more skills to each character. I recommend downloading the game again if you've started playing. Just transfer the savedata.

The game is now officially finished FOR REAL! =P
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T_T I downloaded yesterday
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(03-02-2011, 05:09 PM)MetalRenard Wrote: T_T I downloaded yesterday
Sorry. xD

You should be able to just transfer the data over though. If your level isn't too high, then you should still get all the new skills I added since you get those at like... level 9-16. And most of the balance-changes were done for the later battles ( mostly for the bonus dungeon which I've added ). So yeah. It shouldn't be a big deal if you just transfer the data. =P
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wow is this a full game? looks pretty interesting :)

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