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 The Most Stupidest Game Ever - Reduh
The Most Stupidest Game Ever - Reduh
by Secef

Convicted felon Herbert a.k.a. Doug is finally released from jail. As he's picking up the pieces of his life, he is thrust into a grand and wacky adventure.


If you need the RM2K fonts...(>DOWNLOAD ME TOO<)

Solorfrog Wrote:This game is basically one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time! Period! This had me laughing all night, even AFTER I turned it off!

The game starts out with the main guy in prison after an "incident" involving a cat and a lawnmower. He then gets released and goes out into the world........ to find his house is being auctioned off! Later next day, he goes to beat up the priest who bought his house and take it back by force....... but the priest is a crazy Kung Foo guy and the main character is forced to go on an adventure to find others who are willing to help him get his house back.

The engine is the standard RM2K engine of turn based battles, but sometimes, there are special turn based battles that look a lot better.

Basically, this should be on the top of your download list, along with Chimera Report.
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