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 DerVV's Quickie Enemy Info Chance
DerVV's Quickie Enemy Info Chance
Version: 1.0

This lets you begin your own custom bestiary scan book where enemies start with nothing known about them except their picture/battler (not even their name)... and you have to keep battling them to fill their stats.

Not really a feature driven script. It's really designed for scripters to create their own bestiary or scan system.


Hold the pickles.

"It's actually in here!!!"

This is really for scripters to make use. Sure, you can plug it into your game and run an event that draws up an ugly popup menu (really). But this is primarily for those who want to create a bestiary that doesn't give EVERYTHING away at one time.

Well, I wrote this in about 30 minutes on RPGMaker XP. The primary data classes are new. I leave it to scripters in other ruby languages to adapt it to their engine. But I left in a good number of notes they should be able to follow.

Credits and Thanks
Actually... Taylor. He got me thinking about it this week.

Terms and Conditions
Due credit. It's fine enough to use in a commercial project. Heck, it's only a barebone skeleton of what's needed to do what it's made to do. Not even a windows or monster/paging/selecting option.
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