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 Ancient RM2K Isometric Engines?
Found this while dusting off and archiving a lot of old stuff....
I have a LOT OF old old RMXP scripts and items so... here goes.

Before there was MCG, before there was Gubid, there was.... Isometricos Demos by Thanatos.

Made in RM2K, but if you run them, you'll get an idea of where they were going with their idea, and plus, there IS a version for XP that appears to be a event based/common event based isometric system. However, I think it was put together with the ancient RGSS100J.dll which may have been the illegal version. Just update with the correct DLL, and take a look, it's actually kind of simple!

Anyways I'm posting my dropbox link here for you.
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Actually, he seems to go by Tanatos or TanatosMaker. Winking He's a Brazillian game maker whom I found in a few sites, beginning with an old Portuguese site for the demo above (translations of the demo description below), and he is STILL active with RPGMaker VXAce at his own page.

Creator: TanatosMaker.
Platform: Rm2k/Rm2k3, RmXP
Version: Engines for use.

About the system:
First of all this is NOT a 3D gaming system.
I advise you not to comment without reading the topic.

The system was well updated, now you have the limit of 7 npcs on the screen can make them characters or map objects and even more, now there is system level ground (height), being compatible with leap system.

This system although advanced the way it was done is very simple, through some calculations with "multiplication", coordinates and position of pictures by variables it was possible to create an Isometric system without using any fork.
The system follows exactly the position of the original map, the system itself is old, but there were many forks (never released), the new version was based on the French Isometric system "MG Caladtogel", the same creator of the three versions of Mode7 for RmXP.

System Information:
There are 4 versions:
One with normal size, to mount Snes-style games made in Rm2k / 3.
One with double the size, to assemble games with great personages and full of details done in Rm2k / 3.
A normal size feat with more movement systems based on SuperMarioRpg done in Rm2k / 3.
And finally an equal to them only that remade in the RmXP.

The download will have the following files:
Isometric [NormalSize] (Open-Code)
Isometric [DoubleSize] (Open-Code)
SMRPG in Rpgmaker (Off-Code)
RMXP Isometric (Open-Code)

[Image: isometric02.png][Image: isometric04.png]

Common questions:
Q: "Is it for RpgMakerXp or VX?"
A: The system is made by events, so it obviously works.

Q: "Will you have a tutorial?"
A: Probably not.

Q: "Can I take the jump system?"
A: -Yes, you can easily remove this option.

Due to the nature of the demos, this thread has been moved into the Scripts Database.
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