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 HiddenChest RGSS Player Executable
Version 1.1.69
Yes, it is here for you to play with it!

List of Recent Changes
  • Re-enabled Input.repeat? for Mouse Clicks.
    You can also use these shortcuts Input.repeat_left_click? and Input.repeat_right_click?
  • Added a 3rd Framebuffer.
    The reasons that moved me in this direction are simple: to prevent the engine from drawing everything way too fast and see if it can prevent the screen from going black after toggling Fullscreen Mode.

  • Raised Maximum Frame Rate to 140. (Previous Limit: 120)
  • Centered Window in Windowed Mode After Leaving Fullscreen Mode.
  • Updated KSoundFontMenu series, ClickableWindow XP & ACE.

In the last week I was able to read on the title bar that HC could even run quite fast, even up to 2500 frames per second. Shocked
But there is a chance that was a momentary misrepresentation of its actual drawing speed. Happy with a sweat


I had to revert 1 of the changes because a certain forumer Dog reported some issues that might have been linked to the graphics card not accepting to work on 3 framebuffers simultaneously. Add to this that I had wrongly labeled NAME and FAMILY_NAME as Linux on the Windows port. Happy with a sweat

The binary executables have been updated on all available platforms!
"For God has not destined us for wrath, but for obtaining salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ," 1 Thessalonians 5:9


The Internet might be either your friend or enemy. It just depends on whether or not she has a bad hair day.

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[Image: SP1-Writer.png]
[Image: SP1-Poet.png]
[Image: SP1-PixelArtist.png]
[Image: SP1-Reporter.png]

My Original Stories (available in English and Spanish)

List of Compiled Binary Executables I have published...
HiddenChest & Roole

Give me a free copy of your completed game if you include at least 3 of my scripts! Laughing + Tongue sticking out

Just some scripts I've already published on the board...
KyoGemBoost XP VX & ACE, RandomEnkounters XP, KSkillShop XP, Kolloseum States XP, KEvents XP, KScenario XP & Gosu, KyoPrizeShop XP Mangostan, Kuests XP, KyoDiscounts XP VX, ACE & MV, KChest XP VX & ACE 2016, KTelePort XP, KSkillMax XP & VX & ACE, Gem Roulette XP VX & VX Ace, KRespawnPoint XP, VX & VX Ace, GiveAway XP VX & ACE, Klearance XP VX & ACE, KUnits XP VX, ACE & Gosu 2017, KLevel XP, KRumors XP & ACE, KMonsterPals XP VX & ACE, KStatsRefill XP VX & ACE, KLotto XP VX & ACE, KItemDesc XP & VX, KPocket XP & VX, OpenChest XP VX & ACE
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