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CLOTHING: Pants and Skirts

Here, you should be able to find lower garments for the player, covering the lower torso and legs for the most part. I cannot say how short someone makes a pair of shorts.

Recommended folder path:
{Stylename}\Clothing - Lower

[Image: BackToTop.png]


[Image: T-F-Pants01%20-%20Denim_DerVV.png] [Image: T-M-Pants01%20-%20Denim_DerVV.png]
Pants 01 - Denim - DerVVulfman

Shorts / Cut-offs

[Image: T-F-Shorts01-DerVV.png] [Image: T-M-Shorts01-DerVV.png] [Image: T-F-Shorts01%20-%20Denim-w-Fringe_DerVV.png] [Image: T-M-Shorts01%20-%20Denim-w-Fringe_DerVV.png]
Shorts 01 - Denim - DerVVulfman
Shorts 02 - Denim with frayed edges

Long Skirts

Short Skirts

[Image: T-F-Skirt01-DerVV.png]
Skirt 01 - Basic - DerVVulfman
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ARMOR: Full Suit

Rarely is a warrior so resplendent than when they wear armor so well crafted and made just for him or her. Here, you will find a complete collection of armor pieces that fit perfectly together and made to be worn as one.

Recommended folder path:
{Stylename}\Armor - Suit

[Image: BackToTop.png]

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ARMOR: Shirt, Hauberk or Breastplate
Your hero may need something better than a piece of cloth to protect them from an orc's blade or the razor sharp claws of a griffon. So here, you may find breastplates of hardened leather or steel or a shirt of mithril chain so fine.

Recommended folder path:
{Stylename}\Armor - Upper

[Image: BackToTop.png]

Chainmail - Basic

[Image: T-Armor01-Chain-Basic-DerVV.png] A hauberk, or shirt mail (interlinked rings of metal) that can be pulled over the head and shoulders.
Armor 01 - Chainmail Basic - Vest - DerVVulfman
Armor 02 - Chainmail Basic - Long Sleeve Shirt - DerVVulfman
Armor 03 - Chainmail Basic - Short Sleeve Shirt - DerVVulfman
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ARMOR: Paldrons or Bracers

Your hero's sword-arm is an area that may become an area to attack, so it may be good to have it protected. So this would be a place to find some armor to protect one's arms or shoulders.

Recommended folder path:
{Stylename}\Armor - Arms

[Image: BackToTop.png]

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ARMOR: Battle-Skirt, Greaves or Leggings

Within this area, you will find the armor that would cover your hero's legs, whether it be a mere battle-skirt as work by the Spartans of Greece, leather greeves to protect a biker or horse rider, or heavy plate for a would-be knight.

Recommended folder path:
        {Stylename}\Armor - Lower

[Image: BackToTop.png]

Chainmail - Full Pants

[Image: T-F-Armor04-Chain-Pants-Belted-DerVV.png] A complete lower armor garment, these pants or leggings of mail protect the entire lower body except the feet as any other pants. They are held up typically by belts around the waist or over the shoulders (as suspenders).
Armor 04 - Chainmail Belted Pants - DerVVulfman
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ARMOR: Coat of Arms or Tapard

This is basically a form of overcoat that is worn over the hero's armor to define his or her allegiance to a lord or master. It is not armor in any actual respect, but something that may be used while armor is adorned.

Recommended folder path:
        {Stylename}\Armor - Coat

[Image: BackToTop.png]

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Belts and Sashes

Whether something to hold up your pants, or a decoration commemorating an honor bestowed, this is something worn over

Recommended folder path:

[Image: BackToTop.png]

The Obi (or kimono sash/belt).

[Image: T-F-ObiFukuro01-DerVV.png] Tied in the back in the tateya musabi style.

[Image: T-F-ObiPlainKnot01-DerVV.png] A mere basic knot in the front

[Image: T-F-ObiPlainWrap01-DerVV.png]Wrapped and tucked under itself
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FOOTWEAR: Shoes or Boots

Okay, you gotta start somewhere, and these are basic brown boots that fit males fine and females... not so well.

Recommended folder path:

[Image: BackToTop.png]

[Image: T-F-Boots-Base_DerVV.png] [Image: T-M-Boots-Base_DerVV.png]
Boots 01 - Base - DerVVulfman
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HANDWEAR: Gloves or Gauntlets

Are your hero's fingers delicate enough to warrant protection?  Here one would find items both soft and delicate or hard and rigid to protect one's hands.

Recommended folder path:

[Image: BackToTop.png]

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HEADWEAR: Hats or Helms

Here, we have resources meant for the head, be they hats, helmets or the like.
* The blue skin 'skullcap' was originally part of the original template, possibly to show hairlines.

Recommended folder path:

[Image: BackToTop.png]


[Image: T-M-Skullcap%20-%20Blue_DerVV.png] Blue Skullcap: Used to show hairlines or the like


[Image: T-Helmet%20-%20Templar%20Helm%20-%20DerVV.png] Templar Knight Helm: A cylindrical basic style

[Image: T-Helmet%20-%20Nasal%20Helm%20-%20DerVV.png] Nasal Helm: A basic bowl-shape with a nose guard

[Image: T-Helmet%20-%20Viking%20Helm%20-%20DerVV.png] Viking Helm: A basic bowl-shape with a mask protecting the eyes

[Image: T-Helmet%20-%20Barbute%20Helm%20-%20DerVV.png] Barbute Helm: A full helm where the face is revealed but still guarded


[Image: T-Coif01-Chain-DerVV.png] Coif: A flexible armored hood, typically chainmail in nature but not necessarily.


[Image: T-Hat%20-%20Bonnet01%20-%20DerVV.png] Bonnet: A cloth cap or hat


[Image: T-Hair-09-CoyoteCraft.png] Headband - For Hair-09 by CoyoteCraft
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