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CLOTHING: Coats or Cloaks

Within this area, you will find garments that may be seen worn over any other clothing or armor your hero may have. This may be as simple as a jacket to keep one warm while walking in snow-covered lands or a heavy coat or cloak to hide their appearance.

Recommended folder path:
{Stylename}\Clothing - Outerwear

[Image: BackToTop.png]

Up is down, left is right and sideways is straight ahead. - Cord "Circle of Iron", 1978 (written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn... really...)
[Image: QrnbKlx.jpg]

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WEAPONS: Primary

Here, you will find the fun things that an adventurer may use to keep those pesky monsters and enemies at bay. It may be as simple as a pointy stick, or as lethal and spectacular as a energy bolt thrower or particle-energy blade.

Recommended folder path:

[Image: BackToTop.png]

These are limited color graphic sprites meant to give ideas for upcoming artists to craft around.
[Image: T-Axe-Base_DerVV.png] [Image: T-Dagger-Base_DerVV.png] [Image: T-Gun-Base_DerVV.png] [Image: T-Longbow-Base_DerVV.png] [Image: T-Shortbow-Base_DerVV.png] [Image: T-Spear-Base_DerVV.png]

Your typical hero's favorite cutlery.  Got a problem?  Hack it.
[Image: T-Sword-Base_DerVV.png] [Image: T-Sword2-Base_DerVV.png] [Image: T-Sword3-Base_DerVV.png] [Image: T-Sword4-Base_DerVV.png]

Long Guns
Rifles, Shotguns, Muskets... anything that basically has a long barrel.
[Image: T-Rifle-01-DerVV.png]

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WEAPONS: Off-Handed

Within this section, you will find graphics to let your hero appear to use handle a weapon in their off hand, typically their left hand.  Admittedly, this would be few and far between. But would help if you have a character that may be ambidextrous.

Recommended folder path:
        {Stylename}\Weapons Off

[Image: BackToTop.png]

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Here, we examine a bit of old-school defense.  Shields can cover the small buckler to the massive tower shield. They may be of wood, steel or whatever metal or material you see fit.

Recommended folder path:

[Image: BackToTop.png]

[Image: T-Shield-RndWood01-DerVV.png]
Round Wooden Shield 01 - Bronze Fixtures - DerVVulfman
Round Wooden Shield 01 - Steel Fixtures - DerVVulfman

[Image: T-Shield-Kite01-Steel-DerVV.png]
Kite Shield 01 - Steel - DerVVulfman

[Image: T-Shield-Kite02-Bronze-Holder.png]
Kite Shield 02 - Bronze Ornate - Holder

[Image: T-Shield-Tower01-Steel-DerVV.png]
Tower Shield 01 - Steel - DerVVulfman

[Image: T-Shield-Tower02-OrnateAmber-Holder.png]
Tower Shield 02 - Ornate Amber - Holder
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This section contains the odds and ends that would not fit any other category. Perhaps reading glasses, perhaps angel or devil wings, perhaps a comical cloud raining upon the character as if he/she is always out of luck.

Recommended folder path:

[Image: BackToTop.png]

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Those of you lucky enough to have your lives, take them with you. However, leave the limbs you’ve lost. They belong to me now.

Oh, it took some time to acquire it; the finest smiths, the finest Japanese steel, the patience to fold the metal two-hundred times. But now unveiled at the Save-Point foundry is a beautifully crafted Katana which is now readily available within the Half Kaiser Battler Project!

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1679]

Presented by lovely maiden learned in the ancient code of the Bushido, a kimono of daffodil and with an obi sash of the rose, we see that she is also skilled in the art of the sword.

This katana is as lethal as it is beautiful, an ivory bone handle with a thick violet ribbon wrap in the classic style, and an aged brass guard and pommel. It is the first of the curved bladed swords, but likely not to be the last.  And today, you can find this sword with its cousins within the Weapon Templates Section.

[Image: BackToTop.png]

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.gif   KatanaGirl.Gif (Size: 867.39 KB / Downloads: 94)
Up is down, left is right and sideways is straight ahead. - Cord "Circle of Iron", 1978 (written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn... really...)
[Image: QrnbKlx.jpg]

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Alright, lummox.  It's showtime!!!

While the smiths at the forgery have taken some time off, the textiles department and designers in the fashion department chose to take time to look at the outfits worn by some of our members.  And as a surprise, the classic bonnet worn by Remi-chan is now available for anyone to have in the Half Kaiser Battler Project's clothing store!

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1681]

This isn't a joke.  The bonnet worn by the game developer who was known for going 'ape' over some projects now has her hat as part of the headwear collection. A basic cloth cap with a simple band, the brim is little more than the same cloth but of a single ruffled layer.

And today, you can find this simple cap with other caps and helmets within the Headwear Templates Section.

[Image: BackToTop.png]

Attached Files
.png   Remi.png (Size: 2.83 KB / Downloads: 84)
Up is down, left is right and sideways is straight ahead. - Cord "Circle of Iron", 1978 (written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn... really...)
[Image: QrnbKlx.jpg]

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By chance, does anyone remember...?

(07-06-2021, 03:14 AM)DerVVulfman Wrote: Prepare yourself.  Action battlers have taken a new step.  Get ready to...


The John McClane Tank Top!

[Image: T-M-TankTop01_DerVV.png]
Um, he is kinda bald nowadays too, right?

... well, we have a new look for him.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1682]
Seriously, the gun isn't gonna help, Bruce.

Alas, he is now dressed as... a lass. While it may seem odd, the wardrobe department of Save-Point felt it was discriminatory that he was limited to just one set of attire. So now the fashionable dresses and knee-length skirt that the ladies may don, he may have too.

You will find the male apparel with the ladies within the CLOTHING: One Piece Section sections.

[Image: BackToTop.png]

Attached Files
.jpg   Bruce.jpg (Size: 23.9 KB / Downloads: 76)
Up is down, left is right and sideways is straight ahead. - Cord "Circle of Iron", 1978 (written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn... really...)
[Image: QrnbKlx.jpg]

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=1683]

What used to be the Accessories page is now the Belts and Sashes page.  And there is one style of Obi (or the kimono sash belt) is now available for the guys.  It is the Fukuro style with the large decorative knot... the other two styles will hopefully be added soon.

[Image: BackToTop.png]

Attached Files
.jpg   ManKimono.jpg (Size: 15.35 KB / Downloads: 62)
Up is down, left is right and sideways is straight ahead. - Cord "Circle of Iron", 1978 (written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn... really...)
[Image: QrnbKlx.jpg]

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=1685]

Behold, an actual rifle now makes its way into the Half Kaiser Battler Project.  A beautiful piece of work, but with a sever cost.  While it was always intended that the 49-pose template allow for the use and display of a rifle or crossbow users graphics, the existing animation cels for the rifle pose were not suitable for holding a rifle.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1686]

The original premise was to use the same graphic used for the bow animation.  However, the hand of the character would not be able to reach the trigger while the rifle butt appeared to be unsuitably lodged in the hero's elbow area.  The corrected sprite cels now have the rifle butt properly pressed to the hero's shoulder and have the hand reach forward to finger the rifle's trigger.

So with that, it required that all of the graphics needed to be re-worked to correct this issue and add an actual rifle/crossbow pose.

YES.  Every Single Graphic In The Entire Half Kaiser Battler Project Has Been Redone!

How much have they been redone?  GLAD YOU ASKED!

First, the 31st pose, the rifle pose, was clearly replaced... in every sheet. 

Second, the individual frames of each pose, was expanded from 145x130 pixels to 150x135 pixels... each!  This means the original sheets that were 580x6370px have now become 600x6615px in size.  FORTUNATELY, my Spriteset Converter (also available in the Tools board) was able to convert all the individual resources up to the new size parameters for me.  Like you'd see me do each one individually with Gimp? Puhleeze.  Still, it took a long time to convert them to the new size.

Third, all the filenames have been re-done, eliminating spaces and underlines and using only non-spaced dashes/hypens between words.  This makes it easier to acquire url links to resources as spaces are generally replaced with some %20 nonsense, and underlines... don't get me going.  No characters other than the dash, or alpha-numeric characters alone are now permitted.  Of course, the layout is still (Gender)(Type)(Type#)(Desc)(Color)(Artist).

And last,the 49th pose slot is now a dedicated "ARTIST SIGNATURE" slot.  So if you wondered who the artist was (even though their name is in each file), just look at the bottom right of every graphic to find their name and likely avatar.

This does mean that every graphic now uploaded are of the new format/layout and won't work with the earlier spritesheets... unless you use the same Spriteset Converter tool I used to add 5px more to the left border and 5 to the top of every animation frame/cel. Yes, you can do it yourself... but why bother when you can just re-acquire them here. Um... unless you made your own custom... I guess.

This thread will be undergoing a rework and revision process soon.  By that, comments and content will be stored in another development log spoiler while individual pages will be set aside for the resource content itself.

Meanwhile remember that you can contribute to the resources as well.

[Image: BackToTop.png]

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.png   unknown (3).png (Size: 17.28 KB / Downloads: 45)
.png   OOPS.png (Size: 1.27 KB / Downloads: 43)
Up is down, left is right and sideways is straight ahead. - Cord "Circle of Iron", 1978 (written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn... really...)
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