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Remi-chan's Neato Arty thread thing!
Because I am monstrously bad at naming threads allow me to clarify this is a thread for art I've made in the past. Though most of it will be quite recent!

I'll post one piece for now and add more later.

[Image: t6Xw7i1.png]
It's my OC Koko Spiral, ah~ not to worry, we'll see more of her later.

Close up of the face.
[Image: IQUm5hj.png]

Speed Draw
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Remi, Let me first emphasize I'm a newbie concerning art, still, I gotta ask you about this: is she sweating!? Shocked
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(02-10-2021, 05:46 AM)kyonides Wrote: Remi, Let me first emphasize I'm a newbie concerning art, still, I gotta ask you about this: is she sweating!? Shocked

Nah that was just an effect I was trying.

Though one of these two certainly might be!
[Image: EtCEi0xVgAEpHJD?format=jpg&name=large]

Again, have a close up.
[Image: EtCFAY-U0AE61ki?format=png&name=small]
Basically one of my friends proposed this ship which is very much a crackship, so because I'm a degenerate (and cool friend) I had clearly no choice but to do a proper drawing depicting Lilac being a little forward.

Who is Lilac, you may ask? One of the protagonists of my current game I'm working on.

Who is the other girl? Well, she doesn't have a name, but I do have a lot of info on her, while I could link you my book where i spend 30,000 words putting her in the focus of a metaphysically iffy story, I think it would be more eloquent to just make use of the content on one of my late night twitter shitposts.
[Image: EnWiw1NXcAYOY95?format=png&name=large]
I promise my next post will be less silly!
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Alright time for another one, did this just dismorning, actually.

Devil Behind the Pale Door
[Image: unknown.png]
Badass devilcat granny doing stuff!
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Grannycat? She's doing well for her age. I don't see any grey.

Is she big on L'Oréal Paris for those amber and walnut highlights? Winking
Up is down, left is right and sideways is straight ahead. - Cord "Circle of Iron", 1978 (written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn... really...)
[Image: QrnbKlx.jpg]

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(02-12-2021, 06:38 AM)DerVVulfman Wrote: Grannycat?  She's doing well for her age.  I don't see any grey.

Is she big on L'Oréal Paris for those amber and walnut highlights?  :wink:

Ah~ Well she looks about 23 because that's about when she acquired the powers of the Jade Tempest (you can see her hands sparking with it), a spectrum of demonic magic that manifests when mortal genes are turned into devil-genes, usually through some kind of spell that the mortal somehow survives. This also explains somewhat her alias of Devil Behind the Pale Door.

Any whom are genetically gifted with powers of the angelic, demonic or necropolitan cease aging immediately, as their bodies are tricked into thinking they are no longer a mortal.

Also as for her colors, she is named Tiramisa, based off the dish Tiramisu- her coloration was to reflect that. I dunno what L'Oreal Paris is. :0

Another piece then? Sure!

The Embodiment of Magic
[Image: K0mFjIu.png]
Done a few weeks back, this is a character named Sacreblu after she's gone through an ascension of sorts. Sacreblu is a bit of a strange culmination of a character. She started out as Blu, the aspect of magic, of the six aspects whom all oversaw elements of the universe (Magic, Life, Death, Form, Light and Night) she was by far the coldest and most calculated, but also suffered largely because of her own mistakes. Empowering the Galaxion Empire out of curiosity and then creating a much bigger problem than she intended, among other things. Suffice it to say she had become weary and disgusted at the audacity and endless pursuit of betterance mortals possessed. During the 314th Clash she was able to overcome her this disdain for mortals and stood up to her Father, Origin-- for the first time. She was sacrificed in a bid to amplify his own power, an act of Sacrelige.

However, thanks to the four wacky heroes who now stood between Origin and Blu combined, they were able to help Blu recover her consciousness, and before long expunge Origin from the new body the two had inhabited, from this day forward, she would be known as Sacreblu, which yes--- is the cheekiest fucking play on words I've ever done.

Now a creature of love and care, Sacreblu retains her more cruel cold self deep inside, and in a moment of rage, she unleashes it anew, showing the power of a Goddess who has been pushed to the edge for the last time.

Speed Draw
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Ah yes, the old, 'Sacre bleu!'
I need to tell my fiance about this, she'll have a giggle.
(context: She's French. I used to tease her by saying 'sacre bleu' all the time since it's not a real expression used by the French)

I like her clothes!
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Cheers, glad I could provide you and your fiance with some iota of entertainment!

Here's another one, not AS recent, but it comes with a special twist!

It's animated. :0

[Image: iQmvMCg.gif]

Svoli Mystralese doing the serious hand. Yes this was made frame-by-frame.

Speed Draw

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Finally, a blue cat girl! James Cameron, take notes! This is how they were to look in Avatar!
Up is down, left is right and sideways is straight ahead. - Cord "Circle of Iron", 1978 (written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn... really...)
[Image: QrnbKlx.jpg]

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She's a Russian Blue so it felt weird to not make her with a blueish tint, lmao.

Back to humies for a bit, another art piece derived from an in-game scene. Only unlike the devil behind the pale door and downpour of ember pieces... this one is in the currently playable build.

Justicaar of the Moon
[Image: soQX9iV.png]
It's another one in this blazay style I am trying to get better at, I always felt like cel-shading and softer lighting / diffusion shading could be united, so for me it's about striking that balance, which so far I'm far from mastering, but each new drawing teaches me a LOT.

The character herself is Lumi Fuzz, her first name is based on the fact she has a luminescent personality and appearance, she has a habit of brightening up the lives of those around her, and also her eyes glow with the luminescent sheen of the moon when she channels her ENNUI, Zen Naamah.

Her second name is based on two things, one is that she is a policewoman, so she is the Fuzz, but the other part is again, down to her personality, and also her weapon type... in that she summons fuzzy rabbits to assail her foes. Yes that is literally her projectile weapon.

Speed Draw
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