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 What's up, RMers?
Sorry to take so long to answer. Real life got in the way.

(04-29-2024, 01:23 PM)DerVVulfman Wrote: First, he said he deleted every script within his duplicate project except for yours and the default scripts. So no additional scripts should have been involved.

STILL, to narrow this down....

STEEL?   With the same said 'duplicate' project you used, go into its 'Data' folder, the one that contains all of the .rxdata files.

COPY a "Skills.rxdata" file from a blank project and PASTE it into the Data folder of your duplicate, thereby erasing and resetting your Scripts Database.  After doing that, you should have nothing in the Scripts database but your Default Scripts without chance of possible accidental corruption.

Then paste your currently set up copy of KSkillsEquip into your project.

This should give you the same result as you did when you eliminated every custom script as previously instructed unless something was tweaked within your default scripts.

If you find that the problem no longer exists with this method, then something was indeed wrong with your default scripts, something corrupted and altered.

If you find that the problem still exists, then it is indeed KSkillsEquip.

No ambiguity.

I followed the instruction and the problem persists.

(04-29-2024, 01:37 PM)kyonides Wrote: Those steps should be followed for certain, but I know it makes no sense to think that my script is causing that issue. Especially when the code doesn't alter the item consumption feature while using the direct or check system.


Just in case Wulfo's recommendation fails, and there is any possibility that KEquipSkills XP could be kind of permissive at the time that it performs the corresponding direct or check tasks, try this piece of code as a separate script.

class Game_Party
  def teach_item_skills?(item_id)
    return if item_number(item_id) == 0
    @actors.find {|actor| actor.teach_item_skills?(item_id) }

It's a slightly modified version of the same method already present in the main KEquipSkills script because it only adds this line of code:

return if item_number(item_id) == 0


You could also discard any external influence following a modified version of Wulfo's debugging methodology. Instead of starting eliminating scripts and all that stuff, you pick a copy of my demo, with default scripts untouched plus 2 KEquipSkills scripts plus Game INI Data Extractor and start adding your custom scripts one by one.

I placed the code below my copy of the script and the problem persists. So I did your second suggestion and I think the guilty party is Blizzard's Stormtronics Custom Menu System. Kind of amazing it took this long for this unholy behemoth of a script to cause trouble.
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Head-desk Thud The moment you said Blizzard...

The Unlimited Fogs script I posted in February was a result of a Blizzard script and another clashing for someone else.
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Stormtronics CMS is perhaps one of the first scripts i used in my project and I just found out it was updated in 2019.

...Eh, I think I'll pass. Trying new scripts in my project is akin to playing russian roulette with a 6-chambered pistol loaded with 5 bullets.
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Who ever told you there wasn't a sixth bullet as well? Tongue sticking out
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The reason? That's an easy one, it's supposed to make it a lot easier than ever before to cross compile it on Linux to make it run on Windows pretty much natively. Grinning It sounds great, in theory at least. Happy with a sweat
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