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 Need help better understanding of Battle Event
So I have been using RMXP for years now and experimenting with things really helps me get a better understanding of the engine. However the Battle Event under the Troops Tab on the database is probably the one thing I have trouble with understanding its depth. The Page is very similar to an Event on the map with a bunch of commands available to use. I don't really understand how the Span condition works and what the difference between Battle, Turn and Moment.

The reason I am asking this is because I want to try and make Boss Battles more exciting and has more depth and strategy involve rather than heal and spank. I'm sure its possible to create some kind of strategy for battles without involving script using the Battle Event but with little to no understanding on how it works, I won't be able to create more in depth battles. Some example I'd like to create is; If Boss is attacked by magic then responds instantly by Healing up. Any help would be appreciated thank you.
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The span defines how often the events on the specific page should run.

If you choose "Battle" it runs only once in the whole battle. With "Turn" only once in a turn and with "Moment" it runs endless as long as the conditions are met regardless of the turn or anything else.
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As an example for 'Battle', the the first EVENT in most of my 'Animated Battlers' demos runs on a condition of a switch called First Turn" is ON. When it is seen to be on, it runs the beginning dialog for my heroes and villains. When the dialog is done, I turn that switch OFF and you no longer get the dialog.

Then I have a second EVENT which runs on the the 'Battle' span for turn #2. On the 2nd turn, I have a bit more dialog encased in an IF..END block of code where Estelle pops up.
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