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 Battle: force specific actors move to go first
in my current project, there is a battle abillity "all for one" wich is supposed to be a "all attack at once" attack, doing high damage but disabling the other actors from moving for that round.

i managed to force via common event the other actors to not move, but that only works if the actor using the abillity (always the same actor, only that actor has that abillity) moves first. Otherwise the other actors are able to do a move before the common event, that forces them to not move, is triggered.

My question is, how do i enforce that this specific actor ALWAYS moves first and not in a (seemingly) random order?
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Are we talking about the search of a 'Combined Skills Attack' script? You select three actors to perform an attack, and the script recognizes the three and combines it into a single SUPER skill? ... all of these work on skills alone though...
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that might be one solution, but i was in this post more thinking of "first strike" kind of data for certain skills.

i just before i went to bed yesterday actually found a script called "first strike skills" and i got that to work just mere moments ago,  wich i found by another website, and it basically sets specific skills listed within the script to "always strike first". that combined with a "force action -> do nothing" event within the skill itself prevents the other  actors from moving. it may be unusual and a more complicated way arround, but i got it to work in the end xD 

thansk for offering me  help and a solution though! :D
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