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 Making Forest Maps with the Random Map Generator
MechanicalPen, you have NO IDEA how much problems you just saved me. Thank You! Although I have a question about it. Can we add more than one ground tile to like add hidden lakes and ponds both inside the forest path and in the forest trees so I can create small little grottos?

That's all it needs to be complete!

Thanks again, buddy!

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You sure can. I can try to do an updated demo with those features, but in the mean time, look at "Cave of Water" to figure out how you can use more that one wallset. FYI, you can make a completely passable wallset. The game doesn't care whether walls are walkable or not.
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I just wanna maybe make 1 type of each map so that other people as well as myself don't have to go through the same problems I am going through with this script. With this kind of script and having 1 of each map type (both indoor, and outside and underground and in the sky), this would be the ULTIMATE script for RPGXP. Thanks again, MechanicalPen! =)
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why do you want to have a forest automatically made? making a forest in rpg maker is like making a birdhouse in shop class. it's a right of passage.
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I have seen some games that have randomly generated dungeon maps, so you never truly have the same gameplay twice (or if you did, it was an anomoly). One such game was Diablo. The multiple levels were randomly put together.

However, I do find it takes some time for it to generate large random maps. So while I use this system, I only use it as a tool to make my dungeon passages and paste the maps into my project. Personally, I wouldn't use it for random maps 'in-game'.
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RPG Maker XP seems to choke on large maps anyways, due to event lag. And if you want a forest place, but not the SAME forest place every time, then you need this script. I've still been wanting to use this script along with LycanABS to make a sort of Azure Dreams clone.

Enough off topic, here is a demo with a forest path, and a road added. Couldn't figure out how to make water AND path to appear on the same map.
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Thanks, @MechanicalPen. Now, does anyone else know how to edit the tree trunk in order to attach it to the tree brush the random map produces?
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