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 Maps and screenshots thread
Last one before I post the complete town map, and the even bigger interconnected world map in the main AE thread. We have a casino tucked away between two waterfalls and its adjacent pump house. A skyscraper with penthouses and balconies. the three point building is another shopping center. There's some more construction, and a few other houses all at the top of the riverbed. 

[Image: WppOI4J.png]
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A bit cleaner cavern map...

So, as you may or may not know, due to some clever debating and goading, I started a mapping and game project using MV again, and tried different styles for a cavern-like environment. While some would simply use Galv's layers and call it a day, as I showed with one of my previous entries, I decided to try to convert what would have been doodads to the traditional tilemap decorating. 

I think I'm finally satisfied with how the floorplan comes together, with the architecture for the maps being relecated to only two pages of the TIleset, B and C respectively. This will free me to use either doodads or even the A1-A5 for floor decals, and C and D for extra bits, allowing me to focus on Yanfly's Grid Free Doodads for specific touches, and STILL use Galv's Layers if I want to try for a shadowing effect over the map as a whole. Floor texturing is simply a repeating parallax background with a blank tile for passability and a region tag for blocking and impassability. 

The map was created in PRG Maker MV.

Tile size: 48
Extra Tools used: Photoshop for Tileset crafting

Extra plugins planned: Yanfly's Grid Free Doodads, Galv's Layers

[Image: z7xSj9g.png]
[Image: 4jJFJ7.png]

Currently working on EPOCH OF RAVENS (MV)
Currently working on Jay Ray's Cool Tools (MV)
Currently working on Heavy is the Head (BAKIN)

[Image: y9YpPAL.png]
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Love the work you do, Jayray.

[Image: HUq8xZX.png]
[Image: RpspWYN.png]
[Image: ZJGurLk.png]
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That's a gorgeous tileset, do you have a bigger shot of that city?
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