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[Image: rDePbbr.gif]

Remember to check out the Template for Sumbitted Scripts.

Also available are the
SDK - Standard Development Kit*
and the

MACL - Methods and Class Library

* The SDK is a rewrite of many of the default classes, a module with scripting tools and a set of scripting standards. The SDK is aimed at the combatable issues of many scripts fighting over the same methods of the default classes.
SDK Team Members: Near Fantastica ? Fuso ? Wachunga ? Prexus ? Trickster ? SephirothSpawn

The index is clickable for immediate access to a given category
  • [Image: menusystem.png]If you want to have a new menu design, here's the place to look.
  • [Image: menusysadd.png]You have a new menu feature or something that changes an existing one?
  • [Image: battlesystem.png]You want a new battlesystem rather than the default? Come on over.
  • [Image: battlesysadd.png]If you're looking for something to tweak your existing battlesystem, come on in.
  • [Image: messagesystem.png]If the default message system doesn't appeal to you, try these features.
  • [Image: input.png]Systems that change the keyboard system or add new data entry features, try these.
  • [Image: hudbar.png]Want a new bargraph? Want a heads-up-display on the map? Come on in.
  • [Image: journal.png]If you want to be able to keep track of your adventure, a journal may help.
  • [Image: environment.png]You wanna affect the weather, daylight settings or whatnot? Try these.
  • [Image: storesinn.png]These include item shops, custom inns or other niceties
  • [Image: saveload.png]You want a new way to save and/or load your game? Come look here.
  • [Image: enemydev.png]Systems that change enemy behavior or stats go in here.
  • [Image: actordev.png]Features that change individual heroes belong here.
  • [Image: partydev.png]Things that affect the party as a whole are in here.
  • [Image: map.png]Systems that change the way the map moves or operates are in here.
  • [Image: movement.png]If you want your heroes to move faster, slower or other ways, come look here.
  • [Image: titlegameover.png]Systems that change the title screen as a whole are here
  • [Image: equipdev.png]Systems that affect your weapons and/or armor belong here
  • [Image: itemdev.png]Systems that affect items and how they are used are in here
  • [Image: skilldev.png]You want a new way for skills to work? This is the category to look.
  • [Image: mini-games.png]Some challenging games to spice up your RPG Adventure.
  • [Image: audioen.png]If you want a new way to tweak the audio in your system or have a new audio feature, look here.
  • [Image: videoen.png]Want some visual spice in your game, look here for new add ons.
  • [Image: systemen.png]Specialized enhancements not covered above for your gaming project.
  • [Image: compilationsets.png]Mainly demos... These contain multiple systems that work in tandem.
  • [Image: designtools.png]Systems that help in game development, like debugging scripts, are here.
  • [Image: other.png]Basically, everything else
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[Image: menusystem.png]
If you want to have a new menu design, here's the place to look.

Menu Systems: A-L

Buddy's CMS
buddysievers (April 29, 2012) -- Ver 3.0 Script only available --

Hi everyone, i decided to make an custom menu system because there is no one out there which have all the features which my has. Also i wanted to give the rm scene something back, after they helped me so much! It lets you choose between normal or icon command windows, choose the contents of the extra windows. (playtime,steps,progress and location name.), choose between a picture, a mapback, a blur effect or nothing as background, choose between facesets or actor spritesets in the menu and status scenes, and more.

Chrono Trigger CMS
by Raziel

A CMS that looks like the menu system in the videogame Chrono Trigger.

Face Menu VXA
SoulPour777 (February 28, 2014)

I noticed in VXA where the Menu Status is displayed when you open the menu. You can view what state you have, your hp, mp, actor's name and leve. I thought that's its pretty repetitive and unfair since they include Scene Status which is personally for each actor. So I thought of removing the other draw method and create a face only Menu.

Final Fantasy X-2 Custom Menu System
by Crucio (July 15, 2008)

This is basically a major edit of the menu system to make it look similar to that of the Final Fantasy X-2 menu. It overwrites all the menu scens etc.. rather than individually editing them so that it can all be contained in one script.

Ghost Interface Engine
by decibel (November 4th, 2008)

The Ghost Interface Engine gives the target project a pure new look. It animates the main menu(not submenus - not too creative to think about the sub-menus), animates the message box, and adds special transitions with a smooth moving cursor(rectangle or no rectangle).

Hearts of Iron 3 Menu Script
Tigurus Fay (December 7, 2011)

I made a quick menu. Which allows you to make presets to quickly go to a certain difficulty, scenario, bonus etc. These presets are still hand-made with conditional branches though.

Horror Menu Customizer
SoulPour777 (November 21, 2015)

Plugins that changes the graphical aesthetics of the default RMMV menu system.

Kanon's CMS
by Kanon (October 15th, 2008)

* Slide-in windows, which still 85%.
* HP/SP/EXP with bars included.
* Parameter with bars included.
* Command window and Player Stats window with Icons.
* Custom Sprite's movement by Constance.

KDescXtraLines ACE
by kyonides (February 7, 2023)

Did you ever feel the need to add more description lines to your hero's status?
Did you resize the screen?
Then this is the perfect scriptlet for you!

by kyonides (March 17, 2021)

I was bored of the original XP main menu so I made this one out of the blue. The demo also includes some script addon in case you have not been able to replace the rest of the menus.

KMenus XP
kyonides (March 14, 2016)

This is just another main menu script that only includes sprites instead of RMXP default windows to display all of the actors' information plus Current Location, Step Count and how much gold they currently have in their pockets on screen.

Kyrie Engine – Czarina SCMS (Custom Menu System)
SoulPour777 (February 27, 2014)

This is a simple custom menu system that uses SoulPour777′s Particle Movement Core Script and different customized menu scenes.

L's Custom Menu Scenes
by Landarma (POSTED: February 27th, 2009)

A small collection of my custom menu scene scripts. Including my old Simple CMS and new skill and status scenes.

L's Simple Custom Menu #2 VX version
by Landarma (March 2nd, 2008)

VX version of my Simple CMS #2('Retro') for XP.

L's Simple Main Menu #1
by Landarma

The first set of my 'Simple' main menu script. Basically it's edited DMS. Originally posted at

L's Simple Main Menu #2 - Retro-look
by Landarma

'Retro' I mean, it's intended to be a re-creation of RPG Tkool Dante98/PC main menu screen. Of course, it's not completely same as original. I just tried to make it similar. Originally for personal use, but after some time, I posted it on

L's Simple Main Menu #3 - 1-person
by Landarma

This is a menu for 1-person. Not so compact, but maybe useful for Action RPG. 'Variable' is for user-made value, like fame point, score, or in-game date, anything. Originally for someone else's game, but released for public, also posted on

L's Simple Main Menu VX - DMS Edit
by Landarma

This is VX version of my XP DMS Edit. Posted on March, 2008(rev1 was done at April 5th or 6th).

Legacy's 1-Man Custom Menu System
Legacy (November 7, 2012)

It's been awhile since I've released a script to the public, so here's my first public VX Ace script. This script was designed to bring RPG Maker VX Ace a system that could be integrated with games that only have a single active party member at one time.

Lycan Companion Icons
by DerVVulfman (August 9, 2023)

A silly little script... it lets you place icons within the traditional menu screens. Now, you will be able to determine if a companion is set to use only skills, if they are following close, or if they're a pet!

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[Image: menusystem.png]
If you want to have a new menu design, here's the place to look.

Menu Systems: M-Z

Menu á la Majo no Ie
SoulPour777 (February 27, 2014)

This script configures the menu and the item to be compatible for making good horror games.

by kyonides (November 17, 2023)

Do you need to block the player's ability to consume items?
Or do you hate the team and wish to make it suffer by blocking all skills just because?
Or perhaps you should prevent the player from equiping new gear at any specific moment...
If any of those things is true, then this scriptlet is for you!
Just configure the game switch ID's accordingly.

Menu In Map
DerVVulfman (April 5, 2011)

This script is a replacement for the RPGMaker XP's main menu for those who would like to access each menu function (Item, Skill, Equip) from defined hotkeys rather than accessing a main screen with the ESC key. These menu options are not separate menu entities like Scene_Item, but are part of the Scene_Map class and as such, the end user may let map events continue to run while up.

Moghunter Menus: Scene End Sakura
Posted DerVVulfman
by MogHunter

A 'revised' version of Moghunter's image-based end menu system, complete with optional animated backgrounds.

Moghunter Menus: Scene Equip Asuka
Posted DerVVulfman
by MogHunter

A 'revised' version of Moghunter's image-based equipment menu system, complete with optional animated backgrounds.

Moghunter Menus: Scene File Ayumi
Posted DerVVulfman
by MogHunter

A 'revised' version of Moghunter's image-based save/load menu system, complete with optional animated backgrounds.

Moghunter Menus: Scene Item Laura
Posted DerVVulfman
by MogHunter

A 'revised' version of Moghunter's image-based item menu system, complete with optional animated backgrounds and item grouping system.

Moghunter Menus: Scene Menu Itigo
Posted DerVVulfman
by MogHunter

A 'revised' version of Moghunter's image-based main menu system, complete with optional animated backgrounds.

Moghunter Menus: Scene Skill Nami
Posted DerVVulfman
by MogHunter

A 'revised' version of Moghunter's image-based skill menu system, complete with optional animated backgrounds.

Moghunter Menus: Scene Status Eva
Posted DerVVulfman
by MogHunter

A 'revised' version of Moghunter's image-based status menu screen, complete with optional animated backgrounds.

One-Player Menu
Tigurus Fay (August 18, 2011)

An edit of the default menu script. Designed for 1-player only.

Pentuni Menu System
by Olivia (August 22, 2009)

This is my first submitted CMS, it is a compact and attractive cms which uses slanted cogwheel bars by Syvkal, credit goes to him for the bars, not me.

ProjectMeLT XRXS
by XRXS (July 22, 2007)
Posted by JackMonty (April 16, 2013)

Firstly this is not my script! A friend of mine referred me to a handy script to enable a 5 to 6 character menu (as opposed to the standard 4 characters). I thought I would share it here as many many people here have helped me with scripting problems in the past.

Prussian Interface Engine (P.I.E)
Tigurus Fae (June 22, 2014)

This script changes a fair deal in menus and adds several features. First based off, of the "Ghost Interface Engine" by Decibel, I made my own menu with small *sort of* animations and the like Overhauled Item/Status/Equip and Skill menus, a Questlog, Hud and MiniMap.

Ring Menu VX
by Syvkal (June 23rd, 2008)

I made this quite a while ago, originally to show off my Bar Script.

Shadow Hearts Covenant Menu
by Mac (Jan 25, 2008)

Hey again...been a while, but i've come up with something for you guys....if any of you have played Shadow Hearts: Covenant then you will instantly recognise this...but basically i graphically designed and scripted the system for Atemu as a request and she said she'd be cool with sharing it with the here you go.

Soul Engine Ace – Basic Menu Plus
SoulPour777 (February 27, 2014)

Adds Icons to the ordinary Menu System.

Soul Liquid Menu
SoulPour777 (March 10, 2014)

Creates a small modification on your Menu and creates a basic wallpaper and updated scrolling images as background.

Soul Liquid Menu VX
SoulPour777 (March 10, 2014)

This is a port of my RMXP version of the Soul Liquid Menu.
Creates a small modification on your Menu and creates a basic wallpaper and updated scrolling images as background.

3 Actors Menu Theme
SoulPour777 (September 9, 2014)

This is a simple menu theme that allows you to use Slanted Bars, Battlers and fixed 3 Actors Menu Theme with a Help Bar to indicate which part of the Menu you are browsing.

TDS Lufia II - Rise of the Sinistrals Menu
by Archeia / Posted by PK8 (October 3rd, 2008)

This is a replication of the Lufia II - Rise of the Sinistrals Menu for VX.

Variable Image Menu
by Mac (Jan 25, 2008)

This was one of the menu requests i did, it was made for Kururu on her specifics and she has allowed it to be used for public use, so you guys are free to use, its nothing extraordinary but it does the job.

by kyonides (March 17, 2021)

This scriptlet allows you to distribute the main menu windows the same way the alternative plugin did in RMMV.

by computerwizoo7 (March 24, 2010)

This is my first CMS, its meant to be a simple CMS for small pac-man like or arcade games. well you can do it for oher stuff as well...

XaiL Redux Deluxe
DerVVulfman (April 20, 2016)

This is a revised and enhanced version of the XaiL main menu written by Nicke. Now available for RPGMaker XP, it recreates the main features of his menu system. Game developers can add new options into their main menu and toggle their availability based on game switches. And it can display an information stats window that can hold various pieces of game data at the game developer's discretion.

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[Image: menusysadd.png]
You have a new menu feature or something that changes an existing one?

Menu Add-Ons: A-Z

kyonides (October 29, 2015)

This plugin or javascript file with a bunch of lines of code adds the Enemy Book option to the main menu.

Advanced Enter Hero Name Window
by RPG Advocate (unknown date)

This script changes the Enter Hero Name window to allow for both English and Japanese input. It also changes the style to that of the newer Final Fantasy games.

Advanced Equip Window
by RPG Advocate (Date Unknown)

This window changes the Equip menu to look like the one in the images which are linked below. Increases in stats by equipping a weapon are shown in whatever color is returned by Window_Base#up_color (green by default). Decreases are shown in whatever color is returned by Window_Base#down_color (gray by default). The elemental and status attack/defense are shown below the stat increases. By default, these are shown in words, but could be easily converted to icons.

Alistor's Limit Menu: DVVLBS Add-on 1
by Alistor (March 26, 2007)

Based off the menu found in SephirothSpawn's Limit System, this allows a player to set the limit type for each and every character, as well view overdrive skills on a separate screen from the regular skills.

Animated Menu Wallpaper
SoulPour777 (November 5, 2015)

Note: The particle script part is all done by Mog first hand, so for clarifications, the script should still be credited to him, not mine.

Animated Scene Name Caliburn
SoulPour777 (December 18, 2015)

Plugins that adds new scenes and features that are not default in RMMV.

Arcade Game System
by computerwizoo7 (March 25, 2010)

Well, pretty much aliased the wizmenu with scene_map, thats all i did for wizmenu but i added a title screen script with options added to the command window. It features Custom images, Image effects/animation, Menu music and more.

BGM in Menu Script
by Raziel

Plays a bgm in theMenu screen.

Book of People
SoulPour777 (January 2, 2016)

Plugins that adds new scenes and features that are not default in RMMV.

Chapter Select
SoulPour777 (January 4, 2016)

Plugins that adds new scenes and features that are not default in RMMV.

Character Profile
SoulPour777 (November 28, 2015)

Plugins that adds new scenes and features that are not default in RMMV.

Character Select
SoulPour777 (December 20, 2015)

Plugins that adds new scenes and features that are not default in RMMV.

Control Panel
by Decibel (June 12th, 2008)

Inserts a control panel allowing RPG Maker VX users to easily change game settings.

Enhanced Details
xuroth (March 10, 2011)

This is my first script! This script allows you to show details for your Items, Weapons, Armors, and Skills. This is just a very basic system.

Extra ITEM for MOG Scene Item Laura
DerVVulfman (June 28, 2017)

The item script by Moghunter renders three different item categories, separating normal items from both weapons and armors. This patch allows you to create a fourth item group which one can use for special goods like 'Quest' items. Or this can be used as a model for would-be scripters who wish to make or modify the Moghunter Item script.

Grouping and Details
by DerVVulfman (January 15, 2006)

This system rewrites the Item and Skill and Equipment menus to subdivide them into smaller categories (Fire spells, Healing Spells, Limit Break skills... or Battle Items, Armor, Keys and Potions). This system also permits you to have an extra pop-up display that delivers MORE information on each item, which may include up to 7 additional lines of detailed information from an outside text file.

Item Icons Menu
SoulPour777 (November 25, 2015)

Plugins that changes or adds feature to the already default Menu interface of RMMV.

KSelectStats ACE
by kyonides (June 22, 2023)

There was an old scriptlet that would make you pick the stats you don't want to show up.
My script actually asks you to tell it which stats you want to show on screen on different menu scenes.

by kyonides (July 27, 2023)

There was a forumer that wanted to add some custom boxes that could replace the default, ugly, boring rectagle called the window cursor. Since I had already published the KToggleButtons scripts, it seemed to be a pretty easy request for a skillful guy like me. And here it is!

Kyrie Engine – Random Menu Background
SoulPour777 (February 27, 2014)

A certain create_background edit that allows you to have random menu backgrounds whenever you go to your menu.

Leidy's Ring Command Window
by DerVVulfman (March 27th, 2009)

This code allows you to use a newer 'Window_RingCommand' script instead of the default system's 'Window_Command', and by doing so, have a ring system of commands.

Map Safety Level
by Kyonides (December 29, 2022)

I have come up with a very simple scriptlet that will allow the game developers to show a simple map name window plus a brand new label telling the player how safe that map actually is. This window will be shown on the menu screen only.

Naramura Window System
posted by Xenres (October 24, 2010)
by Naramura

This system supports window and background transparency, so you can potentially set it up so that you can see the map through the menu.

Party Titles Orpheus
SoulPour777 (August 11, 2014)

This script is an extended description window wherein the developer can assign character titles that can be achieved my any of the actors in the party, or even party members that left the party already. This can also function as a way to set up user controlled achievements.

Profession/Offices Module EX-PLUS!
by mephistox (December 2nd, 2007)

This script allow the custom creation of a scene with differents windows, that shows differents atributes for the Profession/offices, thought this script not only have that limit, Its make to customize the fully possible of all the script, and you can make a lot of things with this.

Quick Keys
by Blazingamer (October 24th, 2007)

It's a quick keys script that when you press a number key it will bring up a scene from the menu. It's an easy just follow the instructions script that isn't all that complex.

Sarah's Configuration Screen
by DerVVulfman (January 5th, 2009)

This script is yet another configuration system as you would likely encounter everywhere in the RPGMaker series of forums. Not much would be different either, save for the fact this one is virtually plug-and-play and saves a configuration file rather than storing its values within a savegame.

Status Window Plus
by ParaDog
Posted by DerVVulfman (February 7, 2008)

This script alters the comprehensive STATUS screen to give a little more detail.

Soul Engine Ace – Soul Character Select EX
SoulPour777 (February 27, 2014)

This script allows you to select a character of choice. The script can be used via a script call. It allows the using of voice and cursor effects. Returning to map while in Scene is also available.

Soul Engine Ace – Status Faces
SoulPour777 (February 27, 2014)

This script changes the Actor’s Face depending on his/her HP and MP Status.

Story Book Ex
SoulPour777 (November 8, 2015)

Plugins that adds new scenes and features that are not default in RMMV.

Urd Animated Menu Cursor
SoulPour777 (November 14, 2015)

Plugins that changes or adds feature to the already default Menu interface of RMMV.

Victor Engine - Custom Descriptions
Victor Sant (January 11, 2012)

This script allows to change the descriptions for actors, items, equipment and skills during the game. The changes are stored on the save file, so it does not affect different saves.

Victor Engine - Direct Command
Victor Sant (August 4, 2012)

This script allows to set skills or items to be used directly when selecting the commands, so the skill or item selection menu won’t be opened. Useful to make commands with special effects, such as ‘Steal’.

Victor Engine - Trait Control
Victor Sant (January 13, 2012)

This script allows to a higher control over the traits. You can set traits to be active only if certain conditions are met or add and remove traits manually with comment calls.

Warped Movement for Window Selectable
by Zeriab (August 22th, 2007)

This is a mix-in module for windows subclassing designed to 'enhance' the arrow-key movement system used to select the item by creating warping. That is, if you are at the bottom and press down you will go up to the top in the next column. Like-wise for down, left and right.

by kyonides (02-06-2008)

This is just a very simple script that will let you know how many times you were victorious or if you were defeated very often, he, he, he. It will also tell you how many times your heroes escaped from battlefield like cowards he he he he.

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[Image: battlesystem.png]
You want a new battlesystem rather than the default? Come on over.

Battle Systems: A-Z

ACBS - Atoa Custom Battle System
by Atoa (March 11, 2009)

This is the ACBS, an 100% animated battle system that allows you to create battles of different styles having a very high level of customization. With this system you can make side view, front view or isometric battles. And all of it without changing one line in the core script.

Active Timer CBS
by Trickster ()

This script transforms the Group Turns Based Battle System (aka DBS) into a ATB Active Timer System.

Ar Tonelico Custom Battle System
by Kread-EX (April 16, 2010)

This is a complete battle system, close to the one used in the commercial Playstation 2 game Ar Tonelico ~Sekai no Owari de Utai Tsuzukeru Shoujo~. It provides a strong differentiation between regular fighters and magicians (Reyvateils) who basically charge their magic (Songs) then release it for great damage. Though this system is not a perfect clone, it follows the same logic.

Basic ATB
DoubleX (June 10, 2015)

Aids other scripters to learn how a basic atb system script can be written. A little RGSS3 scripting proficiency is needed to fully utilize this script.

Battle Engine Lotus
SoulPour777 (January 22, 2016)

Plugins that creates a new Battle System.

Charlie Fleed's CTB - Final Fantasy X like
by Charlie Fleed (September 20, 2007)

This is my custom FFX-like battle system. It comes along with my Skills Learning System and some graphics stuff, but you can easily get rid of the SLS by removing the corresponding script.

Conditional Turns CBS
by Trickster ()

This script transforms the Group Turns Based Battle System (aka DBS) into a CTB Condition Turns/Timer System.

CTB - Count Time Battle
by Cogwheel (December 8, 2004)

Uses the same custom scripts for the RTAB system designed by Cogwheel and includes the built In camera-zoom feature.

DoubleX RMMV Superlative ATB
by DoubleX (September 1, 2020)

This plugin aims to be the most flexible, performant and powerful ATB system with the greatest amount of freedom for users to fulfill as many functional needs as they want in as many ways as they want. You may want to treat this as a nano ATB framework as part of the system's written by you via parameters/configurations/notetags/calls.

Fighting for a New World Sideview ATB
TsunamiJurai (May 2, 2020)

A few people has asked about my Ren'Py codes and since there really isn't anything out in the Wild about Battle-systems, I will share mine. I will continue to upgrade this once new add-ons are available.

Golden Sun Camera Battle System
Shockwave (May 4, 2009)

This is Rotimikid's/ShockWave's Camera Battle System. This system plays out pretty much like the Golden Sun games in the way the battle screen rotates. Can also be combined with the golden sun battle system for compatibility.

GTBS - GubiD's Tactical Battle System
by GubiD (November 21, 2007)

- SDK Compatible
- Both Active Time and Team Based Battle Modes
- Can process Battle Events, Map Events, and Common Events during battle!
- Skills that require casting time (with miss animation)
- and more...

GTBS v2 for RPGMaker VXAce
GubID (July 9, 2013)

The Gubid Tactical Battlesystem has been in development for years, and now this tactical system has been ported over for RPGMaker VXAce. It features an intelligent enemy AI system, Animated Battlers, Summons features, 3-D Isometric support and configurable Skill and Item ranges.

Individual Turns Battle System
by Trickster ()

This script transforms the DBS (Group Turns System) Into an Individual Turns Battle System. This Battle System lets actions be selected individually and they are performed immediately.

by kyonides (June 5, 2023)

This is an Animated Front View Battle System!
After reading a couple of threads where people complained about fellow scripter's battle system, I decided that I could give it a chance. The GUI is almost done based on my first impression of those scripts' interface.

Linear Faceset Battle System
by GLaDOS (February 17th, 2009)

I wanted a battle system to use my linear facesets in. I really wanted them to be on top but I didn't know how to move battlers. I'm new at this thing you see.

The Lycan ABS
DerVVulfman (October 23, 2012)

Rather large, it is my intent to replace the MrMo ABS and add my own add-ons along with additional enhancements all built in.

Mr.Mo's ABS
by Mr.Mo (September 15th, 2006)

I wasn't happy with all the other ABSs, so I made this ABS with many features and customizable as possible.

MrMo's ABS Ultimate
DerVVulfman (July 18, 2011)

Utilizing MrMo's ABS version 4.5 as a model, this ABS includes the 20+ addons by DerVVulfman as well as additional enhancements and fixes.

Multi-View CBS

This CBS supports front and side view positions (possibly more if you work with the script), included with the CBS is my Animated Battlers script, and my Battle Formation System. This is still in a beta state, but almost all of the features I planned for the first version are done and the script is in a "presentable" state.

One (1) Person DBS
by Raziel

A quick request I made. Shows the enemy's name and a small health bar and supports 640x480 battlebacks.

The Oldest Japanese Sideview CBS
by an anonymous Japanese Scripter
Posted by DerVVulfman (February 4, 2010)

This has to be the oldest sideview system I have ever seen. Utilizing charactersets and sporting built in HP/SP bars drawn over the battlers, this sideview system supports up to 8 actor battlers at the same time.

One Soul Battle System
Soulpour777 (August 21, 2014)

One Soul Battle System is a short script system that is intended to making a battle system that uses only one actor. Though you can only have one actor, some features were added to ensure that the battle system would be quite interesting for people to use. If no one ever uses this crappy battle system, that's okay. This is for those people who just wants to have this kind of stuff.

ParaDog's ATB
by ParaDog (June 5, 2005)

Translated from the original Japanese code, Paradog's Front-View Battlesystem simulates an Active Timer Battle system so closely that this CTB (Conditional Timer Battle) system deserves ATB in it's name.

Complete with CT gauges that show who's going to be next to attack, a redesigned Battlestatus window system that lists the enemies you're facing and an altered 'Fight/Escape' system so action stays fast and furious, this system is one of the better battlesystems available.

Popularized ATB Core(Test Ver)
DoubleX (November 22, 2015)

Designed to be an easy, simple and user-friendly, yet powerful atb system. Serves as the core plugin implementing all atb system essentials.

Real Time Active Battle (RTAB)
by Cogwheel (December 8, 2004)

With this battlesystem, enemies and heroes can attack simultaneously and the system can be used as a conditional system! It also comes with a built in Camera-Zoom feature

Romancing SaGa Battle System
Orochii Zouveleki (May 9, 2013) [Image: Broken.png]

A visual combat system that utilizes Minkoff's Animated Battlers and includes screenshots of how the system will appear in-game.

SBABS: Squad Based Action Battle System
by Near Fantastica (July 2, 2005)

An action battle system that permits not only the hero, but the additional party members to be visible and controlled.

Shoot em up
posted by mageone [Image: Broken.png]
by Corbaque

This is a set of scripts that rewrites the classes of RMXP to make your game look like a shoot em up.

Sideview Battle System Tankentai XP
Posted by Atoa (July 23rd, 2009)
Original version by Enu / Translated by Kylock and Mr.Bubble / RMXP Conversion by Cairn

Finally! The SBS Tankentai XP is fully translated (thank cairn). For the ones that don't know this script, this is an highly customizable side view battle system. The most importante feature of this script, is that you can use normal chasets instead of Special Battlers.(you can configure it to use Special Battlers, but it's up to you.

Sozai Sideview Battle System
by Sozai / Posted/Translated by Kylock

The enemy status bar addon is now included in the demo.

My ranged weapons addon is now included in the demo. It adds 2 custom animation and an animation sprite. We now have animated projectiles.

Speed Based Turns CBS
by Trickster ()

This script transforms the DBS (Group Turns Battle System) into an Speed Based CBS.

Suikoden Duel System
by Modern Algebra (June 2, 2007)
Posted by mageone (November 21, 2009)

Seriously.. this is a duel system based on a "rock, paper, cisor"-kind system. In very short let's say that you can choose between 3 commands as "Attack", "Wild attack" or "Defend" where Attack kills Defends, Defend kills Wild Attacks, Wild Attack kills Attacks, etc.

Surume's Tactical System: Black Noir
by Surume (December 2004)
Posted by DerVVulfman (October 20, 2010)

This is likely to be one of the oldest tactical battlesystems designed for RPGMaker XP. Move your players around the map to surround and take advantage of the surrounding area. And when you perform an attack, you get a split-screen of the two engaging battlers (using the standard RTP battlers) as one attacks and one takes the hit.

Tactical Battle System
by Mac (Jan 25, 2008)

* New Message Window (Non Scriptual Yet..its just an example of what to come)
* Better HUD
* Custom HUD Design
* Faces In HUD

Theolized Sideview Battle System
TheoAllen (August 21, 2014)

This is my first battle system script and my masterpiece script so far. At first, I made this script for my own personal use. Back then when Ace was released, I always wanted an English version of Tankentai. But I heard nothing about the translation. I thought it was impossible tankentai to be translated to English. Moreover, it has bad compatibility to other scripts. Then I looked at avalaible battle scripts, and not even a single script I like. I just don't get the idea of those scripts. Then, hence my ambition started.

3D Line Battle System (Base Script)
SoulPour777 (August 24, 2014)

This is the base script for the 3D Line Battle System and includes a Zoom, Pan and Move Camera functions so the camera follows the actions of the player as it attacks the enemies. Put this script before any other 3D Line Battle System Script. This is a STANDALONE version of the upcoming Battle System by Soulpour777 called Soul Horizon Battle System. This is the Base Script, so it does need nothing. You can always use this to enhance your Frontal Battle System.

Trickster's RTAB System
by Trickster ()

This is a specialized ATB battle system, specialized in that actions can occur simultaneously, this is an alternative to Cogwheel's RTAB.

Valkyrie Profile: Charge Turn Battle (CTB)
by Soulpour777 (March 14, 2015)

This script allows the players to have a turn sequence. By turn sequence, it means that the player can only attack when the sequence turns have subsided. For example, Lenneth has 0 sequence turns, means she can attack or move everytime, while Mystina, Llewelyn and other ranged characters who has 4 - 5 sequence turns can only attack after 5 turns. If an attack is made, the party gains a gem, which decreases the sequence turns randomly in battle.

Victor Engine - Active Time Battle
Victor Sant (December 16, 2012)

This scripts changes the turn management of battles. The default turn based system is replaced by an active time system, where the order of actions are decided by individual time bars.

XAS Action Battle System
posted by unrivaledneo
by Xiderowg / Moghunter (June 23, 2010)

XAS aka Xiderowg Action System is a Action Battle System which resembles the old Zelda, Secret of Mana type battle systems.
Originally created by a Japanese programmer named Xiderowg then adopted and improved by a Brazilian programmer named MogHunter.

XAS Hero VS Engine urbios
urbios (May 8, 2013)

Hello World maker not usually put posts but today I bring you the xas her 2-player vs. mode I composite 3D scripts i modified the mode7 the Xas vs Hud i the mog i select character I created a Tekken style hope you like this system is ideal for creating fighting games in rpg maker since there are not many like this so a greeting

Zenith Tactical Battle System Plus (ZTBS+)
by DerVVulfman (May 10, 2022)

One of the most prolific tactical battle systems for RPGMaker XP has just been revised. A complete map-based combat system, you can maneuver party members to flank individual enemies while being aware they may approach from behind. Now returning, the battle system is more thorough than ever.

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[Image: battlesysadd.png]
If you're looking for something to tweak your existing battlesystem with new commands or features, come on in.

Battle Add-Ons:  A-E

ACBS FIX SCRIPT #1: Victory Cries Patch
DerVVulfman (August 7, 2019)

This fixes a major flaw with the ACBS (Atoa's CBS) by Victor Sant. The bug was caused by an oversight which would crash the system if one wished to have audible cues from actors when they win a battle (or enemies taunting the heroes if they lose).

ACBS FIX SCRIPT #2: Advanced Cry Correction
DerVVulfman (August 8, 2019)

This fixes a major flaw with the ACBS (Atoa's CBS) by Victor Sant. The bug was caused by an oversight where the action ID (skill ID, Item ID, etc) was not correctly synced in a method that played audio effects. If a BASE audio effect was set, only that would play. But if one was not set, the system was set to crash.

Actor Critical Damage Multiplier
SoulPour777 (March 8, 2014)  

The function of this script is to change the default critical damage calculation.  Using this script, you can assign which value should the critical damage be.  Instead of using the default critical=damagex3.  This also allows individual critical damage per actor.

Actor Extra Damages
SoulPour777 (March 8, 2014)  

The function of this script is notably simple.  Normally, physical damage and magical damages are calcualted via its value increment multiplied by physical damage rante and magical damage rate.  However, by using this script, additional percentage of damage can be added.

A.J.'s Missile Command
by DerVVulfman (March 5th, 2008)

This system can draw projectiles that stream from one battler to another. It even includes a boomerang/return projectile feature. The one caveat is that all background action halts until this process is accomplished.

Action Message
by Trickster ()

This script Displays a message whenever an action is performed, you can define a message for each battler for attacks (w/wo weapon), skills, items, defends, escapes, waiting, and other actions. Also supports individual messages for skills and items.

Action Timer
by Trickster ()

This script is an addon for the my CTB, ATB, or RTAB script. It improves the Built-In Version of Action Timer and allows actions to be interrupted when Attacked.

Advanced Battle Points
by Trickster ()

Instead of magic points or skill points you get battle points (BP). Both magic spells and physical techniques use up BP.

Advanced Individual Battle Commands
by Trickster ()

This script allows you greater control over the commands that show up in battle. It also allows you to define the names of the Attack, Skill, Item, and Defend and allows you to create new commands.

Advanced Ip Skills
by Trickster ()

This script is the Ip System featured in Lufia 2.  This system can be explained  like so: The Heros have another stat ip.  This stat grows (depending upon damage taken) whenever a character is attacked. When a character dies their ip goes back to zero.  Ip (Ikari/Item Points) allows you to execute an ip skill.  The Ip Skills you have are determined by what weapons/armor you have equipped.

Advanced Targetting
by Trickster ()

A completely rewritten version of my Skill Scope Library and Hero/Enemy/Single/All Target Switching, The Skill Scope Library builds upon the default scopes (None, One Enemy, All Enemies, ...), and adds new ones...

by DerVVulfman (August 17, 2007)

Ever wanted your heroes to surprise their foes?  Ever wanted your party to be surprised?  Now you can.  This system allows you to take advantage to be ambushed by your foes.  You can set up conflicts to  'automatically' have the advantage and a bonus round at the start of combat...   or lose a couple rounds...  or have the system arbitrarily decide based on who's the fastest in combat.

After Battle Stat Increase
by ParaDog (June 27, 2005)

Translated from the original Japanese code, this script allows your battlers to increase their stats (HP/SP/Str/Dex/Agi/Int) after battle depending on the actions that they've taken against enemies.

Animated Battlers / Timed Hits Patch
by DerVVulfman (Feb 23, 2008)

This patch prevents Zephren's "timed hits" bar from looping twice when used with Minkoff's Animated Battler - Enhanced.

Animated Battlers VX
by DerVVulfman (March 9th, 2008)

This system allows you to convert your default battlesystem into a sideview battlesystem using actual 'battlers' rather than charset graphics.

Anim Battlers VX Add-On #1: Formations
by DerVVulfman (May 26th, 2008)

This system allows you to convert your default battlesystem into a sideview battlesystem using actual 'battlers' rather than charset graphics.

AnimBat VX / STR33 ATB Patch
by DerVVulfman (December 11th, 2008)

This increases the z.depth of the Message Window in battle which is covered up/hidden by the joint conflict of both Animated Battlers and the STR33 ATB Battlesystem.

AnimBat! - Animated Battlers - Comprehensive
by DerVVulfman (July 16, 2006) (November 22, 2018)

This script adapts front-view battle systems (like the default battle system, or the RTAB system), and turns it into a side-view battle system.  Battlers can bob and weave while  waiting to attack, charge forward to attack, and strike a victory pose when they win.

Arbitrary Strings in Damage Display
by RPG Advocate (Date Unknown)

This script allows you to display any string you like as damage in battle. If you want to construct a string, perhaps to show MP damage, all you need to do is append the integer portion of the string to the rest of the string by using a statement like "game_actors[0].damage = "MP" + "$game_variables[1].to_s" to convert the integer contained in the variable to a string.

Atoa's CBS / Random Monster Patch
by DerVVulfman (August 17, 2009)

It allows Atoa's battlesystem to work with the Random Monster Groups script created by RPG Advocate.

ATOA Chanting Battle Animations
DerVVulfman (January 3, 2016)

This script, an add-on to ATOA's ACBS system, adds the ability to apply battle animations to battlers that are delayed by the ATB/CTB casting time delays, known as Chanting Times. It is only for use with the ACBS and requires either the ATB or CTB add-on.

ATOA Status Effect Pops
DerVVulfman (January 10, 2016)

This script creates a new damage pop option for the ATOA ACBS system, now drawing status effect/ailment names along when a character is so effected while in battle.

Automatic Battle Actions
by Claihm ()

Translated from the original Japanese code, this system allows you set actor battlers to perform actions in battle without player control... effectively making them NPCs in combat.

Automatic Battle Moves
by Claihm ()

Translated from the original Japanese code, this creates an 'Auto' function in the command window so battlers can perform their OWN decision in combat.

Awakening Special Skill Cut In
SoulPour777 (November 23, 2015)  

Plugins that adds spice to the default battle systems (FBS / SBS).

Battle Actor EX
SoulPour777 (January 10, 2016)  

Plugins that adds spice to the default battle systems (FBS / SBS).

Battle Commands Feena
SoulPour777 (January 10, 2016)  

Plugins that adds spice to the default battle systems (FBS / SBS).

Battle Comments
by Sue
Posted by Helel (December 12, 2009)

This Japanese script displays a short random quip from the battler whenever they act in battle to Attack, Defend, use Skills, or Items, from a set databank of phrases depending on either his or her class, OR the skill or item they are using.

Battle Count Indicator
by ParaDog
Posted by DerVVulfman (February 7, 2008)

This menu addon tells you how many times you've entered combat, how many individual enemies you've defeated and/or how many times you've escaped. Simple customization feature built-in.

by kyonides (June 17, 2023)

This scriptlet or short plugin provides you with the following features:
Treat a Win as a Loss
Treat an Escape as a Loss

Battle Help Window
by Trickster ()

This script seriously adds a Battle Help Window for Phase 4, this replaces the original help window and it looks a bit more neat in my opinion.

Battle HUD Feena
SoulPour777 (January 10, 2016)  

Plugins that adds spice to the default battle systems (FBS / SBS).

Battle Layers EX
SoulPour777 (December 26, 2015)  

Plugins that adds spice to the default battle systems (FBS / SBS).

Battle Morale Script
Tigurus Fae (May 3, 2014)

This script adds a morale bar to the battle system. The morale bar changes when the battle goes bad or well and gives bonuses to the party or removes stats from the party.

Battle : No Battle End ME
Kain_Nobel (June 3, 2016)

A script that allows the developer to temporarily disable the Battle End Me.

Battle Report
by Raziel

A script that shows the battle result like in the Final Fantasy games.

Battle Report script
by Krazplay
Posted by mageone (November 20, 2009)

Just a nice BR script as there re already so many.  

Battle Report Script Window style
by XRXS & Edit by Sutebe-san
Posted by mageone (November 20, 2009)

This is a battle report system script that instead of opening a new page after a battle will just pop up a window in the battle ending, only if any actor level or learn a skill.

Battle Retry
by Woratana (March 5th, 2008)

What this script basically does is after player lose the battle and go to Gameover screen, there will be a choice for player to choose whether to retry the battle again, or go to title screen.

Battle Status
Helladen (August 2, 2012)

This is part of YEA - Battle Engine. I took all the enhancements to the interface and removed any code that broke other system's compatibility. There are still issues with specific systems, but this should work in a much wider range than it did previously.  I have tested it with VE: Animated Battler (the battle system I use) and it worked perfectly. This script should work with almost every system, and to install it just paste it above main and below all your other scripts. I hope people can make some use out of it.

Battle : Use Map BGM
Kain_Nobel (June 3, 2016)

A script that allows the developer to override the Battle BGM and use Map BGM in combat instead.

Battle Weather
SoulPour777 (November 18, 2015)  

Plugins that adds spice to the default battle systems (FBS / SBS).

BattleWeather ACE
by kyonides (October 23, 2023)

VX Ace doesn't seem to offer you a way to make it rain or snow by default. This scriptlet arrives to solve your weather issues.

Battlefield Position Extension
by DerVVulfman (May 9th, 2009)

This system can load & save changes to a character's battlefield position in reference to their 'front, middle, and rear' positions normally set in the 'Class' database. With this system, the position can now be changed in-game with the value from the 'Class' database being the default.

Battler : Dead When SP 0
Kain_Nobel (June 3, 2016)

This script allows the developer to flag Actors and Enemies to die as soon as their SP reaches 0.  What this means is if an actor or enemy uses up all their magic reserves, they're dead.

BattleItemHelp XP
by kyonides (March 29, 2024)

This scriptlet allows you to change the way the help window works while selecting an enemy. Even if you've just selected the attack option, it will be displayed on screen and hide at the right time.

BattleStatus Actor Highlighter
by DerVVulfman (October 13, 2009)

A simple script/patch that highlights the name of the current actor in the battle status window. Meant as a 'basis' and not as a final product.

BattleStatus Modification RTAB Version
by DerVVulfman (June 22, 2006)

This is a simple configurable script to change the battlestatus window at the bottom.  Resembling the Final Fantasy games' combat display, it shows the data for each hero left to right (or right to left).  And each hero has his or her own line... the top most hero being the party leader.

Blood Mage
SoulPour777 (December 8, 2015)  

Plugins that adds spice to the default battle systems (FBS / SBS).

Boss Mode Script Segment
by Penguinboyroy (June 22, 2010)


Centered Battle Status
by Trickster ()

This script centers the Battle Status window with respect to how many actors there are.

Command Control
by Claihm ()

Translated from the original Japanese code, this script changes the BattleStatus window to show a list of the enemies you're facing.  It also lists the character stats top-down instead of side-to-side.

Compare Battle Ratings!
by DerVVulfman (February 10, 2010)

This system takes the statistics of your current party and the immediate enemy troop when you engage them in battle, and returns a numeric rating for each of them. This way, you can gauge whether the enemy is stronger then the current party or if the party can easily overpower the enemy.

Confusion Fix
SoulPour777 (January 16, 2016)  

Plugins that adds spice to the default battle systems (FBS / SBS).

Connected Attacking
by Cogwheel

This is an add-on feature for the RTAB battle system enabling an attack (be it weapon-based, skill or item) to inflict multiple hits.

Consume Items Patch for Connected Attacking
by DerVVulfman

It repairs a conflict when using both Skills That Consume Items and Connected Attacking.

by kyonides (June 6, 2023)

This scriptlet allows you to let the game call a preset common event whenever an actor or an enemy strikes the foe with a critical hit. The only thing you have to do is setting the appropriate common event ID's and that's it, guys! Grinning

Cross Commands
by Blazingamer (August 3rd, 2007)

modeled a cross command system for battle since my brother likes them. So in my spare time I made it.

Damage Pop VX
by DerVVulfman (May 12th, 2008)

Adds a pop-up display to show the damage to health and/or mana points.

Damage Text Edit
by ParaDog
Posted by DerVVulfman (February 7, 2008)

This system allows you to change the font and colors in the damage pop when in combat.

Damage Text Revamp
by PK8 (November 19, 2009)

Are you tired of looking at that boring Arial Black font in battle? Are you looking to fancy the look of your damage text? Well, wait no more! Presenting Damage Text Revamp! It's customisable, it's packed with options and... Go check it out!

Debug Battle Add-On
Helladen (July 27, 2012)

This is part of YEA - Battle Engine by Yanfly, one of my favorite systems in it is the debug controls.  This script contains only those controls.  You can read more about it in the comments section of the code, which explains which controls do what.

DoubleX RMMV Action Cost
DoubleX (April 17, 2016)

Lets you set some skills/items to need more than 1 action slots.

DoubleX RMMV Action Input Timer
by DoubleX (September 6, 2020)

Lets you sets a timer that will cause all actors not inputted actions yet to have their turns skipped in turn based battles.

DoubleX RMMV Confusion Edit
DoubleX (January 3, 2016)

Lets you set some states to reverse the ally/foe identification

DoubleX RMMV Linked Battlers
DoubleX (December 23, 2015)

Lets users set some states to let their owners share some stats

DoubleX RMMV Unit Filters
DoubleX (October 18, 2017)

Lets you use plugin calls to use new unit filters in order to write much, much less codes to perform much, much more tasks.

DoubleX RMMZ Auto_Battle_Command
by DoubleX (September 14, 2020)

Adds a party command to add an autobattle state to the party in battles

DoubleX RMMZ Targeting AI
by DoubleX (August 25, 2020)

Lets you control some skills/items target selection AI behaviors by notetags[FSLText]

by DoubleX (October 30, 2020)
[FSLText]Lets you set some custom hotkeys to select the previous counterparts as well as those with specified party member indices.

by DoubleX (October 30, 2020)

Lets you set some states to have its turn count updated after a set amount of seconds.

by DoubleX (October 30, 2020)

Lets you set some states to have its turn count updated after a set amount of seconds

DoubleX RMVXA Confusion Edit
DoubleX (January 1, 2014)
Posted (January 24, 2014)

If a battler has inflicted states with restrictions "attack an enemy", "attack anyone" or "attack an ally", he/she/it'll attack the respective targets via autobattle like actions with the autobattle flag unchanged.  This is done by reversing his/her/its identifications of allies and enemies(allies are identified as enemies and vice versa) with 50% and 100% chance with "attack anyone" and "attack an ally" respectively.  The battler won't just use "Attack"(skill #1), but instead will use all available skills. Actors will randomly pick actions as if they've autobattle flags; Enemies will pick actions according to their action patterns.  

DoubleX RMVXA Permanent States
by DoubleX (February 13, 2014)

A battler's states are cleared if a he/she/it dies in the default setting. This is hardcoded and can only be edited via scripting.  With this script, users can set specific states to be always added back automatically upon battlers' revival. These states may be regarded as permanent states.

DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Bar
DoubleX (February 19, 2016)

Lets users set when/how ATB bars are shown on battler sprites.

DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Charge
DoubleX (February 9, 2016)

Lets users set skills/items to need time to charge before using.

DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Clock
DoubleX (January 24, 2016)

Lets users show the battle turn clock, unit and count in battle

DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Compatibility
DoubleX (April 12, 2016)

Fixes DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB compatibility issues.

DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Cooldown
DoubleX (February 9, 2016)

Lets users set skills/items causing user to cooldown after user.

DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB CTB
DoubleX (January 23, 2016)

Lets users switch the battle system to mimic charge turn battle

DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Delay
DoubleX (February 9, 2016)

Lets users set some enemies and/or autobattle/confusion actors to wait for a while after being actable before inputting action.

DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Force
DoubleX (January 24, 2016)

Lets users set some keys to force run/stop the atb frame update

DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Hotkey
DoubleX (July 10, 2016)

Lets users set some hotkeys to select various inputable actors

DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Order
DoubleX (June 4, 2016)

Lets you set the battle to show all battlers' atb in 1 bar.

DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Reset
DoubleX (February 20, 2016)

Lets users set skills/items to have different ATB reset values.

DoubleX RMMV Targeting Hotkeys
DoubleX (August 14, 2016)

Lets you set some hotkeys selecting actor/enemy target by index

[PFIIcon]Scr-MZ.png[/PFIcon] DoubleX_RMMZ_Confusion_Edit
by DoubleX (September 27, 2020)

The default RMMZ confusion causes the battler to only use attack and nothing else. This plugin lets you set some confusion states to cause the battlers to behave like autobattle ones, with the definitions of friends and opponents being reversed.

by DoubleX (September 29, 2020)

Lets you set some custom hotkeys to select some skill/item targets.

[PFIIcon]Scr-MZ.png[/PFIcon] DoubleX_RMMZ_TPBS_CTB
by DoubleX (September 27, 2020)

This plugin lets you skip TPBS frames having no important moments, like inputting actions, executing actions, to mimic the CTB functionality in TPBS.

DoubleX RMVXA Reflect State
DoubleX (January 27, 2014)

If a battler has inflicted a reflect state, he/she/it'll always reflect non certain hit skills and items from anyone to enemies. Such reflection overrides magic reflection(MEV) and counterattack but not evasion nor magic evasion.  To effectively set the reflection to override evasion or magic evasion, minus EVA or MEV in reflect state's features until they're non-positive.

DoubleX RMVXA Substitute Edit
DoubleX (January 2, 2014)
Posted (January 24, 2014)

In the default setting, if more than one battler in the same side have the substitute flag, the one with the lowest id(the leftmost one) will always do the job, even if his/her/its hp isn't the highest among them all.  With this script, it's the one with the highest hp that'll always do the job, thus increasing the effectiveness of the substitute flag if more than one battler in the same side have it.

DoubleX RMVXA Unison Skills/Items
DoubleX (January 15, 2014)
Posted (January 24, 2014)

Allows users to create unison skills or items for actors.  These skills only function when a required actor or actors are present.

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[Image: battlesysadd.png]
If you're looking for something to tweak your existing battlesystem with new commands or features, come on in.

Battle Add-Ons: E-P

Elemental Damage Fix
by RPG Advocate (Date Unknown)

By default, if an attack has two or more elements, the damage multiplier that will be used is the multiplier of the element to which the target is weakest. I'm sure that many of you believe that is is illogical like I do. This script makes it so that the damage multiplier used is the average multiplier of all the elements of the attack.

Element Limitation/Correction
Posted by Helel (December 8, 2009)

This sciptlet configures the element_correct method in Game_Battler3, which affects the method in which the elemental multiplier is calculated and applied to the battler's damage, as well as limiting the element list in the database so that 'special elements' - ones that shouldn't affect the skill's damage, don't.

Enable Vehicle Battles
SoulPour777 (February 27, 2014)

Allows battle on vehicles, such as the boat, the ship and the airship.

Enemy Battler Effects
SoulPour777 (November 21, 2015)

Plugins that adds spice to the default battle systems (FBS / SBS).

by kyonides (July 10, 2023)

A forumer on another board was asking for a way to ensure that the heroes would level down if they had successfully escaped from the battlefield. Yeah, what a bunch of pussy cats!
The catch was that they shouldn't lose too many points.
Here's where my script comes in to solve that issue for you all, guys!
It will make the heroes level down once and temporarily permanently keeps track of all the lost EXP!
Since version 0.4.0 you can choose between losing a level and its experience or simply losing the excess experience points earned AFTER leveling up. Lost points can be displayed on message windows by using a predefined game variable!

FFX, FFX=2, FFXII damage display
by Selwyn (March 29th, 2006)

This modifies the way the damages are displayed in battles.

by Claihm ()

Translated from the original Japanese code, this script allows you to position the actor battlers anywhere on the battlescreen.

Full Animated Side View Battle System
by Cybersam ()

Both versions 2.5 and 3.0 Side view battlesystems transform your front view battlesystem into a sideview battle system requiring specialized 7 or 8 pose battlers. Version 2.5 is an older yet more stable version while version 3.0beta is newer and faily popular. Both are available in the demo links below.

GMG: The General Monster Generator
DerVVulfman (February 24, 2011)

Based in part on SephirothSpawn's Event Spawner, this system grants the user access to quick and pre-defined script calls for generating enemy events. The enemy events that will appear on the screen may either call forth a battle as it would with the traditional map event 'Battle Processing', or it may be an enemy used by an Action Battle System such as Near Fantastica's SBABS (Squad Based Action Battle System.

Image Damage Display
by Trickster ()

This script modifies the way damage is shown in battle instead of using the font and displaying damage it shows an image instead.

Individual Battle Commands
by RPG Advocate (Date Unknown)

This script changes the battle engine so that each character has individual battle commands, rather than be restricted to the four defined in the database. It also changes the engine so that battle commands are recognized by name rather than by position within the battle command menu.

Individual Battle Commands
by Charlie Fleed (December 30th, 2008)

Hi all. Someone asked for a stand alone version of my Individual Battle Commands feature from my CTB... so here it is. his system allows to have many skill categories and displays different commands according to the skills available to a character.

KActionSpeed XP
by Kyonides (October 31, 2019)

Continuing the battle add-ons production line, I present you with a scriptlet that will alter a hero's or a monster's action speed. An action can either be attacking the opponent with a sword swing or casting a spell or even consuming an item. This can now be alter via script! Did you ever want to make a battler the fastest guy out there? Now you can get him or her a good chance to strike first! Or you can make him or her the slowest scum that has ever existed! Or you might prefer to let luck guide them...

KBattlePause XP
by kyonides (August 17, 2020)

Even if you flee like real chicken wussies... Your enemies Ghost Skull Zombie Snake might still face you again.
Yes, the very same foes with the same stats as they had when you left them biting the dust!

by kyonides (December 19, 2023)

Your extreme delivery service for Maker battles! Warning! Service Fees may apply!
Place an order and just wait for a few turns and you'll find your items being delivered straight into your party's bag.
You will not be able to place an additional order until the previous one has already arrived.
The delivery service will reimburse your money if the battle ends abruptly.
There are a couple of Constants you will need to setup first to suit your gaming needs.

by kyonides (April 30, 2023)

This script prevents your heroes or your enemies from choosing a target that is still afflicted by a Blocked Target alias Untargetable State.

by kyonides (July 14, 2022)

Admit it, there are times when you wish that you could simply Cash bribe your foes during battle. Well, now you can do it!
Oh and it is also possible to get an estimate of how much it might cost you!
By the way, it is not a Plug & Play script because you can customize several things like where to show the currency symbol, etc. So do not forget to check out the KBribe module, guys!

by Kyonides (June 14, 2022)

Are your players tired of fighting some random mobs? Fear not! There is a LAZY way out of such a messy situation!
A brand new message will show up on the map warning you about the upcoming battle. If the player wants to skip it, he or she can pay their way out of it!

by kyonides (June 20, 2023)

This is the most basic script or plugin that one could ever publish, but here I am publishing it here.
Yes, this script lets you customize the way your heroes will level up.

KNegate XP & VX
by kyonides (November 20, 2019)

This time the explanation is quite simple indeed You only need to setup battlers that will negate any damage taken if it is less than a percent of their MAXHP.

KReBattle XP
by Kyonides (August 20, 2021)

Just get used to pseudo infinite battles!
Nah, just kidding!
You can give up at any time! Happy with a sweat At least after your heroes got Killer killed by the mobs.

by kyonides (January 22, 2023)

Did you ever wanted to create a state that would turn your single target skills into multiple target ones?
Yes? You did? In that case this script is perfect for your game!

KSwap XP
by kyonides (January 4, 2022)

Did you ever want to swap actors' skills or enemies' actions?
Or perhaps you failed to swap actor's weapons or enemies' atk attribute on you own.
If so, you would also need to be able to nullify such skills, don't you think?
Then you will be glad to find out that this scriptlet will make it possible!

Last Fighter XP
by Kyonides (February 08, 2010)

One of your heroes won't fight against the enemies unless all other heroes are dead already.

Laura's Escape Bar Removal
by DerVVulfman (November 30, 2006)

This script system removes the [ FIGHT / ESCAPE ] bar from your default or RTAB battle system.

Level Up Notice
by Trickster ()

This script Adds a Level up window for when you level up. Pretty Simple....

Log Horizon – Patrol File
SoulPour777 (March 13, 2014)

Patrol File is a way to maintain your formation and field monitoring. The first and the last members in line cover each other’s view, so attackers and healers can focus on their jobs as the party moves.

Log Horizon – Row Damage Modifier
SoulPour777 (March 13, 2014)

This script allows a change of damage only for a certain row of actors. This means that if an actor is in the position indicated on the script, the actor will have a different damage to deal. This by means that all other actors that are not involved in the damage modifier will still deal the normal damage they have to. This is to encompass the Patrol File System.

Lycan Attack Fatigue
DerVVulfman (March 3, 2014)

How many people can swing a heavy barbarian sword over and over and not get tired? Not many. So I decided to write a little script that takes some points from the player which he will recover in due time.

Lycan Oversized Enemy Targeting
DerVVulfman (June 4, 2014)

This little script allows you to make enemies that give you MORE of a target rather than having to try and hit the one 32x32px tile that the enemy's event is centered upon. It doesn't give your enemies any more reach than they would otherwise. That feature can be handled well enough with the enemy's attack range setting.

Manage Battle Speed
Posted by Helel (December 7, 2009)

This is a snippet that basically manages the wait duration in between battle effects, such as the animation, damage display, etc. The higher the numerical values are set, the faster the battles become.

Mea's Multi-STRIKE!
by DerVVulfman (January 22, 2007)

This system allows you to create attacks that perform multiple hits, whether it be a regular weapon attack, skill or item effect. Simple in design, it only applies hits from that same weapon/skill/item on each properly defined flash effect.

Minkoff's AnimBat Addon: Battlefield Front/Rear Formations
by DerVVulfman (July 2nd, 2008)

The default RPGMaker XP battlesystem contains a feature in the 'Class' system where actors containing a 'front' row tag would be more likely to be attacked while actors containing a 'back' row tak would be less likely. It has been a long requested feature to be able to display characters in a side view system such as this, and now one contains such a feature.

by Claihm ()

Translated from the original Japanese code, this script replaces the actor battlers with characterset battlers. It also allows them to move to their targets in battle.

Mr.Mo ABS Game Log Window
JayRay (October 30, 2012)

This system is a new add-on for MrMo's ABS Ultimate that lets you display a log of five seperate messages depending on events that occur, whether they be the obtaining of loot, a quest achievement unlocked... All with a simple script call.

MrMo DVV Add-On #1: Sasha's Diagonal Combat
by DerVVulfman

It enhances the movement and attacking capabilities of his ABS by supporting all eight directions rather than the standard four that is found in most RPGMaker ABS systems.

MrMo DVV Add-On #6: Combo Pops
by DerVVulfman

It allows you to display a simple pop-up of the word: "Combo!" when a the hero is able to deliver multiple strikes without being interrupted within a set time.

MrMo DVV Add-On #8: Tiffany's Defence
DerVVulfman (May 10, 2010)

It allows you to defend against melee attacks and reduce the amount of damage by half, much like the 'guard' option in the default battlesystem.

MrMo DVV Add-On #10: Madeline's Enemy Damager
DerVVulfman (May 13, 2010)

It allows you to perform script calls that may increase or reduce ABS Enemy HP and SP scores. It duplicates the functions of the 'change HP' and 'change SP' map events that do not effect Mr.Mo ABS enemies.

MrMo DVV Add-On #11: Amanda's Slot Extension
by DerVVulfman (May 18, 2010)

It enhances the player character's ability to perform in combat by allowing it to use multiple weapons in conjunction with scripts that allow additional weapon slots.

MrMo DVV Add-On #13: Tinuke's Smart Missiles
by DerVVulfman (November 10, 2010)

This system is a safety enhancement for Mr.Mo's ABS version 4.5, likely to be the final version of his singular ABS system (other than his SBABS and his SBABS lite). This script introduces a preventative halt to any missile attacks made by the player if he/she is facing a solid wall or an impassable tile which would result in the player taking all the damage. With this, the player only hears a buzzer sound if facing a wall and the missile, whether a ranged weapon or explosive spell, was attempted.

Of course, they can still blow themselves up if they are within the range of an explosion. But the inconvenience of impassable tiles causing damage has all but been removed.

MrMo DVV Add-On #16: Taryn's Weapon Ammo System
DerVVulfman (May 4, 2011)

This script allows you to create weapons that require ammunition for their use. It makes it a requirement to load/reload your weapon with ammo before you can perform a ranged weapon attack, and can play a pre-defined sound effect if the weapon in use runs out of available ammo.

MrMo DVV Add-On #17: Brynn's Friendly Fire
DerVVulfman (May 18, 2011)

This script introduces the concept of accidentally (or intentionally) firing upon non-aggressive ABS targets which will then attack the player. In a nutshell... using this script assumes you want all enemies to be able to attack you unless you actively flag them.

by Trickster ()

This script allows for skills/weapons/enemies/items to hit multiple times.

One-Player BattleMenu
Tigurus Fay (August 18, 2011)

A slight and shiny change of the default battle system. It's made for 1 character only and can best be used with an over-the-shoulder battler. Additionally, I try to make it time-based though at the moment it still is like the default.

ParaDog's Side View Battle
by ParaDog (June 5, 2005)

Translated from the original Japanese code, Paradog's Side View Battle system simulates a sideview battlesystem for either the default battlesystem or his custom ATB system.

Popularized ATB Countdown
DoubleX (February 6, 2016)

Lets users set some states updating turns per specified seconds.

Popularized ATB Rate(Test Ver)
DoubleX (November 29, 2015)

Lets users alter individual battlers' atb rate by data notetags

Popularized ATB Start(Test Ver)
DoubleX (November 29, 2015)

Lets users alter individual battlers' atb value on battle start

Reply }
[Image: battlesysadd.png]
If you're looking for something to tweak your existing battlesystem with new commands or features, come on in.

Battle Add-Ons: Q-Z

Remodeled Damage Display (Regular Variant)
by Cogwheel (December 9, 2004)

This is an add-on feature that replaces the generic text "Damage" indicators used for Default battle system utilizing images stored in the Graphics/Pictures folder.

Remodeled Damage Display (RTAB Variant)
by Cogwheel

This is an add-on feature that replaces the generic text "Damage" indicators used in the Real Time Action Battle system with images stored in the Graphics/Pictures folder.

Remove Battle Windows
by DerVVulfman (May 12th, 2008)

It removes all the 'battle messages' from your battle system. No simple text message saying 'Basil suffers 10 hp' or the like. But it does leave your battlestatus window intact.

RMVXA Basic ATB Delay
DoubleX (August 9, 2015)

Aids other scripters to learn how a basic atb system addon can be written.

RMVXA Linked Battlers
DoubleX (August 7, 2015)

Lets users set some states to make their owners share some stats together.

RM2K Battle Message
Originally Posted by Tooya (RMVXPUniverse)
by Hako / Translated by Lockheart (2006?)

I've noticed a few people have requested the RM2k battle system to be remade, and as far as I know no one actually has, until now. Please note that this doesn't change the battle status screen at all.

RTAB Fix for "@action = 1"
by VinVulpis (November 16, 2007)

Anyway, this is a simple bug fix for the RTAB battle system by Cogwheel. ( Originally the script has a bug with the action setting of @action == 1, where the game will freeze when you use any skill or item that targets the user of the skill, such as ally, all allies, user.

RTAB slip sp_damage
by panchokoster (Feb 20, 2008)

Trying to made the Yeyinde's Multiple Poisons system compatible with RTAB, I made this script. With this script you can make an SP poison for RTAB.

[/Highlight]Saumon's Enemy Reveals[/Highlight]

This script makes it possible to define enemies within a troop as hidden until revealed during battle. This useful for battles where a boss enemy may be one to summon underlings to fight.
This script makes it possible to define enemies within a troop as hidden This assumes that all enemies are defined within the appropriate Troops page. But once done, it is a simple matter to update the TROOP array in the Saumon_Reveal configuration module.

Side-View Battles
by RPG Advocate (unknown date)

This script is a simple script to implement side-view battles.

Simple Escape Command
by Trickster ()

This script adds an Escape Command to the Battle Commands and when used, it escapes from battle.

Single/All Target Switching
by RPG Advocate (Date Unknown)

This script allows you to create skills that can hit either a single target or the entire party or enemy group, depending on the wishes of the player. The player presses up and down at the targetting prompt to switch between single- and group-target modes.

Skip Escape Message
Helladen (August 2, 2012)

This is a simple script that only removes two lines of code in order to not show a message after successfully escaping a battle. This is very simple to do, but many people are not very good at scripts, and I have found that this is highly annoying. Additionally, no script I have found offers this support, so it should be useful to some people.

Skip Battle Log
Helladen (August 2, 2012)

This is part of YEA - Battle Engine. I took the skipping of the battle log messages and made it into its own script. This script should work with almost every system, and to install it just paste it above main and below all your other scripts. I hope people can make some use out of it.

Skip Party Command
SoulPour777 (November 21, 2015)

Plugins that adds spice to the default battle systems (FBS / SBS).

Skip Party Command Window
Helladen (July 27, 2012)

This is a script I extracted and modified from the YEA - Battle Engine by Yanfly, because the battle system I use is not compatible with it. This script will skip the party command window when a battle starts and when a turn ends, because it is really annoying to click fight, and most of the time you will not run. Furthermore, I have added an option to disable it from skipping when a battle starts to help make it more friendly to developers. I also left int he compatability for YEA - Command Party since it won't really affect anyone as well.

State Cycling
by Trickster ()

Did you ever get more than one state inflicted upon an actor in battle. Did you hate that it only displayed the highest ranked state. Well this script fixes that problem, by cycling through the states every x frames.

State Evolve
SoulPour777 (January 6, 2016)

Plugins that adds spice to the default battle systems (FBS / SBS).

Status DBS Window (2 Minute Script)
by Mac (Jan 25, 2008)

What it does is it remodels the Window_BattleStatus.

Substitute Edit
DoubleX (December 19, 2015)

Lets you sets conditions determining the battler to substitute

Taryn's Weapon Ammunition System
by DerVVulfman (November 29, 2006)

Simply put, you can now design weapons that require ammunition that you can run out of. Along with that, you have to reload your weapon with a special item that I refer to as a 'clip' or magazine.

Three-Member Battlestatus
by DerVVulfman (June 12, 2007)

Mastermind put forth a request for a modified battlestatus window that sported only three battlers at a time, and an actor command window 'fixed' into the bottom left corner of the screen. So I figured... why not? Hell, I even added a couple things just to make it work nicely.

Trickster's Bag of Battle Commands
by Trickster ()

An Addon script for my Advanced Individual Battle Commands Script which adds a few more commands or addon effects to commands.

Trickster's Battle Status
by Trickster ()

A New Battle Status look to look like Final Fantasy styled (I don't know I haven't played many Final Fantasy Games :P) Great for Sideview Battle Systems.

Up/Down Key Targetting
by ParaDog
Posted by DerVVulfman (February 7, 2008)

This allows you to target enemies in battle with the [Up] and [Down] buttons as well as the [align=left] and [align=right] ones.

Vampyr's SBABS DVV Addon #3: No Miss Attacks
DerVVulfman (August 28, 2012)

This script allows the game designer to make minimum attack values for enemies so they will never miss, and have both weapons and skill effects that do the same. This means you could create a weapon that will always deliver 1000 points of damage, have a boss enemy do a bare minimum 1500 points of damage each strike or use a healing spell that restores a bare minimum of 1000 points of health

Victor Engine - Action Conditions
by Victor Sant (December 22, 2011)

This script allows to set special conditions to determine if a skill or item can be used. You can set states, status, switches, variables or even use an custom condtion that must be met for the skill or item to be useable.

Victor Engine - Action Counter
Victor Sant (July 16, 2012)

This script allows to setup a trait givas a chance of countering actions based on the actions or their types. That way you can create traits that makes the battler retaliate when hurt with specific skills or items.

Victor Engine - Action Dodge
Victor Sant (July 16, 2012)

This script allows to setup a trait that change the evasion value based on the actions or their types. That way you can set actions to be easier or harder to evade based on the actions.

Victor Engine - Action Effectiveness
Victor Sant (January 18, 2012)

This script allows to set set restrictions for action use and effect. It’s possible to make some items not usable by some actors, or make change the effectiveness against some targets

Victor Engine - Action Reflect
Victor Sant (July 16, 2012)

This script allows to setup a trait gives a chance of reflecting actions based on the actions or their types. That way you can create traits that can repel specific skills or items.

Victor Engine - Action Restriction
Victor Sant (July 17, 2012)

This script allows to set restrictions for action use and effect. It’s possible to make some items not usable by some actors or to have no effect on specific battlers.

Victor Engine - Action States
Victor Sant (July 17, 2012)

This script allows to setup a trait that allows to change the battlers states when hit with a specific action.

Victor Engine - Action Strengthen
Victor Sant (July 17, 2012)

This script allows to setup a trait that change the power of actions based on the actions or their type. You can make equipment that strengthen specific skills or an whole skill type.

Victor Engine - Animated Battle
Victor Sant (March 8, 2012)

This is the Victor Engine – Animated Battle script. This script was done to provide a very customizable visual battle system, where the user have a very high control on the animations. With this script you can use a wide variety of sprite templates for the battlers and even use charsets.

Victor Engine - Automatic Battlers
Victor Sant (January 18, 2012)

This script allows to set a more complex AI for actors and enemies with the ‘Automatic Combat’ trait, allowing to set various conditions for the actions be used.

Victor Engine - Cooperation Skills
Victor Sant (February 11, 2013)

This script is an add-on for the ‘Victor Engine – Animated Battle’ script. It allows to implement “Cooperation Skill”, skills that can be used by more than one battler at the same time.

Victor Engine - Counter Options
Victor Sant (December 24, 2012)

This script allows you to add options to choose which skill will be used on counter attacks.

Victor Engine - Critical Hits Effects
Victor Sant (July 17, 2012)

This script allows to have better control over critical rate, damage and stup states to be changed when dealing critical damage.

Victor Engine - Custom Basic Actions
Victor Sant (January 11, 2012)

This script allows to change the basic actions of the actor: Attack and Defend, based on the actor, class, weapons, armors or states.

Victor Engine - Custom Hit Formula
Victor Sant (August 18, 2012)

This script allows to setup custom hit formulas for actions. You can use any valid ruby command to make different ways to decide if an action will be successful. Some scripting knowlegde is required.

Victor Engine - Custom Slip Effect
Victor Sant (August 2, 2012)

This scripts allows to setup custom formulas for regeneration and poison. You can setup formulas in the exact same way as you do for skills and items.

Victor Engine - Damage Limit
Victor Sant (January 4, 2012)

This script allows to set a max limit for the damage dealt. You can set this features to skills, items, equips, states, enemies, actors or classes.

Victor Engine - Damage Popup
by Victor Sant (December 21, 2011)

This script adds an popup system to damage diplay. Allowing to view the damage and states change with visible digits that pop from target.

Victor Engine - Enemy Action Conditions
Victor Sant (January 1, 2012)

This script allows the creation of custom conditions for enemies actions. Different from the default RPG Maker VX behavior, you can set more than one condition for the actions. It also give some extra conditions not avaiable by default.

Victor Engine - Leap Attack
Victor Sant (December 30, 2012)

This script is an add-on for the 'Victor Engine - Animated Batlers' script. It allows to implement 'Leap Attacks', this attacks allows the battler to stay outside of battle for some time, then return making a powerful attack. Similar to the 'Jump' from the Final Fantasy series.

Victor Engine - Map Turn Battle
Victor Sant (June 20, 2012)

This script is an add-on for the Victor Engine - Animated Battle'. It allows you to have battles that occur on the current map instead of using a transition to another scene like in the game Chrono Trigger. It doesn't make any change to anything else, like the turn mechanics of the battlesystem.

Victor Engine - Skip Battle Log
Victor Sant (January 8, 2011)

This script allows to set some of the Battle Log Messages to be skiped. Useful when using a damage pop up system. You can also skip the wait time when skiping the text to make the battle flows faster.

Victor Engine - Toggle Target
Victor Sant (January 25, 2013)

This script allows to setup certain action to have a option to toggle the targets of the action. You can switch between single/all targers or between allies/opponents. You can also setup actions to deal less damage if targeting all or have them to have the damage divided by the number of targets.

Weapons Blocked from Attacks
by DerVVulfman (December 2, 2023)

This script disables the "ATTACK" menu option in the default battlesystem if the actor is equipped with a defined weapon. This may be useful if the weapon equipped is not meant for melee attack, but for some skill action in its place (a magic staff for example).

Weapon Unleashes
by Trickster ()

This script emulates the Weapon Unleash system found in Golden Sun 1 and 2 basically when you attack with your weapon, sometimes the weapons skill is used.

XAS Enemy Kill Counter
Narzew (March 28, 2015)

Script to count enemy kills in XAS-based game. Works with RMXP. If you use custom save system, look at the bottom of the script, to prevent old save corruption.

Xenres Escape Bar Removal Script
by Xenres (October 24, 2010)

Simple script to remove the the party command window from the top of the screen. Obviously, you lose the ability to escape battles if you don't script them in somewhere else. So far, this script has worked with every battle system I've tried it with.

Xenres Single Actor Escape
by Xenres (October 24, 2010)

This script gives you the ability to have only one actor escape from the battle. It still might have a few bugs in it, so if you find this, be sure to let me know. This script is not known to play nice with custom battle systems.

XRXS's Full-View Battleback & Movable Camera

Translated from the original Japanese code, this system allows the background to be pushed out or pulled back according to the enemy being attacked or targetted.

Zenith Tactical Battle System / MGCaladtogel's Mode7 Patch
by DerVVulfman (February 23rd, 2009)

This patch allows you to use the ZTBS: Zenith Tactical Battle System (translated by Mac) with MGCaladtogel's Mode7 script.

Yanfly's Damage Popup
Posted by Helladen (April 25, 2013)

This is part of YEA - Battle Engine. It contains only the damage popup code, so it should work with almost any battle system flawlessly.

by DerVVulfman (December 30, 2009)

I guess after seeing that Trickster and Charlie Fleed have their own weird Zombie status, I thought "Hey, that was a cool effect in Final Fantasy VII. I want that too." So, I decided to figure out how to make one.

Reply }
[Image: messagesystem.png]
If the default message system doesn't appeal to you, try these features.

Message Systems: A-Z

Al Bhed Language
SoulPour777 (January 18, 2016)

Plugins that changes or adds feature to the default RMMV Messaging System.

AlertWindow ACE
by kyonides (October 24, 2023)

There was a forumer that "stubbornly" wanted to use pop up windows that looked pretty much like VX ACE's default Window_MapName class. This means that it would show up the same way the map name does.
Obviously, it will not be triggered after a map transfer for obvious reasons.
Just in case you did not know this, my script allows you to pass either a single line of text or an Array of lines as its first parameter.

AMS - Advanced Message System - Release 4
by Dubealex (May 18, 2005)

Dubealex's famous message system with face systems, changable dialog skins and namebox features.

AMS - Advanced Message Script (Regashi Edit)
Edit by Regashi (September 17, 2009)

Firstly i want to say that i did not make this script...all ihave done is played around and added some extra features.. Also, i shortened some it doesn't fill up half the message box

Animated Message Log VXA
SoulPour777 (February 27, 2014)

Creates a message log of all present messages. They are stored and can be viewed anytime. Messages from Events, Battles, and Choices are shown through the press of a button. Based on a script by Sui.

Another Scrolling Text Script
by kyonides (January 14, 2008)

This is my version of the scrolling text script, it's supposed to be used whenever you want to show the credits, to display an intro that may include a prologue and some picture above... or you just want to create an intro every time a new episode / chapter begins in your game.

Auto-Sizing Text Windows
by RPG Advocate (Date Unknown)

This script adds the ability to show text windows whose dimensions conform to the text inside them. The width of the window is determined by the width of the longest line. The height is determined by the number of lines.

Breaking the "Show Choices" Character Limit
by RPG Advocate (unknown date)

This script allows you to have "Show Choice" commands that are as long as your text window is wide, rather than the ridiculously low character limit imposed by the editor.

Choice Setup Position
SoulPour777 (March 1, 2014)

Choces are, well permanently positioned to the right side of the screen. However, sometimes you do not want this, and perhaps might want to put the choice on the center, on the top, down, left side, right side or whatever side there is. This screen does that.

Custom Text Command Script
by RPG Advocate (Date Unknown)

This script modifies the Window_Message class to allow for more text commands to be used in messages. This is a list of all the text commands supported by this script.

Customize/Disable Text Outline + Shadow
Zerbu (October 31, 2015)

I’ve been messing around with the new plugin system in RPG Maker MV. This is my first proper script. It’s very simple script that allows you to customize the text outline in RPG Maker MV. You also have the option to completely remove it if you prefer. It basically just overrides the class for drawing the text outline and makes all the parameters customizable. It lets you change the colour and size of the outline, as well as the HTML5 line join type.

DerVV's Simple Popup System
DerVVulfman (September 8, 2016)

Seriously, this is a simple popup screen that can be used to generate windows that popup on the screen witn important texts. But I posted it as a skeleton for would-be script users to show how to make pop-up windows for their own systems.

Dialog System
by Zeriab (November 11, 2007)

I have tried to make a Dialog system which is intended to ease the creation of dialogs. What is a dialog? You can consider it as a scene that runs on top of the current scene.

Dollars: Decimal Currency
SoulPour777 (February 27, 2014)

Changes your Gold currency into Dollars. You can change the sign on line 17 to anything you want. Changes your currency into Decimal Point. (e.g. 990 to 9.90)

Drago Message Log
LiTTleDRAgo (August 26, 2016)
POSTED (August 31, 2016)

Show the message you get during gameplay.

Event Messages & Tail Indicator
by ParaDog
Posted by DerVVulfman (February 7, 2008)

This is a Custom Message system that includes niceties such as Name Boxes and tail/comic arrow pointers.

FancyChoices XP
by kyonides (January 11, 2024)

Are you Boring tired of the old and ugly show choices window?
Then this script is right for you!

Hex Color Codes in Messages
by RPG Advocate (unknown date)

This script allows you to enter a six-character hex value when using the "\c" control code in messages, while still allowing you to use the numbered reference colors.

KBattleLog XP
by kyonides (January 31, 2023)

This script simply keeps a record of your performance in battle by adding basic information to a log.
It stores its contents in the BattleLog.txt file once the battle is over.

kyonides (Sept 4, 2017)

This is a simple script that lets you show images as book pages, but what it makes it interesting is that you can flip those pages back and forth as many times as you wish!

KMessageTarget MV 2 Versions
by kyonides (January 30, 2023)

By default the Battle Log doesn't expect you to add a target's name to a skill action message. This plugin changes that to make sure you can certainly read who's the hero's current target.

by kyonides (September 18, 2023)

Do you want to replace the default message for the Escape skill?
Or any other skill?
Now you can do it by using special note tags!

by kyonides (January 16, 2023)

It simply displays a small notification alert somewhere on the screen depending upon the configuration of its KItemAlert module.

Message Shutter Animation
by Myownfriend (March 27, 2010)

This script's only function is to add a shutter effect to message windows as they open and close.

Message Text from Files
DerVVulfman (April 12, 2016)

This script acts in place of a show_text command, reading an outside file and rendering its contents in a message box. It can read from Txt files in a specified directory, or from converted rxdata files within the Data folder. Please note, only files encrypted into .rxdata format will properly compress and encrypt within the Data folder if you choose to compress\encrypt a final encrypted game. Text files do not encrypt and must be sent with the final Game.rgssad product. For those interested in converting their files into .rxdata format, I included two additional script calls that will convert text files to and from .rxdata format.

Message Word Wrapper
SoulPour777 (December 5, 2015)

Plugins that changes or adds feature to the default RMMV Messaging System.

NPC Interactions
by Near Fantastica (June 17, 2005)

First off I know this script is going to confuse more of you then I would like but that's the way it has to be just sit down and think about it for a second... About what it is, what it dose and how it works... I am sure you will get it think of Morrowind NPC interaction system...

One-Letter-at-a-Time Text Display Script
by Anonymous (unknown date)

This script changes the Window_Message class so that messages display one letter at a time rather than all at once, like in RPG Maker 2000 and 2003.

P's MessageBack Changer and Enhancer
by PK8 (July 2nd, 2009)

This is a messageback changer and as well as an "enhancer". This script allows the developer to be able to change the messageback of his/her game at any time, set the initial settings and also customise the messageback's tone, blend, and other little niceties.

Phantasy Star IV Talk System
SoulPour777 (February 27, 2014)

This script allows the user to access the common events that allows the player to do everything the common event contains. This script is simply to mimic the Phantasy Star IV talk system, where the party can talk while on the map.

Picture Message Window - With Ease
by Mac (October 13th, 2007)

I don't usually create stuff like this, but i hear a lot of complaints about it...when it is generally such an easy thing to do, all this does is alias window_message so that an image will appear exactly inline with window no matter where it's positioned.

Popup Windows
Valdred (April 17, 2011)

Allows you to display popup-windows to the player with your text in. Support for custom background will be added soon.

Portrait Messaging
Ixfufu (January 3, 2015)
Posted August 3, 2015

This script creates a system which can easily implement use of the large portraits for your dialogue scenes.

RMVX MessageBack Changer
by DerVVulfman (June 26, 2009)

This script allows you to change the background skin used in the RMVX message system... the one usually seen when displaying a message with a semi-transparent background.

Story Book Ex
SoulPour777 (November 8, 2015)

Creates a story book.

Tail Indicator Addon
by ParaDog
Posted by DerVVulfman (February 7, 2008)

This is an addon that allows you to create comicbook arrows/tails that point at the 'character' speaking. Initially designed as an add-on to the 'Event Messages' system, it is also compliant with the default system.

Text Scroll Script - Enhanced
by DerVVulfman (April 27, 2007)

Based on the Text Scroll Script by dubealex, this can display and scroll text taken from an outside .txt file, even with events running in the background.

Text Sound Effect
Zerbu (October 31, 2015)

The script I'm sure a lot of people have been waiting for: adding sound effects when text is appearing in the text box! You can adjust the SE name, volume, pitch and pan in the parameters. You can also adjust the amount of characters between each trigger of the SE.

by kyonides (September 1, 2023)

Since some forumer was having issues with some text color changing script of sorts, I decided to craft my own script so any window could change the color of certain texts only without using the color tags we all know after using the RM engines for years. Winking

Universal Message System
by Ccoa (11-29-2006)

Here it is. A message system that includes animated faces, text mode, her custom comicbook/word-balloon system, and seperate input Number window.

Universal Message System Cancel Choices Fix
DerVVulfman (May 22, 2012)

After noticing that version 1.8.0 of ccoa's UMS contained a bug whereby the 'Show Choices' window had difficulties with cancelled options, this fix was made. The bug was where the default window of 1-4 choices was set to branch to a 5th 'cancelled' option, that option would exit out altogether. This fix returns that capability. Show Choices with more than 4 visible options didn't have the problem and isn't touched.

Universal Message System VX
by Ccoa ()

Because Enterbrain still didn't get everything right in the new message system. Please tell me what features that were in XUMS that you want to see in VUMS. What was useful or handy?

Victor Engine - Control Codes
Victor Sant (January 11, 2012)

This script adds new Control Codes (such as \c[x], \n[x]...) to be used within the texts. By default, these could only be used on Message and Help Windows, now available everywhere when used together with the script: Victor Engine - Control Text.

Victor Engine - Control Text
Victor Sant (January 4, 2012)

This script allows the use to use Control Chataters (\c[x], \n[x] and such) in every text in a window. By default, only the message box and help text have this feature. But with this script you can use it in any window. It also brings some new Control Characters (\b, \t, \o, \h)

VX Windowskin Scriptlet
by kyonides March 12, 2010

It just lets you change your game's windowskin during gameplay by calling a scene script or just by typing a single command in a script call.

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[Image: input.png]
Systems that change the keyboard system or add new data entry features, try these.

Input Systems: A-Z

Aleworks Add-On #1: Fantastica Key State Detection
by DerVVulfman (September 4, 2007)

This script is an add-on for use with the Aleworks Keys Module(AKM). Its purpose... to allow the system to detect the input from the keyboard and return the actual 'code' for the key.

Aleworks Input Mouse Sprite Add-On
by DerVVulfman (September 4, 2023)

This script is an add-on to vgvgf's AleWorks Input Module (or AIM for short).

While the AIM system was relatively complete and let one use their system's mouse, entering full-screen mode with RPGMaker XP would eliminate the mouse sprite. Essentially, you would only have the default system sprite while in a windowed mode.

This system does not allow you to use the system mouse while in full-screen mode. Rather, it erases/hides the system mouse sprite upon execution, and replaces the sprite with one within a new Graphics\Mouse folder which can be cached. Said sprite will be visible in both full-screen and windowed modes.

AWorks Input Module
by Vgvgf (January 26, 2009) [Image: Broken.png]

Like other Input modules, it simulates the default RGSS Input module and adds new functions. But this one uses its own custom .dll file making it run faster than the default system.

Disable F1, Alt+Enter and F12
by Chainsawkitten (June 26, 2016)

This script, combined with an accompanying DLL file, allows you to disable certain keys in your RPG Maker game. How? It sets a hook for key input which catches those keypresses, making sure the game never receives them (and thus those things don't trigger). Since RPG Maker also checks keyboard status directly for F12, we also fake that it isn't pressed by using 'SetKeyboardState'.

DoubleX RMMV Reverse Input
DoubleX (December 30, 2015)

Lets users set some actors reversing the assigned window inputs

by DoubleX (October 14, 2020)

Lets you set some hotkeys per scene to trigger some script calls.

JEM: Jennifer's Entry Module
by DerVVulfman (May 31, 2010)

This system allows for the use of both the default 'standard' input keys as well as a full range of 'newly functional' keys. As such, you now full control over the keys in your game without interfering with the default keys or gamepad controller.

Keyboard Input Module (& Revised)
by Near Fantastica (July 6, 2005)

I know there is a few keyboard input scripts out there but not like this one... this one works fundamentally different then the others you press and key and it returns what was pressed... which lets you easily have string input for names, conversations, or what ever you see fit.

Keyboard Name Input - Updated
by DerVVulfman (January 2, 2022)

This script replaces the default Name Entry system. No longer will the player be forced to highlight and select individual letters from a display to spell out a name, and allow the name to be typed using the keyboard itself.

MKXP Compatible Mouse Add-on
by DerVVulfman (August 30, 2023)

MKXP, a replacement engine for RPGMaker XP, has built-in content to support mouse input. But it does not attach mouse input to the input class, generate a mouse cursor, nor deal with highlighting of menu options by way of the mouse. This script is a skeleton for users of MKXP or latter additions of HiddenChest (at least tested with 64bit Windows).

Module VirtualKeys
by zecomeia (February 28, 2010)

In addition to enabling all keys for use in RPGMaker is also accompanied by methods that have helped in the use of keys, some try copy existing methods in the module Input, and other totally new or enhanced.

Mousie: The Mouse System
by DerVVulfman (October 7, 2007)

With this, you can use Near Fantastica's 'Pathfinding' script to move the character around with the mouse's point-n-click interface. Or you can use it to control menu window functions with some simple edits. Heck, you can even set the system to change the mouse cursor over pre-defined map events.

MrMo DVV Add-On #7: Mousie Mo!
by DerVVulfman (May 05, 2010)

While Mousie allows the use of mouse clicks to move the player on the map, this additional patch allows you to attack enemies by clicking the mouse with the SHIFT key pressed... the SHIFT key freezing the player in place. In addition, it takes into consideration if the "Sasha's Diagonal Combat" is in use. If that is the case, diagonal movement from mouse clicks will work.

Simple Mouse System
by woratana (April 13th, 2008)

I scripted SMS because I'm working on other script that will be good if it has mouse function. And I'd like to share this to others after I got permission from Dervvulfman (this script require his script)

XAS DVV Add-On #1: XAS Mousie Mo!
by DerVVulfman (May 23, 2010)

This additional patch allows you to attack enemies by double-clicking the mouse while preventing the system from attacking with a normal mouse click. As such, normal mouse-controlled movement was restored.

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